Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happily Cooking A Disaster in 2007 ~ The Year Mimi Wrote

"Courageous writing is mush" wrote one Mimi Lenox, as I tackled that terrifying word - VULNERABILITY.

"My fear is not of uncovering pain or looking at regret and being hurt by it. My fear is that I won't. Because deep down I know that that is the only place in me that is truly universal.....What I discover every time I run screaming from anything - is that my self-proclaimed I-am-woman-strength never holds a candle to the fear that nips at the heels of real. What I have discovered through the unassuming greatness of unmet artists across the globe and far-flung friends and passersby is simply this -I am nothing without my willowness.

My work is not a damn thing without it."

And perhaps, this year more than any before, the unmasking of the layers that sprawled serendipitously on the blog page held more promise for real than real ever had.

I chose to trust not only my own voice, but the listening ears and watching eyes of my readers. I'm not sure which held the greater risk but I suspect the former.

Who would listen to a woman with blultiple personalities anyway? (That's blog + multiple for you non-blog speakers)

Does "Meme Queen Pencil Skirt Peace Globe Dungeon Lady" ring a bell??

I had not wanted to write this post. I've been avoiding it. But ever since Lee tagged me for a reflective meme about last year's personal journey, I knew I couldn't answer his questions truthfully without turning around on the ride, throwing my hands up in the air - and good, bad or ugly - hanging on for the breathtaking bumps and bruises. After all, aren't we talking about a bold dare to be willow?

2006 brought the first Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogosphere; it became the main focus of my writing, ignited a new passion and spawned a peace movement in cyberspace. I became a pencil skirt when I decided to attack a laundromat, Mimi Queen of Memes was born and I developed a serious case of alliteration addiction.

By the end of 2007 Bloggingham Castle had a dungeon, a chatzy room, a blog boyfriend, a page-splattered love affair, a spot in Wikipedia, one less coffee cup, inedible eggs, no boyfriend, too many pencil skirts, blog radio interviews, NY Times empty promises and hundreds more peace globes for the gallery.
Oh. And a virtual cat.

I even took a peace globe to the White House for the other Queen's visit with George W. You gotta love the regal respect shown here as they pass by the globe.
I guess it's too much to ask for a curtsy.

The beginning of 2008 brought new adventures, a palace thief, a few Bloggingham explosions in the form of band memes, oodles of true blue blog friends, intentions to streamline my endless blogging into a real life, a long-distance boyfriend morphed into a close friend, Mars and Venus no longer collided in my pencil brain, and Homer - my virtual dog.

Despite Homer's smart-aleck presence on this blog, and his endless "hounding" of my pencil skirt ways, he was around to see my relationships as no other - especially one - which spiralled into uncharted waters for me, only to land in a puddle of blossoms called friendship. Sometimes, in spite of itself. But Homer wouldn't let me drown. And anyway, he is the only blog dog I trust.
Besides, he knows where my diary key is hidden.

I learned about emotional hydroplaning on the ride that was 2007, the unexpected spins sent my fingers flying to the paper and pen; at times nausea, at times joy, at times alone and sad - and that was just on the way down.

But anything worth its salt is always tested - including this blog - which is not only a mirror of the inner workings of Mimi Lenox, but also an ever-evolving documentation of just how far I will push myself to remain in wild-out-of-control modus operandus with my writing. And how often I choose to turn that little diary key and write what I dare, what I must - on the global open page of this space called my blog. This year, I've left it open more often than locked.
Sometimes Homer hides the key. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I withered. I waned. I willowed. You watched.
I think I'll leave the speculating to those who profess to be good at it and just say this. Sauteeing my heart on the blogpage - even when it hurt - proved hazardous to my health and oftentimes injurious to my pride, perhaps, even inviting a few unexpected reactions. All in all, if I had it to do over, I'd probably leave the details of my heartsong publicly unsung. Hindsight isn't always comfort when it's left for public consumption.
The moments were loud.

But they were authentic.
Which was my goal to begin with, now wasn't it?

Vulnerable? Me?

Uh huh.
I'll keep writing. I hope you will kindly read. But I promise you this: It'll take more than a few spills off a roller coaster to stop this pencil skirt.

The procrastination of this meme is largely due to the sheer fact that in order to honestly evaluate my year of life in 2007, I would have to include posts that have been moved to a new category of growth, that read happy, then sad, then happy, bittersweet, then happy. So what to do? At first I wouldn't resurrect some of these posts because I thought it inappropriate to publicly present them in a review- it was either NOT do them at all or ignore most of the emotional fibre of my whirlwind year. And then I realized that the task, Lee's meme, did not have to include analysis - just honesty - and so I tweaked the tasks. I hope you don't mind. . So here they are. Without reservation. My favorite posts that altered the course of my heart and life last year. Events that changed me and how I look at the world, changed how I move in relationships, days that challenged me emotionally to the core. And seen now from a clearer view where my heart sits perched from a different ledge.
I like what I see.

Life is good.

I've tried to recap my year by choosing a defining post from each month. It was impossible. So I chose what made me laugh - and still does; what made me cry - and still does; what made me proud. And for the record, YOU make me proud to be a blogger with your peace wielding ways.

This year was huge for me. And wide open. Thank you for reading. Thank you for cheering. Thank you for accepting "what spills from my pen" and never once asking me to censor. And thank you for allowing me to continue to try out my willow wings. They are stronger for it.

And so am I.
Mimi Lenox
Keeper of The Blog Page (willow and all)

January 2007
Break Is Over - It took me 17 hours to drive across the George Washington Bridge
A Certain Grace - Baseball and boys
Papa's Petals ~ A rose, a dream and a decision
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February 2007
Will That Be One Lump Or Two? ~ A meeting with Dr. Doom and the voice of panic
What I Did For Love ~ A personal relationship with Henry the Vacuum
"And now this pulsating playboy catches me -and my ponytail- off guard. Red-faced with that cute little blush, he'd been trying to have a personal relationship with my pants leg all day; wielding wildly and amorously about as only a full upright can do. As you can see, he lied about his height. I should have stopped the nonsense then. It was apparent he was only after my ponytail. "
You Had Me At Constantly ~ I fell in love with a blog.

March 2007
Sunday Blog Chatter: Peace Globes 2007
An Imaginary Conversation With Daddy - life support never looked so good
You Can't Drive Your House - the tale of the mouse

Trouble In Paradise
Woman, Tag Thyself - my pantyhose fell down
Someone Is Impersonating The Queen - I had an epiphany. "The present is determined by the future's past but I'm past that now."
Mimi Writes Wins a Bl-oscar - I'd like to thank the Blogademy.

April 2007

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The Door Wouldn't Lock - Virginia Tech
Don't Hate Him Girl - Mimi Style - I hate this site
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Mrs. McGillicutty Meets Mimi - He leaves me in charge of his 84-year-old mother and I can't even keep my fingernails on.
Please Stay On The Line, Your Call Is Very Important To Us - I grew tomatoes while Atlanta burned

May 2007

What Doth a Boyfriend Make? - the ultimate relationship test
Dancing At The Truckstop - Lenny Kravitz and the London Tunnel
Skirts On a Plane - If you would rather not stay behind and die, please raise your hand.
I'll Take That In Large Bills - Aunt Brunhilde wasn't driving the plane, was she?
I Promised Not To Cry - Mother's Day Poem "To all the women...."

Where's My Spoon? - digging a tunnel to China
Behind The Bushes - George! I told you not to let that pencil skirt in here.
Breaking News! Bush To Host White-Tie Dinner for Queen - You'd think they'd give me a little more notice.
On a Crime Spree: The Queen Has Cracked - a felonious act of meme larceny in the third degree

June 2007

Paisley Is The New Black - "I never knew a kitchen could be a room before."
Operation De-Bachelorization - I've got some 'splaining to do.
Queen on Caffeine - I am not a threat to the stability of anything except the price of Columbian coffee beans.
Dona Nobis Pacem - June 6, 2007 BlogBlast For Peace
Studying War, Flying Peace - War doesn't stop at the border. Peace won't either.
If I Believe That Words Are Powerful, Then This Matters - It mattered.

July 2007

The Place I'm In - a rose, a room, a door
From Snow To Sun ~ The Grand Adventure Takes A Turn
Mimi Morphs - The Sad Soapy Tale - I'm going to hell
Watch It, People. I Own A Dungeon - the birth of the dungeon and 7 wicked things

August 1, 2007

Life Before Mimi - Crutches and crushes
Mrs. Wiley and The Blizzard Of 78 - one of the wisest women I've ever known

When Jesus Twiddles His Thumbs - I was in no mood for a conversation with The Almighty
Can It Get Any Better Than This? - Five of the best nights of my life
Now I Lay Me Down My Crown (A Dungeon Disaster)
Jesus Has My Socks - and He's not giving 'me back
Do Not Try This At Home: Ten Things You Should Never Say Around a Ouija Board
No, I Do Not Ride A Mule -Dating disasters
If I Don't Look, Will It Go Away?

September 2007

It Really Wasn't About The Dress - sauerkraut, onion, and Beethoven
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Blog - I should have been a pole dancer
Supper With Daddy - a gift from my father
Remembering 9/11 - where were you?
She Was A Tad Touched In The Head - My granddaughter will now play Swannie River
Gone With The Wind: The Blog Version - Scarlett meets Mimi
Buttons (Aftershocks)
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Screams: Ten Reasons I Should Have Stayed In Bed

October 2007
I Think I'll Look Good In Black and White Stripes - May I see your license please?
The Year Was 1943: Inscription Of Hope - Peace

November 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem - One word. Amazing.
All Peace Is Breaking Out ~ In France
Mama's Jail - and a slice of pecan pie

December 2007
Stealing A Piece Of Time: My Favorite Dates
Best Friends and Walnuts - Trusting my instincts
Maestro Mimi and The Sins of The Soprano Wake up and smell the karma
The Day After Christmas - Bloggingham In Shambles - the castle is robbed
What I Learned About Thieves in The Last 48 Hours - a home is more than a house
Excuse Me, Do You Mind If I Cuss? - You teach me to cuss in your own special way. Now, can somebody teach me to stop?

Note: This is Super Bowl Weekend. I will leave this post up until Monday Mimisms rolls around. Hope you enjoy the game. I'm did I cram all that into one year? Going for caffeine.....and cheetos.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a wonderful year, well most of it, and thanks for sharing it with me. Very well done and am looking forward to what this year brings. Have a great evening Mimi. Big hug. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Sandee - Thanks for being here on the blog page with me most everyday with your comments and friendship. Here's to lots of love and laughter in 2008 - for all of us.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

What I've noticed is that you keep things interesting, no matter the circumstances. A slightly skewed perspective tends to make things a little more tolerable, no? ;) Lookin' forward to more in '08!

crazy working mom said...

Looking forward to a peaceful '08 with you, my dear queen. :)

Thanks for the reflection.

Travis said...

I will spend time with these posts over the weekend. I get so little time to cruise through archives...even my own archives. I'm looking forward to re-visiting your selections.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

It's a Mim-i-thon! I am so glad I met you! I'm glad you posted links...I've some catching up to do ;-)

Lee said...

Thank you for your openness and inspiration, Mimi. In so many ways, like you, 2007 was an event-filled year for me. So many life changing events and character-building challenges. But perhaps the high point of the year came in October when I decided to start blogging.

Part of that process of beginning was signing up on MyBlogLog and being exposed to many people who are becoming friends. That would include you. I am inspired and encouraged by what I read on your pages. In many ways, I want to be like Queen Mimi, but I know there is only one Monarch allowed in the Tarheel State, so I leave that honor to you. But know that you cause me to strive for quality in all that I write, whether on my own pages or other's. And for that, I thank you.

Linda said...

First off, being that you are Queen there in the Tar Heel State, couldn't you grant Lee a Dukedom or Lordship or something so that he could be North Carolina royalty, too? "Lord Lee of Tar Heel" ... has a rather regal ring to it, does it not?

Second, don't ever stop being yourself or start censoring yourself. Your writings are open and honest and heartfelt and true and those are the reasons that people love you and respect you and follow you into the Peace Globe Movement.

It takes a strong woman to write of her broken heart, it takes an even stronger woman (and man) to ensure that a broken heart still is capable of maintaining friendship. So many times love crosses that fine line into hate but you haven't done that. Yes, you've hurt and we've hurt right along with you but you've risen above the temptation to cast stones and aspersions at the man who broke your heart despite both of your best efforts to keep the relationship going. Sometimes it's just a matter of timing, my dear Mimi, and who knows that your timing may have just been a little off and things might work out better than you ever thought possible.

2008, with the exception of the month of January which really doesn't count for much anyway!, is still spread out in front of you with all sorts of possibilities and surprises and stories and adventures. My crystal ball is having some technical difficulties this morning and needs to be sent out to the shop for repairs but I predict a wonderful year for you just as I predict you will share it with us through your wonderful writing and honesty.

I, for one, am looking forward to the adventure! Let's see what next year's recap brings, shall we??

Desert Songbird said...

2007 was a learning experience for us it seems. A new year brings new hope and new opportunities for joy.

I'm all for that!

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - I will work on that title for Lee, something Tarheelish for sure. (Hope he's not a Duke fan or it's to the dungeon with him.)

As for the rest, it was not easy being a blog couple last year for many reasons. I think the ladies who read the tale swooned a time or two at the romance, as it was very sweet to see it happen between two people right before your eyes. We never wrote anything on our blogs without the others' permission. When the breakup came I did not want our mutual readers to take sides and I wanted to honor what had been precious and important in my life.

As with all public affairs, this has not always been an easy task when every word is scrutinized and speculated about. Even for us at times!

But I do think we have eventually, finally, walked through to a side of peace - wishing that the other person find that special one and move on into happiness with someone else. The friendship is intact despite the very public - and unusual - circumstances.
Let me say publicly as well that Bud is a wonderful guy. He plays a character on his blog much like I do - that is not always representative of his true sweet nature - he's funny and many times goes for the joke (all the time on the blog...unless he's writing about family) it's a humor blog for heaven's sake. If we can be friends after a breakup ANYBODY can! Oh please.

I only wish him joy and love in his life. He deserves it.

What will 2008 bring? I don't know but I can't wait.
Thanks for being a loyal reader and friend.

Gotta go sweep the dungeon now....

Akelamalu said...

You chose your favourite posts - there's so much more to you! x

Patti said...

Mimi, I also love your no-holds-barred, whimsical writing.

It's full of heart and soul and I envy the ease with which you pour out said heart and soul. That is always tough for me to do.
I share your love of writing, but you're able to pull readers in with a swish of that pencil skirt.

Looking forward to 2008 and what you bring to the blable (that's blog table for you non-blog speakers!)

I will re-visit some of these posts ~
Happy Friday

Misty Dawn said...

I look forward to being with you (through your blog) through this new year!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

it's been perfectly lovely getting yo know you this past year my friend. here's to another!

smiles, bee

Mauigirl said...

Wow, what a great summary. I'm catching up here as I have been mired in political thoughts for the past week or so! Have a wonderful 2008 - I look forward to reading your writing and seeing the further developments that take place this year! Thanks for all you do to make the blog world and real world a better place!

Lee said...

No, Your Highness, I'm not a Duke fan. My loyalties lie with the mighty Boilermakers of the land of the Hoosiers.

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - By the way, I'd like to borrow that crystal ball.

Akelamalu - It's a bit much I know. But it was actually cathartic to see it all in chronological order.

Patti - Blable! Ha! You do belong here. And isn't Homer looking handsome today?

Misty Dawn - You are welcome here anytime. I look forward to reading more of your blog as well.

Bee - The feeling is mutual. You know this.

Mauigirl - Here's to a wonderful year with lots of surprises, twists and turns.

Lee - That is so good to know. Duke fans belong in the know. The D word. Shhhh.....

Mimi Lenox said...

Sandee - I have felt your support and friendship from clear across the country. Thank you.

Bundle-o-contradictions - Indeed. Contradictory/skewed...same thing I suppose. It's the unraveling of the mysteries in the telling that I enjoy.

Tish - I hope to be a better visitor to you this year. You have a beautiful blog.

Travis - It is good to go back and read your own words. You forget the lessons learned and it really does seem like I packed an entire novel into twelve short months.

Robin Lee - I took forever to finish this but I'm glad I did. Perspective is good.

Lee- Thank you for the kind words. But really, most mornings I just want to find matching shoes like everybody else. And then I remember I'm a Queen. It all works out so nicely that way!

RennyBA said...

Interesting read - thanks for sharing your experiences - one reason why I love Blogsphere that much!

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week :-)

Bond said...

I read the titles of the posts you have selected and I smile as I can remember their details as if I had just read them...
I have said it before, I will say it again... BRILLIANT WRITER

Bond said...

WTF I did leave a comment...

I said it once and will say it again BRILLIANT WRITER

Patti said...

Hi again Mimi, I blagged you

(tagged you, in English)

Jeff B said...

Do you realize you mentioned sports in a post! i'm going outside right now to check and see if life on this planet still exists......It does!

Seriously though, what an increadible year of writing you brought to us. You are truly a gifted woman!

I origionally found you by way of the peace globes and what a find it was. Glad to call you frind Mimi.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
Having met you only since last Autumn, I have a lot of good reading ahead of me here.
Knowing you, those posts are going to be out of this world.
Have a nice Superbowl Sunday.

Carver said...

I like your writing style, and what you reveal of yourself through your blog. I'm glad to have met you in cyberspace through peace globes.

Anndi said...

As much as this blog thingy is touted by many as being about "writing"... what it's really about is sharing. The written word is merely the medium, a medium you excel at.

Thank you Mimi, for sharing.

Some day I hope you'll allow your humble follower to give you a warm hug.

You, my lady, are a treasure.

I can honestly say this is not a blowing air kisses "I Love You" Mimi... because I really do.

I look forward to more giggles and tears and dodging the dungeon (I loathe those trolls...)

Odat said...

You're an inspiration! and you make me feel right at home no matter what you write.
Peace and hugs!

Lizza said...

That was a wonderful post, Mimi. It was a year of ups and downs, glad you chose to tell us about them.

Mimi Lenox said...

rennyba - Thanks for dropping in and sharing my year with me.

Bond - You know what your encouragement has meant to me. This has been quite a year!

Patti - I don't think I've ever been blagged before....

Jeff - I enjoy your writing as well. I'm glad we "met" in the blogosphere too!

Barbara - My friend from are such a sweetheart. Really, you are.

Carver - I enjoy reading you too! And I'll never forget that special painting of your dad's for the peace globe at Christmas. It was special.

Anndi - I know you are sincere dear. I feel the same way! When are you traveling south?

Odat - Your dancing self always makes me smile! And your "peaceful" ways....

Lizza - You can say that again. And I usually get sick on roller coasters. Not this time. Great memories. And then sometimes NOT so great memories. MOSTLY smiles and know...a little wisdom...a little regret...a little
It's all good in the grand scheme.
Depends on what you take away from it.

Patti said...

Well, there is a first time for everything, Miss Mimi. And blagged you are, your highness.

katherine. said...

I admire your willowness.

2007 was an interesting year to say the very least...

but I was honored to be presented at court to her royal highness Queen Mimi....(it is SO difficult to curtsey in a pencil skirt)

sending you warm hugs

Turnbaby said...

"Time to go to bed. And by the're beautiful even when you're sick."

Forget the roses.
Forget the chocolates.

I'll take that anyday.""

One of the best things you've ever posted

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