How To Get Your Peace Globe

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1. Choose one of the Peace Globe designs on this page or  Right CLICK and SAVE in JPG format. More templates here.

2. Sign and design your peace globe anyway you wish.  You can even include the name of your blog or business. 

Nov 4

One voice
One subject 
One day

How To Blog4Peace The short version: 3 STEPS

1. Save and Sign. Choose any graphic on this page. Right click and Save.
 Decorate it or leave as is.
2. Send the finished globe to or TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook
3. Post it anywhere online November 4 and title your post Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace)  hashtag #blog4peace  #blogblast4peace
FREE peace globes made for the graphically challenged. Just leave a comment that you need one and what you would like on it.
 The not-so-short version: 4 STEPS (more details for newbies)

Click here for thousands of inspiring  examples from previous BlogBlasts. Be creative! Your peace globe is one-of-a-kind.  

3. Post!

Title your post or page status "Dona Nobis Pacem" - Latin for Grant Us Peace. This is important. The goal is for all blog post titles to say the same thing on the same day. Write about peace or simply fly your peace globe.
Place it on your Blog, website, tag me on your Facebook Wall  and Tweet it!  USE HASHTAGS #blog4peace  #blogblast4peace or #peace at the end of your tweets to keep us organized and viral.

4. Send your peace globe to me via email ~ blog4peace at or simply post it on your Facebook wall and tag me.   Why? All peace posts are collected and housed together in a gallery of peace. Your submission will be numbered and dated in the official gallery with a link back to your original peace post, earning a permanent spot on the Official BlogBlast For Peace website. 
 Your contribution can now be viewed in collaboration with peace bloggers from 171 countries+ and thousands of locations across the globe - all in one place. 

   That's it! You've been a voice. You've blogged peace.
If words are powerful....this matters.
Need ideas and inspiration? Go to BlogBlast For to see the gallery of thousands of peace globes and posts from 202+ countries already submitted and numbered.
If you'd like to read about the history of this movement, go here.

Facebook Fan Page - The place to be

How to put your peace globe on Facebook
Peace Bloggers Group (we're a lively bunch!) Tag me!  
What We Do
Who We Are

BlogBlast4Peace Videos are on our YouTube channel

Your peace globe and post will be assigned a number and placed in the Official Gallery at By participating in BlogBlast4Peace you agree that your peace globe and links may be displayed on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, wherever peace bloggers are online, and shared across the blogosphere in the name of peace and in the spirit of promoting this work. They may also be used in printed works and publications online and elsewhere by the founder of this movement, Mimi Lenox, in creating published works about the Blog4Peace movement. If you do not want your peace globe shared and made accessible to others, let me know. Otherwise, please understand that this movement is all about spreading the message. Thank you for being part of this incredible community of peace bloggers.

 © 2006-2017 Mimi Lenox
All rights reserved


Terica said...

Hello, I got your invite this morning . I have posted a blog telling folks about this and got my globe and count down up flying high.I've signed up at facebook invited folks there and at bloggers_unite ,too.
Got 1 question what does "sign the Mr. Linky on that day" mean??
Let me know if there is something else I should do to prepare.
peace ,terica

Mimi Lenox said...

Terica! Thank you so much for promoting so heavily. I hope you enjoy BlogBlast For Peace day.

"Mr. Linky" means that on my main page there is a register to sign at the bottom of the post that will be there on November 4th. You'll see.

So nice to have you in the movement.

Annelisa said...

Hi Mimi

I'm guessing it is deliberate, but possibly it's not...

When you click on a picture normally, you go to a big version of it, which is good to save to file and work on, and is usually much clearer than saving the picture on the page (as these here).

When I went to click on the peaceglobes here, so I could do this, it instead links to other pages on the website...

Would it be better to have it link to the bigger, better image, which are usually better quality as well?

(However, if this is deliberate, please ignore :-) )


Anonymous said...

would really like to pawticipate, but just tech challenged to know how. Will post the image tomorrow, but cannot understand how to do more. I am so disappointed, what a wonderful peace endeavor. So sorry, Mom and Savannah

Jane and Chris said...

The e mail address for you won't here is my blog link.
Jane Chris and Family.

Link Within

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