Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can it get any better than this?

I found this meme at Trav's Thoughts this evening and thought it was a good one. You simply name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people. Now I know what you're thinking.....a few of the best nights might be unbloggable! I'll try to behave. Or not.

1. The birth of my son
Seventeen-and-a-half hours of intense labor did not take away one ounce of joy at the sight of his beautiful little face or the feeling I got the first time he looked up at me. Pure magic and undying devotion. This tiny person had known me forever. I still hear what he "said" to me and he will always know the same. I was a puddled mess of mama; and have been for twenty-seven years. My first child, my only child to make it to delivery - and the one who got away with my heart. He still has it.

2. Standing on stage after a night of singing at an unnamed university - my first classical solo recital and two encores. My parents and other family members had never heard me sing anything other than English, much less opera recitative and German lieder. My dad was so choked up he couldn't speak and could only mouth the words "I'm proud of you" - that was the first time I heard them. Ever.

3. Watching my son pitch a no-hitter and win the little league championship game. The "baseball years" in our small suburban town were big events and I have a gazillion great memories of those games. I wrote a story once called A Certain Grace published here. I know that determined look in those big brown eyes. In the years that followed, he would need that fierce determination to fight bigger battles. I am still proud and always expect him to win.

4. More recently: November 7, 2006. The first Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere. After honing in on my writing for weeks and following my instincts, I found myself sitting in my little cabin that night watching YOU respond to an invitation to peace from all over the world. One inspirational post after another appeared in my mailbox. I will never forget what that night felt like. Magic? Yes. Repeatable? No.
It will only get better.

5. A New England New Year's Eve. I might have mentioned it on this blog a time or two. And even though this man and I have chosen to walk the friendship path, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of the best romantic nights of my life.

Your turn. I tag Dan, Ev, Lizza and Annelisa.
Good luck. It's not easy!


Bond said...

5 wonderful evenings Mimi...thank you for sharing them with us.

Akelamalu said...

What lovely memories.

Dan said...

Wow! Wonderful picks Mimi. I can feel your love for these things in your words.

Hey! What's this?? You tagged me?? Oh no!!

(Dan does a 180 and runs for the hills.)

Diesel said...

Ha ha, Dan got tagged!

lizza said...

Terrific memories, Mimi. Your first memory resonates.. :-)

Diesel, don't you be laughing so hard that Dan got tagged.

(*cue evil laughter here)

Odat said...

Very nice ones!!!
Mine would all be unbloggable...hehe.

Mimi Lenox said...

Bond - All wonderful and all bloggable.

Akelamalu - Thank you. They are.

Mimi Lenox said...

Dan - Don't even think about weedling out of this one. You are duly tagged by The Queen. If you don't comply, there's always the dungeon.

Diesel - You're tagged too. Didn't I tell you?

Lizza - Thank you for the gracious acceptance of Queen's request.

Odat - We want to hear ALL the unbloggables. I could have...but didn't. Come on, give us the dirt!

Linda said...

I fully understand how the first night you ever were able to smell snow would be in your top five list of memorable nights; add to that lobster and romance and it's perfect - absolutely perfect.

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - It was perfect and I so treasure that memory.

Patti said...

these were wonderful memories that you shared...I'm not so forthcoming!

Travis said...

Outstanding! But then I would expect nothing less from the Queen of memes.

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