Monday, January 1, 2007

Lizards and Lessons in 2006 ~ The Year Mimi Wrote

I've never had a year like this before. A milestone journey it has been.

Let's face it. Bloggers are just sophisticated lizards, a species of human chameleons with the ability to change our skins. We are - apparently - the very essence of slithering anonymity. Some silently scream, others inundate with bells and whistles, most just want to have their say. While it may be true that the African lizard of whom I speak is reported to have a projectile tongue - yet another resemblance to those of us who daily spit verbiage online - I'm beginning to appreciate the more beautiful aspects of my fellow bloggers. The world - according to Mimi - is becoming a much smaller place. Taken from this post dated August, 2006 - the month I found my bloglegs. It was also the post responsible for meeting friends, Gale Martin and Lizza from the Philippines via as comment. They have cheered me on ever since. I have found two extraordinary friends; and there are others to follow.....
I am feeling nostalgic this morning. And grateful. Read on.

A guy friend and I had a discussion recently about the reality of blogger friends. Are they REAL friends? Can you count on them in a pinch? Do they count in your world or just in the virtual one?

I started blogging in May, 2006. Quite honestly, my goal was to hone my writing skills and find a publisher. I made a commitment to blog.
My life consisted of teaching and coming home to find yet another dating disaster in the making in the inbox of online dating sites. I am now lethally allergic to online dating and retired my profile some time ago. In the aftermath of dates-TOO-ridiculous-to-believe, I began to write about my experiences and the absurdity of it all. Here's the beginning of a letter I sent to my friends around this time describing my life in dating hell. They thought I should write more.
Dating Profile of the Day was born.

In August, 2006 -just a few weeks after I started the blog - Bobby Griffin named me "Bestest Blog of The Day" on his phenomenal site, The Bestest Blog Of All-Time. Thank you, Bobby, for turning the blogtide. It has been a whirlwind ever since.

June, 2006 came with the realization that I've actually been "blogging" for 40 years - first, in a little leather diary hidden under my mattress and now for the world to see. The more things change the more they stay the same. Now, I'm just waiting for my mother to discover my blog and ground me.

Fast forward August, 2006: "The day finally came when I no longer had diaper excuses, thesis deadlines, or mother exhaustion; pity parties, emotional wretchings, and procrastination fell victim to one powerful motivator -The promise." 

Mimi is writing and writing and writing some more. She has a deadline to keep.
I became a blog cheerleader....."Blogging is exponentially exploding, and there are as many subjects as there are words on Wikipedia. And who's to say that my blog, or Rhys'sblog(s), or Lizza's wonderful blog, or Amanda-the-comical-nurse-in-training, or anybody else should have the edge. That's just it.We all have the edge." I still believe that.
Memorializing my dead mouse, I wrote about The Kindness of Bloggers and took on Bill Gates. He has yet to respond to my scathing jargon. The nerve. He won't be getting a peace globe from Yours Truly.

By now, I am happily cooking a disaster. "Courageous writing is mush" writes one Mimi Lenox, as I tackled that terrifying word - VULNERABILITY.  I wrote, "

"My fear is not of uncovering pain or looking at regret and being hurt by it. My fear is that I won't.Because deep down I know that that is the only place in me that is truly universal.....What I discover every time I run screaming from anything - is that my self-proclaimed I-am-woman-strength never holds a candle to the fear that nips at the heels of real. What I have discovered through the unassuming greatness of unmet artists across the globe and far-flung friends and passersby is simply this: I am nothing without my willowness.
My work is not a damn thing without it."

And so Mimi Writes and writes some more. And if that screams vulnerability then so be it. I've decided to be the Barbie doll with brains. September, 2006 was huge in my blogworld.

I fell in love with The Paperclip Guy and met Bazza from England; who later became Lonesome Cowboy Advertizer and kept me in stitches with his hilarious comments and antics. A far flung friend who has stuck with me throughout.

Katie Couric and I became blog buds (well, sort of) and I sang the praises of two remarkable women: Ms. Couric and CBS News foreign reporter, Lara Logan. No matter what I blogged about, September always led me somehow back to the war in Iraq - which became the catalyst for a very important epiphany having to do with spinning globes and John Lennon. Can you guess?
In September my dad became seriously ill and my first Mimi Morphs article was dedicated to him. I hope he realizes how important his influence on my writing - especially the humor - has been.

This post brought new friendships: Irene Tuazon (who is a daddy's girl herself) and whose blog always inspires me to honor family)

In September I discovered MEMES and created Book Meme Central, Movie Meme Central and eventually even Halloween Meme Central. I now had more blogs than "Carter Has Liver Pills" (as my great-grandmother used to say)! They are still a work in progress but house many of your fabulous literary memes for all to read. OK, I admit. I did get carried away. But happily so. Stay tuned for more additions on these sites. Your meme -and a mini review of your site - will eventually land in central station.

September was the month I became a Queen.
Yes, it's true.

Yaxlich, from England, royally dubbed me Mimi Queen of Memes.

I've been trying to rule the monarchy ever since - and find a real live Prince in the process. (That prospect is looking up, as a matter of fact) Queen would like to thank Yaxlich - and his underpants - for his inspiration and faith in my wacky over-achieving nature. I also learned to speak in third person. What fun! And how neurotic. As I said...what fun!

KARAOKE BLOG was born in September. If you'd like to be featured, click here and submit a request. I'd love to do a review of your blog.
October can only be described with one word.

I did an interview with Bobby Griffin, the brains behind Bestest Blog Of All-Time. It was great to finally learn a little more about the (young) man whose ingenuity introduced so many of us to each other - and brought blogging to a new level.

became the main focus of my writing, ignited a new passion and spawned a peace movement in cyberspace.

It also changed my life.

Can blogging change one's life?
No question.
Just ask Mimi Lenox.

What happened in the days that followed -and still continues to occur - is nothing short of magic. Bloggers came together in one voice on the subject of peace. Inner peace and World Peace became one in the same goal and words of encouragement and hope flowed from your blogs. I am still amazed at the simple power of Peace Globes.

It remains my primary focus and will always be. Stay tuned for exciting new developments in the works. Saturdays will be devoted to Peace Globe happenings. A new site is up called BlogBlast For Peace. Please link it to your sites and I will return the link. Let's get the ball rolling again!

Peace Globes brought me to new friends and lasting relationships with people all over the world. I met Annelisa and her fabulous photography and poetry, who stayed up with me until the dawn of Dona Nobis Pacem.

AngelDust, who painted a watercoulor dedicated to the movement.

Frank Sirianni in Canada, who laboured with me during the first BlogBlast and lent his artistic talent and generous spirit to the cause

Prometheus from India, who is responsible for writing what I consider to be the quintessential essay on World Peace in the blogosphere. Something about the timing of his words and the angst in which he wrote them captured our attention and sealed my fate as a lifelong peace promoter - after kidding me that my idea was a bit like "digging to China with a plastic spoon."
He had no idea that challenges only bring out the stubborn me.
Thanks, Prometheus.

Rhys from New Zealand, (aka Reeholio) whether he knows it or not, was a great inspiration to me with his vision for world participation in the blogosphere and his determination to unify bloggers from across the globe.

Madd (Maddspace/Maddisms) was a staunch supporter and cheerleader as was Sanni in Germany, Philip in Bulgaria, Iamnasra in Oman, SGT DUB in Afghanistan and countless others in the United States. And don't forget he CATS who Blogged For Peace! Amazing. And so......Mimi Writes and writes some more.
This post has become a novel. I just want to say thank you to all the people who made this year so phenomenal for me - and especially those who supported the Peace Globe movement. Inspiration can always be found in one very special bowl of marbles.
It is far from over.
I can't wait to see what the New Year holds.


Lizza said...

At first we were all just names and faces (well, some are faceless actually). But just in a few short months friendships were born through the power of writing and sharing.

I'm so glad that Mimi wrote and wrote and wrote in 2006 because I got to know and appreciate her that way and I'm happy she'll go on writing in 2007.

Yaxlich said...

What Lizza said only in the third person

Mimi Lenox said...

To my blog friends who've become my real friends.

Stewart Sternberg said...

This was a masterful year end wrap up. Hopeful,uplifting. Here's to next year. Mimi...the carousel is speeding up and we've nowhere to go but onto the next pony and around for one more ride.

Bond said...

MIMI: What a terrific wrapup for a special year in your life.
Personally, I am amazed at the wealth of minds I have found since March of this year when my first words came to blogger.
Coming to you during Peace Globes (it might have been from Lizza or Sanni) - (two other spectacular women, I was immediately taken by your words.
Congratualtions on your world taking shape...funny even though the computer made you take a vow in front of the mirror, in the end it opened so many doors!

wolfbaby said...

Sorry I missed the last time we were supposed to post the globes.. i have been so crazy busy... you did a wonderful job though!! congrats;)

Michael C said...

A very happy new year to you Mimi!! It's funny, I started blogging only a month after you and it was to try and published to. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a publication dedicated to whatever it is I've been posting for 6 months ;-)

I hope you have a great 2007!!

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Mimi
Wishing you and yours all the best in the new year. I've been a little under the weather the past week or so, and work has been relentless due to the season, so it's been work and back to bed--let alone any blogging. Just wanted to add that I'm grateful for your support and proud of your accomplishments with blogging and your Dona Nobis Pacem, which I truly believe is becoming a movement. I'm very pleased that you included me in this project--it was, and is, a truly moving experience.
Your Blend,
(That's blogspeak for blog friend. Funny how it also references our favorite late night blogging beverage--coffee :) )

Will be back for the Dating Profile Challenge this weekend. I'm determined to upstage Bud. After all, can an old Bartender turned
Hotel night manager (who has probably heard every possible, and hilarious, women's put-downs to men's lame pick-up lines imaginable) defeat a professional comic writer and DJ. Hmmmm.

SGT DUB said...

Mimi, we are all friends here, don't hold it in like that, let it out in the open, we can handle it. No, really, I look forward to a great year in 2007, may your endeavors flourish.

Turnbaby said...

I came to your blog because of the Peace Globes--(thanks Bond)and I am so happy I did. I am looking forward to so much more in this coming year.

CountryDew said...

Best to you in the new year, and congratulations on finding your voice. That's a difficult thing to do.

Sanni said...

Such a great post - you gave me the gooseflesh (again)

Thank you so much for this truly touching review, Queen Mimi. I´m very proud about this award (and I´ve added it to my blog in a split second after I´ve shedded some tears! LOL)

You made me speechless again and everybody knows it takes a lot to get me into this status =)

Please accept my little thanks, be invited for a coffee klatsh and keep coming back =)

speechless and goosefleshed Sanni

Pax vobiscum

madd said...

Mimi..can you imagine if 2006 was this I can't wait to see what 2007 brings..for all of us blogging for peace here and all over the world..I wish you a wonderful 2007 and may all your dreams come true..all of them, and may there be peace on earth...with all of us cheering and blogging right there beside you luv ya Mimi....m

My Marrakech said...

Mimi, what an amazing year it has been for you. And I am so glad to have met you!
P.S. Excited to hear that things are looking up in the love life category and hoping you will share details!

Anonymous said...

Mimi, If someone would have told me about the friendships I'd make and the satisfaction and fulfillment I feel being a part of this blogging community, I wouldn't have believed them. I thought your blogging chronology was a great roundup and kickoff to 2007. But then, you are the idea woman. I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with in 2007. Love back atcha, mimi.

Annelisa said...

Wonderful, Mimi - Love it!

This post was great for me, because, although I've popped in and out of your other blogs, I never have enough time to read everything. Bouncing back from here to the past and back again has been fun, and I feel like I know you a little better too...

(and now I know about your paperclip guy crush, I'll never see you the same again! :-D )

I haven't been blogging as long as you, but I started just around the time the Dona Nobis Pacem (blimey, I can even remember how to spell it without checking now! :-) ) started building up, and caught me in its wind...

I take my hat off to you Mimi - when you have a dream, you chase it. And no-one catches their dream unless they run like crazy after it, butterfly net in hand, and scoop it up like you are doing!

And we're all running madly behind you with our nets... chasing the same colourful and enchanting dream.

Guess we've had a couple of practice runs now... by next year (or rather, this year), reckon there might be a few more in the growing crowd (in fact, it might just be a dream-catching marathon! :-D )

Got me net ready... :-)

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