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When peace globe time falls gently on the cusp of each November, you will find me hunkered down in the wooded walls of Bloggingham, my home. I like to walk in its trees and free the peace that lives down deeply rooted on the inside, that place which the world tries to steal. But never mind that... in November, I will find it.  This is my home too. This blog. And you are my family of readers. And we have walked together these miles. These are my peace posts from 2006 - 2022. Somewhere inside of them lives a woman who changed into a woman who wanted to change.  It has occurred to me that as we strove to make a tiny revolution in the cosmic walls of the blogosphere, a huge revolution took place in me. I turned.  I wrote. I became. That's what revolution is. I am happy to share my words with you and I thank you for reading them. 
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The Silence Of Peace
November 7, 2006 and June 2007 (#1&2)
If not for this man, my Papa, there would not be a me and there would not be a peace globe.

#3  The Doll Box

November 7, 2007

June 4, 2008

#5 Shadows On A Stone: Voices Of Our Time
November 2008

#6  The Bargain
November 5, 2009
#7  Write On My Heart Every Word
November 4, 2010

#8  The Cabinet
November 4, 2011

 November 4, 2012

Nov 4, 2016

#14 Remember Your Mission

Nov 4, 2017

Words in Blue Kyanite
Kyanite crystals.jpg
Nov 4, 2018

Bathing in Persimmon Trees

November 4, 2019

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