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Friday, November 3, 2017

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Remember Your Mission

Welcome to the 11th year of peace blogging. 
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Remember Your Mission

There was this wind you see...
I heard it come round the north side of the biggest tree on Bloggingham Mountain, swirling and dancing and making a noise that I, in all my human years on earth, had never heard. Outside my bedroom window it spun through the pane like lightning, a fiercely potent spirit of nature capable of shattering glass and breaking bricks. Directly over my head it made a mighty swooshing sound and landed near the ceiling of my bedroom, in the center, over my heart lying supine beneath it wide-eyed and breathless, through my ears and inside the firings in my brain it surged and sang a familiar song.    
Except for my awe-struck tears it was a waterless landing. It left no damage behind, this personal hurricane of mine, exiting as it rattled the joists with a deafening whirling sound and encircled the lamp lights like dancing wind ghosts full of secrets.
I was shaken, deeply moved... but strangely not afraid.

This visitation happened a few weeks ago. 
The next morning I checked the weather reports. 
Had there been wind last night? No, said the forecaster.
 Had there been a storm last night? No, said the weatherman.
Had there been a palpable unnatural phenomenon?
Yes, said the girl in the unscathed bed.

The presence of a mighty rushing wind in my bedroom is not such a foreign concept to me.  There are two previous occurrences in my life that could be described as oddly prophetic, if not downright supernatural, and both came in the form of a dream. Both were direct and specific answers to prayer. Both involved a tempest.  One was a shattering and violent tornado dream the night before I was about to majorly change the course of my life. I saw my family stumbling over the rubble of our home; we were still intact, just walking in different directions. The very next day I knew that I knew that I knew that THIS was the day I'd prayed to recognize and act upon. Peace. In the middle of chaos.

The second one was a dream of my father after he passed away.  After a long illness with much pain, I yearned to see him well and whole.  I prayed for peace. And so my dad appeared to me in a dream, during a gusty thunderstorm outside the same bedroom window in Bloggingham, in a glow of yellow light with hugs and kisses to let me know he was fine. My sister had the same dream the same night. I never worried about him again. Peace.

The third one has yet - until this night in 2017 - been told.
I'm about to tell it to you
You will need the long and vivid history of my relationship with such things to understand the significance of a warm fall night that recently shook up and elevated my appreciation for the unexplainable - such as the sound of breathing living wind pounding on my bedroom window. 
Except this time, it was no dream. It was as real as flies on a summer watermelon or the smack of a bat on a lighted baseball field. 
It happened many many years ago. 

In the same room.
On the same mountain.

I'd gone to lie down for a nap on a Sunday afternoon. I was as exhausted as I've ever been, but couldn't sleep. Quite suddenly, a paralyzing feeling came over my entire body. Like my body was weighted and worn. I tried to move my arms but I couldn't. My legs would not budge, not even my toes, and it felt like every ounce of life was being swept from my body. I felt my heartbeat steadily decrease into slower and slower beats. My breathing began to slow down. I couldn't open my eyes. I couldn't see! My world was pitch black and yet I was peaceful. There was no need to call out for help or in fear, because I wasn't afraid.
And I most definitely wasn't alone.

"You can go now," the Voice said. "I know you are tired. It's alright if you want to come with Me. I'm here. 
You can come with me. It's OK."

No life. No breath. No movement. No heartbeat. 
Just a sound.  A swooshing sound.

That suddenly traveled up through my entire body and fully forced its way straight out of the top of my head, like a spiritual vacuum of sorts, leaving me void and still. That was the last physical sensation I felt as my mind pondered an answer to the inaudible gentle Voice hovering above my bed. The choice was clear. The intent was loving. I was torn. 
"I want to go with you," I told Him. "It would be so nice to let go and let you take me with you."  I don't know how long I stayed between my world and His, but it was as clear a picture of perfect peace I've ever had the privilege of experiencing.
 There was nothing but energy and life in that space between. 

How long would He wait? I wanted to stay in that place forever and yet....
"I want to finish my work," I told Him. "I want to go with You but I can't.
 I am choosing to stay.
I felt a deep and warm covering of love and acceptance. I was saturated with peace. 
He was gone.
 I felt my breathing return and the blood start to flow. A foggy sensation in my head and then eyesight returned. I slowly began to move my hands and arms and feel my heart beating again. I fell into a deep sleep and was very tired for a couple of days.
 Physically, I was fine. Spiritually, I was never the same.

Why did I stay? What was my purpose?
My purpose was to continue to serve what I was serving. To love. To be present. To continue to hold space for those who needed me. And to finish the race I began. I've never regretted the choice I made. I sometimes regret the way I spend my choice. 

So. Now you understand why I sat straight up and paid attention when that same swooshing sound entered Bloggingham's walls once again a few weeks ago. My spirit knew that this was not a calling away but a calling to.  I felt energized and grateful. Deep in my Cherokee soul I knew it was a spirit wind, even if my pencil skirt analytical brain had to call the weather station to make sure.  

Native American symbol for wind

Native American belief holds that the Earth element of Air brings new life and transformation. 
My Cherokee roots tell me this is so.  The air element of wind brings spirit and words together as one. It was true for me the day I chose to stay.  We had a non-verbal conversation full of power and love. Those are the best kind!  Unconditional love and acceptance shaped my destiny. All I had to do was say YES.
In our world, we're bombarded with carelessly uttered words each day that mean nothing at all. 

What could words full of glorious intent do instead? 

Destinies are carried on the wind you see.
They come with transitions. Travail is hard. It is the most painful part of childbirth. 
But I'm here to tell you that there's some healing happening in my life and some amazing answers to prayer that have spun on the web of the universe for decades.
 Happening right now.
Don't discount prayers and intents you spoke eons ago. Their time will come.

We carry on you see. Sometimes we carry on for someone else. We may not realize this for years. I carry my Papa's unfinished work.  We carry our people with us. We bring them into our own journeys. Our destinies are born the minute we take our first breath. They are not ours to disown. They cannot be discarded as if you suddenly changed your mind.  You know in the sinew and bones of your being what your destiny is.
We carry our destinies inside us.

Our children and those we love carry theirs. Sometimes two destinies are entwined and overlap - one helping the other.  Most often you don't realize how intermingled you are with someone else for many many years. Like our peace globes. And that old sack full of dusty marbles, a box full of plastic dolls and stories that fall from heaven in my ever-astounded lap, like silk on granite to my soul, to assist in my understanding of what I'm put on this earth to do. 
Sooner or later, you either accept them or lay them aside. And you might not have just one. There are seasons and times for different purposes you see. All equally important to your soul. But don't expect someone else to pick up your destiny and run with it. 
It's yours for a reason. 

I found that out when my eternal choice was made ever so clear. 
So listen! Even when you're faced with the choice to stay or go, remember your mission. You have one! Have you finished your life's work?  Have you finished today's work? Has this relationship served its purpose? Or is there more to do? To say? Do your children need you? Does your community need you? Does the world need you?
YES. A resounding YES.

Your vision will take you far. Even when you can't see. Even when your arms are lifeless and your heart can't pump blood through your bedroom slippers. Even when you're dying in the middle of a talk with the Almighty in your very own bedroom. Even then!

 We travel between two worlds all the time. Every day. Every choice we make. Every word we say. Every time we choose to love or choose to hate, we are walking out our destinies and learning how to make better choices. 

I believe .....
We are destined to be whole and perfectly whole. Peaceful and perfectly peaceful. 
Steady and perfectly steady. Loving and perfectly loving.
Not in some eternal striving for perfection that causes stress - but in letting go of the struggle. 
Of surrendering to the unknown
Of choosing to step into what is ours and let it take us where it will.

Sometimes the wind is a mighty rushing wind
That's the kind of wind I want in my life.
Because I don't have time to dance around with breezes
and neither do you
 Remember your mission.
You might have a Wind to answer to. 
And on that day, when it comes, you'll want to answer rightly. 
Get ready. There's a mighty wind about to call your name.
You're not finished yet.

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Akelamalu said...

Mimi where is Mr Linky?

Little Miss Titch said...

Beautiful Mimi as always,xx Speedy

Jamie said...

Beautifully written as always with a perfect message. Please come to visit my globe and story at

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful. So wise. So true. You are so fortunate to have those Cherokee roots, my friend.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Mimi, I cant find the place to link on-site. On the sidebar there isnt a link. I seem to have linked on the 2016 page. I dont want to miss reading anyone's....but am following facebook till a link appears here.

Mimi Lenox said...

All - The simplylinked service I'm using is just not working. I will replace with Mr. Linky asap. Thanks.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

As always, hand to heart, thank you for sharing your story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi, Happy Blog for Peace Day! The world needs you, too! Love, Gram

Mimi Lenox said...

I'm glad Mr. Linky was fixed. We're still going strong on social media many hours later.
Thank you for being here. I've been away from the blog most of the day. The posts I'm reading are truly wonderful. It's been a good day. Going to be a great night as well.


Peachy, Stippie, Angel Binky and Granny said...

Thank you for this beautiful message, Mimi and thank you for hosting this wonderful and peaceful blog hop. We tried to comment on your other bloggie and on facebook, but it didn't work. Hope this one is coming through :D Pawkisses for a Peaceful Day :) <3

ShannonW said...

Peace to you and yours Mimi! ☮ Your posts are always so very inspirational and filled with love. Thank you!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for being here guys. I'm sorry we had technical difficulty.
You are all appreciated and I will be by soon to read.

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