Sunday, December 4, 2022

Monday Mimisms ~ Me and a Meme

I decided to do a meme on Sunday for Mimisms on Monday
! Does that make sense? No worries. I was shocked to see that they had stolen my meme (shocked!) from way back in the day. Just kidding. It's what they do. That's why it's called Sunday Stealllliiinngggg. So. I shall play
the meme I wrote from my blog called The Queen's Meme - although these questions are a mishmash of romance and groceries. I have no idea who really wrote the first seven or number 14. I like to play tongue-in-cheek. Buckle up. Thanks Bev.

1. What do men really want in a woman? 
That's like asking, "What do fish really want from the ocean?"
Who wrote these questions??!

2. Should marijuana be legalized?

3. Why did the cow jump over the moon?
To get to the pot store.

(I can't believe I said that)

4. What do women really want in a man?
That's like asking, "What does the ocean really want from fish?"
Who wrote these questions?!

5. When you are having a really good day, what usually makes it good?
A day at the river with Beans.

6. What can make your good day turn into a bad day?
If we fall off a rock and plunge into the river. I can't swim.

7. If you could start from scratch and turn back the clock for a re-do, what would you re-do? I would major in Music Therapy instead of Music Education. 

8. Do you make a list when you go grocery shopping?
No. I make a grocery list BEFORE I go shopping.

9. Do you buy more groceries when you're hungry?
I buy more EVERYTHING when I'm hungry.
Just ask Amazon.

10. Coupons. Use them?
Yes Yes and YES!

11. Have you ever complained to the manager of your grocery store?
The day I found expired dates on my precious keylime yogurt. 
Alas, I had to buy blueberry instead.

12. Do you like to buy groceries at huge chain stores like Walmart? Or do you shop exclusively at food stores?
I don't like to buy food at Walmart. I want a real food store with better sanitary conditions for groceries. The vegetables are left out in the bins hardly ever misted and washed. The watermelons are never fresh. Yuck.

13. What do you typically have for lunch?
Salad. Protein. More salad.

14. Tell us about your last lunch date and what made it special.
I met an old friend and colleague for lunch in town. We taught together for twenty years on the same hallway. Oh, if those walls could talk! I just hope the security camera footage has long been destroyed. 

Images: Mimi Lenox photography & Pixabay
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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

I Am Sure (Quite Sure) That Today Is NOT My Birthday

I've been saying this every year on this blog for the last one hundred years. In the interim...wars have started and ceased. The cosmos went backwards in time and came around again. Three presidents have passed by...and passed on. God rest their souls. And Twitter was bought by Mickey Mouse. The jury is still out on that one. 

Homer baked a birthday cake for me KNOWING I can't eat cake. I wonder what's in this lovely strawberry concoction? I hope it's just strawberries with no evil sugar. Thank you Homer!
Meanwhile I am enjoying the once-a-year attention on Facebook. Birthday wishes are the BEST part of that platform. Thank you!!! They make me smile and I love sending birthday wishes to my friends. 

And still is it NOT my birthday.
I know it is not my birthday because I have yet to use color on my natural brunetteness. I will not be one of those women who embrace the grays and let them flow freely. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't think I'll join the party. 
So far. So good.

I know it is not my birthday because no one in the "real" royal family has bothered to send a greeting. The day is young. I'm still waiting.

I know it is not my birthday because I can still wear a baseball cap and a pencil skirt, although my French nails are beginning to fall off when I'm stressed. I wonder if I should talk to my doctor about that.

And lastly, I know it is NOT my birthday because FINALLY those pesky "Sign up for Social Security" commercials have stopped coming in the mail. I did that last year. It takes an Act of Congress to get that little red, white and blue card. Now that I'm past-the-age-of-knowing-better I feel free to know better.
Does that make sense?

I didn't think so.

Well. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to make a virtual appointment with my doctor about those nails. Last visit she said she didn't want to discuss my makeup, eyeliner, pedicures OR my Internet dog and his health problems.

The nerve!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Pumpkin Pie and The Man at the Window

Holidays can be the best of times for families where lifelong happy memories are made...or they can be excruciatingly stressful times full of unhappy memories to unpack through the years. I hope your clan experiences the former. If so, you are truly blessed. But let's be real. Holidays are tough for a lot of people. We're not all The Waltons! 

Today I want to re-post a story I wrote in 2007. It seems highly appropriate for the societal climate we find ourselves in some fifteen years later. And to be honest, I need to revisit for personal reflection. 

The years in between give me much to be grateful for. Sometimes it's good to be reminded of beginnings.

Have a wonderful holiday with those you love!
Have an extra slice....

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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Monday Mimisms ~ The World Has Changed

The whole world is in a foxhole.
And then there's this....

            Thanks to all who participated in BlogBlast For Peace over the weekend

    although most of you could be loudly seen and heard on social media 

I'm still gathering from the blog sky.
 It's a labor of love and an unending task

We began in 2006

many blog moons ago

and have continued each year until we....

knew that words really are powerful

met friends and peace lovers from every continent

and 214 countries and territories...

entered the land of Facebook and Twitter

becoming one blog and one voice for one day....

We talked about people fighting people   

countries fighting countries..

Climate change...and changing our personal climates

and how intricately we are connected....

Inner peace

 and outer chaos

Voting rights, elections, politics, economic shifts....

shifting and sinking democracies...

polluting the oceans and how to save the bees

and Love
we talked a lot about Love

Spiritual remedies

practical remedies

unorthodox remedies

                                      We took a 30 Day LOVE challenge

Documented 60 Ways to Peace

Through earthquakes and tsunamis
Hurricanes and hailstorms
Hatred-filled elections

We discussed nuclear war and hissed like true activists

while flying blue globes across the night sky
and even though we leaned to the left and to the right
We're still speaking to each other (mostly...)

Wars came along...
Afghanistan, Africa, Israel, Syria, Darfur, Iraq, Libya, Boko Haram, Yemen, the Middle East

Conflicts arose
around and around the world

We wrote

and wrote

and wrote

 from everywhere we wrote! 


and roared

sang a perfect song

spoke a perfect word

then during the next year of challenges on earth
we did it all over again

I wish we could throw magic dust
across the face of the world

and make it all go away...

Pick up the pen instead of the sword

Because our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren

deserve a world still standing in one peace
instead of in pieces

The world has changed...
but we have not.

visit these folks at the following links
and place your own link if you wish!
My peace post is HERE

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