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Sunday, February 4, 2007

January 2007 Mimi Writes Instant Blog Recap

This year started like no other. New friendships, exciting possibilities, delicious romance and unexpected adventure marked the beginning of 2007. With a start like this, I can't wait for the rest of the year! Here's what happened in my blog life (and personal life) during January 2007.

January 1: Lizards and Lessons in 2006: The Year Mimi Wrote. A review of a phenomenal year in my life, including the birth of the Peace Globe movement and the many unexpected twists and turns my writing pen endured.

January 4: Break Is Over Are there supposed to be planes in the tunnel? Who knew one silly little missed exit would result in such adventure? There were more than a few flaws in this plan. It was a sad day in New York City. And I was not wearing my pencil skirt.

January 5: I'd Like To Thank The Academy Mimi Writes wins Best Blog of The Day from the 2007 Weblog Awards site. I'd like to thank my third grade teacher, Mrs. Humpersnicker, for believing in me and my cursive writing.....

January 7: Sunday Blog Chatter: Carnivals, Contests and The Bloggies I entered a story in held at Dr. Blogstein's place. What does a girl have to do to get a banana around here? Read One Banana, Please and find out just what I did!

January 8: Monday Memes with Mimi Queen of Memes

~ That's right. I'm a Queen. At least in Blogland. Ever mindful of the Peace Globe movement, I recirculated the Globe meme to get the ball rolling to speak. If you don't have a Peace Globe now is your chance to get one. What are you waiting for?!

January 9: Annelisa = Amazing The awesome photography of an East Sussex lass

I am a regular guest blogger for Bobby Griffin's groundbreaking site, The Bestest Blog of All-Time. Each Tuesday I nominate a blogger for the Bestest Blog of The Day award and write a review. Annelisa, author of Words That Flow, a phenomenal writer/photographer/poet from England was my choice today. Her stirring photography inspired and articulated the spirit of Dona Nobis Pacem. It was my honor to review her site for this recognition. Here's the award-winning review! Visit Annelisa in England and gaze into the lens of her magical camera.

January 10: Triple Tagged and Slapped Silly

Tagged by Linda, Gale and Sanni all in the same day, I was obliged to fulfill my obligation as meme Queen and answer these riveting questions. A long and silly meme session ensued. Question #10:
What’s a word that you say a lot?
Seriously, we need a new question. Seriously.

January 11:

A Certain Grace
~ Dedicated to my son ~A little boy's game, brown-eyed magic and a mother's letting go. Mine.

January 13: You Crack Me Up! The Comeback Challenge Round 10 ~Bachelor #7 "I'm the last of a dieing bread."

Matt-Man from Bagwine Ruminations wrote: I am a crusty but lovable guy who just adores white or dark rye. Let my love be the yeast that PUMPS YOU UP !! Let's get together and make a sandwich!!

January 14: Sunday Blog Chatter: Bud and Mimi Do American Idol ~ Mimi "Pencil Skirt" Lenox and Bud "The Last DJ" Weiser team up for a comedy review of the hit show American Idol. What kind of reviews are we getting? Simon Cowell hated it. But our blog buddies loved it. Stay tuned for more nonsense. We'll see you....after the break!

January 15: Got Memes? Bobby Griffin invited me to host the next Bestest Blog Carnival. The subject? Memes, of course! I got to wear my crown and wave my Queen thingy around for a whole week! See? Behold. Mimi -Queen of Memes.

January 16: Papa's Petals

"There are dreams that mean absolutely nothing. There are dreams that come from too much thinking and tossing and turning. Most dreams are forgotten, misinterpreted, exaggerated, tossed aside.

And then there are dreams like this one."
I find the answer I'm looking for in the most unlikely place. Read about the man who changed my life - and continues to.

January 17: A Pickle By Any Other Name: The Bud and Mimi Review

American Idol starts off with a puny bang and we have no mercy. Bud: Well, you know.....I liked that European woman who looked like Charo a little better than I admitted.
Mimi: No, Bud. She was from Colombia. (men!) Wrong accent. And anyway, she sang 3 notes from 3 different continents...Well, she did juggle well but what's that have to do with her singing?

January 18: I've Got The Memes.....So to Speak. Mimi, Queen of Memes tries to ready Bloggingham Palace for the Bestest Blog Carnival. It's time to go to the doctor.   "I can't even go to the grocery store without somebody asking for a blessing or a pardon or a beheading or an autograph and I don't know what I'm going to do with all these people coming to the castle on Monday to show me their memes.

I took a breath.
He took a Valium."

January 19: Breaking News! Queen Calls for Memes! The Royal Court is abuzz with preparations for the Carnival. The Queen is not amused.

January 20:
Straight From Bloggingham Palace
~ News conference! The BBC is reporting that Mimi - Queen of Memes rose from her bed of meme-itis this morning and uttered a royal decree. Yada yada yada Thus spake the Queen.

January 21: Mimi Queen of Memes Dethroned!~ How did I know it was against the law to impersonate a Queen?

"Look", I said. "I don't have a horse. I don't need a horse. Just because Queen Elizabeth I ruled from a pretty pony surrounded by pretty boys doth not a Queen make." And then....A subject paints a royal picture. I AM a Queen. Finally, some respect.

January 22: My Favorite Meme Carnival ~ The Bestest Blog Carnival is here with forty-one submissions! Memes, memes and more memes.

January 24: Never Name Yourself After Food: The Bud and Mimi Review of American Idol
Mimi: So what did people think? Bud: They were torn between having us just stop the series and voting us off the blogosphere entirely. Mimi: Bud, tonight was shot in Memphis. Did you think that kid channeled Elvis? Bud: The Jimmy Walker look-a-like? I'd say change the channel."
Oh brother.

January 26: Bizarre Bachelor # 1 Said: I Sweat A Lot When I Dance An invitation to play The Saturday Comeback Challenge on my other site, Dating Profile of the Day. These bachelors are just crazy.

January 28: Sunday Blog Chatter: Your Thoughts On Peace

"What I've learned from Peace Globes is that once those globes made noise the very first day in our blog world, I began to see and sense a universal urgency for peace I never knew existed before. I heard a unified passion for peace in your writings - words that were individually crafted on individual websites by separate individuals.
And we all said the same thing."

Stay tuned.....After the break.

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