Friday, January 12, 2007

You Crack Me Up! The Comeback Challenge ~ Round TEN

Last week's Saturday Comeback Challenge was a huge success. It is held each week on my spoofy date site called Dating Profile of the Day. Nineteen heavy-hitting bloggers took on the challenge, competing with one another to see who could lay down the smack. Your responses were hilarious! The top three comedians were divided in rank by only ONE point.

It was close.
The champion was Frank Sirianni from Canada of Honk 'n Hollr/Grafitti My Blog fame.

His hysterical comebacks can be read HERE on his own site - with added commentary that is just as funny. I hope he's back to defend his title tomorrow. My favorite answer last week was to this challenge: The bachelor wrote in his profile, "I'm the last of a dieing bread." Frank replied, "You're not trying to butter me up, are you?" (sorry, Frank. I totally ripped off the pic above from your site.)

Second place winner was Bond from The Couch! Bond is a regular in this ccompetition and seems to get funnier each week.
My favorite answer from Bond? To this warped bachelor's question: "My bedroom eyes will put you in the mood,"
Bond said, " Oh that is tantalizing, now can you put them back in the jar on the shelf?"

The top funnies were....

Bachelor #1 "I am very much involved in mid evil re-enactment's, no not the renaissance. I like playing my guitar, writing my own music,and singing."
Lyn from Last Minute Lyn's Life said: "I have a feeling your singing songwriting is not just mid evil, but fully evil."

Bachelor #2 I know that I am looking for the imposable but I am not giving up hope.
Matt-Matt from Bagwine Ruminations wrote: You shouldn’t give up hope. I am a former hand and knee model, but the effects of arthritis and chronic joint pain have made me very imposable. Your wish has come true. Call Me !!"

Bachelor #3 Should I describe myself like a car?? P.W. P.S. fully loaded, low mileage, good interior and no junk in the trunk.
SGT DUB in Afghanistan wrote: Sounds like a lemon to me.
Bachelor #4 "These bedroom eyes will put you in the mood"
 Michael C from Wonderful Worth of Nothing Worthwhile wrote:
  Is that why I feel so tired all of a sudden?
Bachelor #5 I believe that people should be them self and something they are not.
Epiphany Alone wrote: "OK. On our first date, I will be me. On our second date, I will be a lamppost. Then you'll get to pick which "me" gets voted off the island...Hey, I think I've got a pitch for a new reality show!"
Bachelor #6 Look if your looking for FLASH in the PAN hit the road its not ME! I'm REAL and I don't write things to IMPRESS anyone.
Andeldust from Canada wrote: "Dear "Real Flash in the Pan":Congratulations. You have succeeded not impressing anyone."

Bachelor #7 I'm the last of a dieing bread.
Matt-Man from Bagwine Ruminations wrote: I am a crusty but lovable guy who just adores white or dark rye. Let my love be the yeast that PUMPS YOU UP !! Let's get together and make a sandwich!!

Bachelor #8 Be the flower in my vase.
Dr. Blogstein wrote: Be the temporary tattoo in my box of Frosted Flakes.

Bachelor #9 Don't Fry Bacon Naked. Been There.
Dr. Blogstein wrote: Bacon, huh? Wanna strip?

Bachelor #10 To thine on self be true.
Starrlight wrote: Feel free to lie to thine Off Self.

And many, many more very funny answers. Check out last week's competition and consider this a personal invitation from me to you.  PLAY! It's great fun. Bloggers are talking smack to each other and really enjoying the camaraderie.
Now.....I'm off to find some wicked questions.
Hope to see you there.
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Don't forget Bobby Griffin's (Bestest Blog Of All-Time) Blog Carnival going on TODAY on Morgen's site. Terrific stories by some of your favorite bloggers! Want to see Mimi run screaming from her bed and make a total fool of herself?? It's all over at Morgen's place. Film at 11.
NOTE: Bobby Griffin's next carnival will be held right here on Mimi Writes. Stay tuned for further announcements. The theme is YOUR FAVORITE MEME. What else would you expect from the Queen of Memes?


Bond said...

Coming after you frank.....LOLOLOL

Tisha! said...

Go Bond 2nd Place! That was fun reading thanks!

Linda said...

I just want to say thanks for hostessing such a great competition - it really is a lot of fun. And if you ever need a break from judging and want to play again yourself one of these days, I'd be happy to take on the judging duties for you some time. I think I can be a fair and equitable judge and it might be fun!

My Marrakech said...

Oh yay for funny! I read some where that adults laugh 15 times a day, while children laugh 200 times! Think we have something to learn?

Wendz said...

Oh bloody hell that was so funny I have been spitting my sweetcorn fritters all over my keyboard.

Absolutely will take part in this. Brilliant idea!

Turnbaby said...

Oh yeah--I am NOT gonna procrastinate this week.

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