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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Long Tall Sally and The Primrose Pole

What possessed me to answer the door with no lipstick?

Did I fall on my crown or something?
What is wrong with me?


At 9:00 am
and without my morning coffee

a man and his drill

showed up at my door

The birdie did not tell me.

I need to have a talk with that bird.

He did not tell me about the arms of steel
Ready to bite

Flexible. Dangling. Dapper. Daring......
The crazy crane
dancing wildly with the bucket

recklessly in the thick of my forest
Spiralling. Poised. Ready. .........

Oh, the hugs a bold bucket can give.

Birdie did not tell me...
how fast my heart would beat

at the sight of
one lonely hard-hatted handsome hood
Slowly planting Sally
where she stood

laying shadow on shadow

wood on woodin a bed of leaves
trampled sleeves
when it was through
I secretly saw
dirty faced pounds of
steel on wheels
corkscrews and cranks in exhausted hue
my heroes at the rescue! I clapped with glee

to finally see
up up in the trees
they swung from a hip

A warm friendly light
just for me

the pansies watched

the sky was blue

This tightrope dance of manly you

Fantasy feigned
I awoke with a blush

The Forest convened
but what was the rush?
"I don't like my new home," said the Long Tall Sal. "There is no one here like me. Not even a pal."
So the trees leaned in to see

what the fussy pole would be.

"I so want to look like a tree," said she.

"But I'm the new kid and not very tall."
My bark is too pale. I don't fit at all.
What do you think of that?

And nobody noticed my hat."
The barely clinging leaves rattled on
Like drunken tall sailors with women and song.
"And what of those curls?" they laughed and laughed.

"So lazy. Unkempt, that kid. We'll show him a thing or two in these woods.""Did you see those locks?" asked the sappy pine. "They haven't been combed in weeks. We can't have a ragamuffin move in on our crib. Things are looking bleak."

"There goes the neighborhood!" said Wood. A whiner whispered, " And who'll warn the squirrels about these curls? Their tails will be tangled. You'd think we were girls!" The wind blew up a jealous chatter.
The man trees swirled on in scandalous clatter.
"Have you ever seen bark like that? Why, I don't think he's shaved a day in his life. He must be a babe in the woods. Whoever heard of a babe with no bark?"

As they rolled around naked
leafy and stark.
"Sshhhh........ Listen," one shook as they finally calmed down.. "She's crying." said Twig as he lit up a smoke. "Didn't you notice her wire just broke?"

(You've never seen man trees rise up so completely ......zipping their branches so silent and sweetly. Move out of my way! You're blocking the view! Hasten now fast! And all of them bragged at how long they could last.)
"Well, why didn't you say so in the first place you big ugly bald blight!' swayed the Three-Pronged-Tree. "Look what you've gone and done now. Look see!
We could use another female in our camp. I wouldn't blame her if she blew out her lamp.

I say we mend fences and make introductions."Straighten up.
Show some respect! "

The Giraffe tree giggled and strained his neck

So the pine sashayed to the oak and the poplar popped over by the pine and everyone waited for the moody maple to wax opine. Elegant elmy sipped sap from a brook and decided to give her a second look.

Long Tall Sally ignored their brood
She simply was not in the mood

Digging around her roots and stump
Hard-hatted humans had made her a grump

Long about sundown
the deed was done

The trees in my kingdom
were finally one

reds and yellows
I dug with a spoon

and plastered these
when the clock struck noon

I was listening by the slated rock

That's how I knew
Everybody knows that bird done flew

We could learn a lot from a brave prissy tree
alone in the forest with male faculty
Curls and whistles to go with her bonnet
lighting my castle with no thieves upon it
"Do you see her planting for US in a row?
Maybe we should ask if she has a beau...."
said Maple and Elmer and Piney and Bark
"And we'd better hurry
It's getting dark!'
So tonight by the light of the artificial moon
a romance began with the stars and the loon
"I have one request, dear tree friends of mine
As you wine her and dine her, poles swaying about
For heaven's sakes nobody
ask her OUT!"
Isn't she lovely?

What posted on Mimi Writes one year ago today? Papa's Petals


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

ahhhh, let there be light mimi honey!!! (she whispered from the dungeon).

smiles, bee

ps: there are spiders down here mimi and i swear i saw a mouse!

Mimi Lenox said...

You just blew it, Bee. If there's a mouse down there I'll never come and let you out.
I'm sorry.
Shall I have your mail forwarded?
Do you want me to break the news to Sarge?

Where is your band meme??!

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Why it's the best tree~polelight~primrose poem I've ever seen!
Serendipity at its best:
Webster says: c.1754 coined by Horace Walpole (did he say Wal-pole?) after The Three Princes of Serendip ( three princes for The Queen). A Pers fairy tale (really?) in which the princes make such discoveries (they found Queen Mimi?) Oh a wonder~full story!

Jeff B said...

And where there is light there can be no darkness.

What a beautiful and well written poem Mimi.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Light is always a good thing, but that truck sure struck me as...grotesque in the midst of your woods.

Mimi Lenox said...

Robin - WOW. I think that hurt my brain. My royal ancestors pretend I do not exist. Who wants a pencil skirt in a monarchy?

Jeff - A silly rendering. But thank you!

Bundle - are right. I just saw it in a whole new way, but I'm very thankful for the extra light. They did an excellent job.

Patti said...

You are so creative, dear Mimi. Wonderful writing.

Travis Cody said...

Now that's impressive.

Julie said...

*sits and waits for the second part after she lights up the night sky*

C' can do it!!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Once again your introduction on The Couch has been proven

"brilliant writer"

yup that is our Mimi

Deana said...

Sally is lovely! ...and you are creative!

Akelamalu said...

That man had a BIG drill!

Did he light up your life? :)

robkroese said...

Excellent. This could be a great children's book.

Joseph said...

that poem belongs published somewhere where intellectuals can discuss... like an upper division college poetry class or coffee shop.

Simply beautiful.

Misty DawnS said...

Just dropping in to tell you I gave you an award :-)

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Thank you, my friend.

Travis - Your band meme was impressive as well!

Julie - Sally is the little engine that could....My hero.

Bond - You know how much I appreciate your encouragement. You know.

Deana - Sally is fast becoming my friend. Oh Lord. I'm talking to light poles.

Akelamalu - LOL

Diesel - The Little Light Pole That Could.......bwwaaahaaahhaa

Joseph - Thank you.

Misty - I came by and your site is not working right today. I'll try again and thank you.

Barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
Well done !! I almost felt as if I was there to witness the arrival of this new kid on the block.

By the way, if you hop on over, I have some letters that I translated out of a lonely hearts column. Although if you had an elligible bachelor say this about you in French, you probably would turn to silly putty...

Little Wing said...

Mimi, you truly are a brilliant writer!

Anonymous said...

Amazing post! :)

She IS lovely.

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