Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 12 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ If You Could Only See Me

Life is a busy mad dash. Most days we rush around in an endless circle of tasks completed/ tasks-to-do mode as if our very lives depended on checking things off the sainted To-Do list. Accomplishing tasks makes us feel important, successful, even worthy of praise. But does it help us feel connected? No.  We miss what's important while we're trying to be important. I've been working on this lately and it's really keeping me in touch with the people I work and play with each day. When you pass someone in the hallways today, don't just look at the floor and nod. Look at them. People won't always remember what you taught them or how you contributed in the day-to-day, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

 Day 12 ~ Look people in the eyes when you talk to them.
Souls need connecting on this planet.

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Monday Mimisms ~ Bumpety Boo Strikes Again

Sunday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

made by Mimi's Baby Boy
made by Baby Boy
1. A surprise visit from my Baby Boy! How did he know I needed that today?
2. That his new love is reading
3. That he loves school and his teacher
4. That after all these years he STILL remembers how we laughed at the Bumpety Boo movie when he was three
5. That he took it home to watch again (smile)

That boy is something else.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 11 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Stand In Your Peace

 It's easy to find peace in the middle of beautiful scenery. At the coast, on a mountain, in a flower garden, with a loved one. When you're surrounded by the loving or even fierce presence of nature, one tends to stand back and breathe in what the Universe has to say. We call that rejuvenation, renewal, respect. 
But when the battles of life call our name on a daily basis its not so easy to stand in the presence of peace.  How do we take those moments in the glory of nature and bring them into the arena of our daily lives? Because that is the essence of what it means to be peaceful.  And for most people - including me - it's a work in progress.

I am personally working on the non-reactive approach.  I work myself into a tizzy too often and over ridiculously small things. Most people don't even realize I'm doing it, but I notice how unsettled and ungrounded I feel when it happens. I need to stop it. And I'm getting better. Choosing my battles and saving appropriate reactions (sometimes passionately!) for those situations worthy of speaking up for is the much better path. People who wave a red flag alarm at every little turn of events are soon tuned out by everyone. Then nothing they say is ever addressed or even matters. Words. Choose them wisely. So here's my Day 11 (for moi)....

   - Learn to stand in silence when the world around you is loud. 
There is always strength in silence. Always. 

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Day 10 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Hunker Down

 ~ Settle into who you are. Hunker down. Be brave. The world needs the strength of your bones and the fibre of your being. Peace is an ache in the heart of the mighty. 
Be mighty.

~ Mimi Lenox

Of all things true and mighty in my life, trees are the wisest of all.

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Day 9 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Families Are Blessed When Their Young Love Peace

Created by Inigo Boy in the Philippines and UAE
 Everyone on the planet benefits from the power of innocent minds and hearts focused on peace. All of us. It only takes one act of concentrated deliberate kindness. It happens all the time and we miss it. But somewhere... every second of every day, a child is practicing peace, making peace art, drawing peace symbols, singing songs, coloring peacefully, rehearsing joyfulness. Right in our midst. And we miss it. They could teach us a lot. 

What happens when we stop and observe? The older and wiser generation proudly sits up and takes notice.  Or we should. Young peers and siblings imitate and do the same. Communities are built on the sacred belief that we all must live in harmony and unity. Families are blessed when their young love peace. It starts with our little ones, as they reap the intrinsic benefits of the presence and love of peacefulness in their homes. Model serenity, Parents. Model peace. 
We will see a powerful generation rise up.
Day 9 ~ Peace is found in the fruit of your labor. 
Make a peaceful work. 
 This was sent in last year via Facebook from the Philippines and created by a special young grandniece of veteran peace blogger Princesita Parumgao. It is beautiful and full of her hard work.
 God bless the children of peace.
God bless us all.

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Day 8 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ There is a Master Plan Just For You

  Day 8

  ~ Every day you are alive has a purpose. There is a master plan made just for you. Each person you meet plays a part in your destiny and you in theirs. Greet them with gratitude, not judgment. Offer up your best self. This is the path of peace.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 7 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Don't Be A Fruitloop

 I often think people mistake self-proclaimed peacemakers as weak-willed tree hugging fruitcakes. No backbone. No grit. No depth. As a self-proclaimed peacenik, I protest!
As should every one you who has ever longed for peace, prayed for a peace, or worked for peace and justice. You are the best of the best. The strongest of the strong. 
Definitely not fruitloops.....
I give you Day 7

 ~ Don't be afraid to stand your ground. Living a peaceful life sometimes means you have to fight for what is right.

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Day 6 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge ~ Trees Are People Too

 For me, it's all about trees these days. Trees in the forest of Bloggingham.  Tree-making for theatre sets. Trees! Trees! The trees are talking to me. The power company wants to chop down my Lily Lichen. Remember her? She was the subject of my peace post in 2012 (The Dream ~ Trees In The Courage of Time). Now she's fodder for the chip machine. I protested. I whined. I protested some more. But it looks like I'm going to have write a eulogy for Lily.  Oh, I get the power line thing. Overhanging trees, dead trees, diseased trees...they have to go. But do you HAVE to butcher them??! 
Trees are people too ya know.

 Day 6

~ Respect the bounty and beauty of the earth. Honor rivers, streams and peaceful forests.

Bloggingham's Love Tree

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Day 5 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge ~ Weigh Your Words

I've noticed something lately. Now that I am writing down one peace thought each day and five reasons to be grateful, I'm more careful with my words.  I've always believed in the power of words, but it seems to me that the weight of them carries more significance in this day and age. Just an observation....

 Day 5

~ You can't unsay words. They either bring life or death to the soul. They prophesy peace or proliferate unrest. Words carry energy and intent into the world. Your words will burden you or bless you. Choose them with careful deliberation before they ever leave your lips. Shalom.

Join me in writing down your peaceful thoughts each day.

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Day 4 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Good vs. Evil

Have you noticed? The planet needs kindness. We're tired of the same 'ole weary dreary violent-splashed news stories. You don't have to be an ostrich. Be aware and alert of the madness. Educate yourself. Be in the know. But also know that kindness is under-reported and underrated. There is much more good than evil in the world. It's time to celebrate the good and pray for the evil to end. 

 Day 4 

Try to be as kind as possible to unkind people. It's not easy. But it's the only way to maintain your dignity and tip the scales in the right direction. Don't let unkindness breed more unkindness in you. Peace is the way.

#60Ways2Peace #60DaysofPeace

Join me in this challenge.  Write one peaceful thought each day.

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Day 3 ~ The 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge ~ Bless People Anyway

 I've had my share of chronic ailments during my time on planet Earth. With some age comes wisdom AND aches and pains. While my newest challenge has been rather daunting, I am finding that the more I move the better I feel. Some days are better than others! Each day I can choose those actions that keep me healthy or reap the ugly rewards of a different choice. It is empowering to know that it is always my choice.

Day 3

~ Take care of yourself. You can't bless other people if you are sick. But if you do get sick, bless other people anyway.

I will play a song for you.

Join me in finding 60 ways 2 Peace. Countdown to Nov 4

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 2 ~ The 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge ~ Always Listen To The Somethings

Do you know how it feels to be at odds with someone? To have unfinished business? Unsaid words? I hate that feeling. Unfinished business causes unrest and there is no peace. There are times when it's necessary to cut people out of your life.  That is a different story. If separation brings peace to both, then bless each other and walk away.  But there are those avenues in life where the road is not so straight. And you end up wishing you could say or do something more to make things right.

Many many years ago I felt strongly compelled to visit someone in the hospital who wasn't supposed to live much longer. We certainly weren't at odds but he needed me and I wanted to be there for him. I had gone a few days earlier and planned to revisit on the weekend.  But by the time  Wednesday night came I was so distraught and worried about him that I couldn't sleep. Something said Go Now.
I went to bed, tossing and turning all night.  Go Now. My stomach was in knots. Go NOW. "But it's late," I rationalized, "I need to rest."  By 3am my spirit was so miserable I could barely breathe. But I decided not to drive in the middle of the night and waited until morning. I arose early to make my visitation, bustling around almost in a hurried panic to get on the road.  The phone rang before I walked out the door. He was already gone and it was too late.  He died alone. It took me years to forgive myself for that.  I know this is an extreme example, but it happens. Don't let it happen to you.
I vowed that day to "listen to the somethings." 
They always know.
Day 2 
~ Make amends with someone. No regrets.
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The 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge ~ Day One

Peace bloggers everywhere are participating in the #60Ways2Peace Challenge - including me. 
I've posted the first 10 days on my Facebook page. I will continue there and now here for the remainder of 50 days. Jump in and join us. I'm reading some beautiful prose out there.
As always, I'm astounded by the commitment I see in the world for the pursuit of peace. Not only in the areas of war that pepper our earth, but also in the personal lives of ordinary people who just want a peaceful way to be. Here's my Day One - my way of finding peace. 
It is a simple way. And one that everyone can do.

Day 1 ~ Go sit under a tree.

You can do that, right?
I'm going right now....

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BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4 ~ The 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge

There are thousands of peace bloggers in the world today. They come from six continents and 202 countries and territories.  Every post, status update, tweet, and peace globe is different. But the message is the same.
Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace
You don't have to be a rabble-rouser, a tree hugger, a hippie or a street protester to speak strongly for peace in the world. All you need is a quiet determination, a blog, a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, an Instagram, or a website! Any other place on the web you call home.
And one more thing.....a belief in the power of words.
We believe that words are powerful. This matters.

 Simply post and promote peace on Nov 4.
Blogging for peace is easy.
Dona nobis pacem. Grant us peace.

I have a challenge for you! For the next 60 days leading up to Blog4Peace on Nov 4,
write down ONE way to be peaceful.

 (P.S. Of course, it would be awesome, if we actually did the things we wrote down.)
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Lemon Pepper Dosey-Do Chicken. I May Be a Real Cookery Now.

My recipe for Lemon Pepper Dosey-Do Chicken has made it to the Health section of You longtime bloggers know that the Virgin Mary Herself must have been involved in the invoking of this miracle. Mimi? In a cooking article? 
Here's how it went down: One day in my desperate attempt to bring about some semblance of recognizable food for myself in the newly acquired exciting status of Type 2 Diabetes, I fumbled around with a few chicken breasts. All breasts being equal, I added a magic dancing ingredient to the list of haphazard things I was throwing into the mixtures and voila (!) The Queen's Dosey-Do Lemon Pepper Chicken was hatched.  My friend, peace blogger and cook extraordinaire, Janice D'Agostino (who is a reaaaallll cook) asked for the recipe and featured it on her blog. I had to measure out in backwards time the things I threw in the pot. Now she insists that I am a "cookery".... Me? 
The moral of this story is...If you see a bunch of dancing dipping and tripping chicken breasts falling all over the Intrawebs, they might belong to me.
I never said I was a serious cook.

See more of Janice's peaceful cooking ways on her fabulous blogs, The CC Palate, The Peaceful Palate and Mindful Palate where she is known as The SpoonMage. You can be listed as a cooking contributor too! I am listed as "The Queen." Janice's Calorie-Count blog on Enjoy the delicious and nutritious recipes there.

This is

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Day 31 ~  August 8
Friday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. Books
2. Tow trucks
3. Hot showers
4. Warm towels
5. Scrunchies. Because truly, where would the world be without scrunchies?

Goodnight Friends

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, Please Look Around...

Day 30 ~ August 6
Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

 1. FB Friends who said the St. Anthony prayer when I lost something tonight. I found it in 10 seconds flat. Seriously.

2. Butterscotch. I am suddenly craving butterscotch pudding.

3. Organization. But sometimes you're so organized you lose things. Ahem.

4. The little blue butterfly floating around by my car 

5. Fabric cleaner. After I tore the house up looking for the cellphone (I forgot I placed it in my red emergency bag last week. I now have to clean under the couch cushions because the cushions are thrown all over the living room floor. I found a bunch of crayons too.....and crumbs....

Goodnight Friends and Thank you!
Thank you, St. Anthony!
In case you don't know, it goes like this: St Anthony St. Anthony, please look around. What's been lost, must be found.
No kidding. I suddenly "remembered" where I'd put it about 10 seconds after asking you all to say the prayer today. Amazing!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blue Skies and a Little Highway

a short drive
into this kind of blue

makes heaven a little closer
to home

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Some People....

 Day 29 ~ August 6
Wednesday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. Shampoo. Some people don't have any.

2. Lotion. Some people don't have any.
3. Soap. Some people don't have any.
4. Cotton balls. Some people don't have any.
5. Toothpaste. Some people don't have any.

Goodnight Friends

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Treasures Are Made of Crooked Smiles

Day 28 ~  August 5
 Tuesday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. A box of mismatched tangled jewelry
2. Realizing that a chore turned out to be a blessing ....
3. In the middle of a pile of silver and gold
4. Where I found the greatest treasure inside a locket you see
5. I would give it all away just to see that crooked smile.

Goodnight Friends

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