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Monday, January 1, 2024

Monday Mimisms ~ Happy in My New Year

Mimi 2008 
Monday Mimisms ~ Happy in My New Year

Welcome to 2024 in the year of the blog. Thanks to the WayBack Machine (keep of old blogs!) blogs are infinite and eternal, omnipotent and omnipresent.  I wish people have one of those machines. We could crank up our young, newer, healthier bodies and go from there. 

Back in the day when I used to hide behind trees all day long and try to conjure a word or two, blogging was much more intimate. Our communities were a tight-knit group. We looked out for each other. When the occasional naysayer or troublemaker showed up, we (usually) shoooed them away and blogged on. With the exception of the peace globe bloggers (AMAZING you are!) most of my blogging friends are posting on Facebook or Instagram. I enjoy interacting with you on social media platforms, but sometimes it takes me years to put two and two together..."Oh! Cindy is really Blogging Catalina from Amsterdam! Who knew?" And then we have a small reunion.  There are those who do not want blog and real life Facebook to meet. Totally understandable. I try to honor those requests. I won't out you! 

But seriously, I'm amazed that the majority of my friends on Facebook are peace bloggers. We've gotten to know each other over the years in more personal ways (thanks, Facebook) but as many of us have discussed, it's just not the same as regular blogging. "Blogging is dead," we say....MAYBE....but that's not going to stop me from re-entering the arena.  Blogging makes me happy. Journaling makes me happy. Writing feeds my soul. And I PROMISE...this year I will publish a book off-blog...I PROMISE!! 

2023 was a loooooong year for me and so many of my friends. I've had perpetual health challenges and a car accident mid-year that I'm just now starting to recuperate from, realizing that blogging and living in my 60s is a different universe. Retirement is wonderful!! Aches and pains are not. It takes a little longer to recover from trauma than it used to. 
 Still, I'm determined to fully regain my health in 2024.

I had a fantastic healing beautiful Christmas visit with my kids and grandchildren in their home (as it should be). I have room for a little more hope these days. Let's stay on this path, shall we?

***wait a minute....I thought I wouldn't have anything to say this morning when I decided to crank up the blog; instead, I'm a regular bloggermouth (that's blog + blabbermouth for all your non-blog speakers)....**

I truly hope that if you are still blogging or have a new platform, that you will leave a link below so that we can stay connected and supportive. 
This morning, after meditation/prayer, washing dishes, making bed, starting laundry, feeding Snickers, organizing a drawer...I stopped mid-chore and asked myself, "What creative thing have your done in three hours? Exactly how are you spending your time, Mimi? Priorities seem to be askew!"

And while all those things must be done and I am content to do them, the only thing remotely creative was my silent time (essential to my day) but then I jumped right back on the To-Do Train. This must stop!!!! And it must stop now. 
THIS was dangerous and exciting...

While I don't think meme--stealing is exactly my vibe anymore, I sure am thankful for the fun times right here on Mimi Writes. But that book has been writing itself for awhile in my pencil head, many chapters here in the Blogosphere with you. So much more to tell. I think the crux of the matter is that with age comes wisdom. How much to blab? What to camouflage...But I think I have the perfect balance between privacy and authenticity in mind now. The latter always wins. Always.

 Not to fear, the "old" (vintage!) Mimi will show up soon enough with new pencil skirt tales of craziness. 

It's already happened.

I just posted on Facebook, "New year, new routine. Before I sat down to write the first blog post of the year (new routine) I reached for the bottle of Vitamin C serum (on the right below) and smeared it all over my face...except...ummm....what's that smell??!
It was CBD oil.

I'll be happy all the day long. 
This is going to be one doozy of a post. 
They look alike, right? In case you're wondering, No, I did not wash it off."
Ananda Full spectrum hemp extract 300.
Ten mg cannabinoids oil for nerve pain.
Works for me! Let's see what it does for my wrinkles.

Some things never change.
Welcome to my vintage blog and all the memories it holds. 
Let's make some new ones.
You can smell the cannabis from there right? 

Snickers won't come near me.

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Michelle said...

I loved reading this.

My biggest gripe and reason for not blogging is blogger. It's changed a lot. I fight it for paragraph breaks and decent fonts, and for some unfathomable reason I cannot reply to replies as blog author!

But mostly my energy is more limited nowadays so need to pace myself more.

oil for nerve damage? really? Last October they gave me a heavy duty med for never damage. I took it just over 2 weeks, felt yucky and stopped it. Had instant withdrawal extra yucky. Can you imagine if I'd been on it for months? yikes!

So at the moment Im' just living with the pain. It's only at night (bed sucks) so I'm okay most of the time. Only hurts when I don't laugh. ;)

Mimi Lenox said...

Michelle, my comment totally disappeared. ARGH. What in the world....

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for reading, Michelle. I'm sorry you're in pain.
I tried the CBD sublingual at the suggestion of my doctor (because I'm allergic to literally everything) and after using it for about 3 months, the diabetic nerve pain stopped. I only have a problem when I stop and have to be consistent with it. You have to make sure it doesn't interact with anything else you're taking, so ask your doctor. I get mine at the pharmacy or the Ananda Professional website.

Feel better.

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