Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hurry back. I miss you.

Welcome to The Queen's Meme

7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

The first meme I ever did was The Book Meme in October 2006, tossed from the Philippines by a blogger named Lizza who turned out to be one of my best online girlfriends ever, even after all these blog years. She received it from a guy in England who talked about his underpants. Eventually I was crowned Mimi Queen of Memes by a man who wore underwear on his head.
But I digress.

The first meme I ever created was The Peace Meme.  I asked people to tag 5 other people and we were on a roll. So to speak. Tagging is not so much an internet sport anymore but it sure was back in the baby days of blogging. Then I did the 9 Weird Things Meme in which I attempted to list 9 weird facts about myself. I thought it was scandalous but most people did not think I was weird enough. #1 was "I hate clocks." See? Not weird at all.  Boy, have memes come a long way since!

**I know. You're wondering...will she ever get to the point?**

Well, the point is that since I've been revamping my blog, re-labeling, revising, editing photographs and sending some to the dump heap, I came across a gold mine of memes unheard of for years! Back then we listed things a lot. Tell me 3 Things You Did Today, 4 Things You Ate For Breakfast, 5 Things You Want To Say To Your Mother-In-Law etc.  After a whole bunch of friendly tagging and whatnot in 2006, finally in January 2007 along came a question meme. I was tagged by Duchess Linda Upon The Thames (who wasn't a Duchess yet), Princess Sanni from Germany and Gemmolina who wrote a blog nobody could pronounce - all at the same time. So I named it "Triple Tagged and Slapped Silly." It was called the Silly Questions Meme.
 I've taken one question from each of the first 7question memes I ever did and put them into this meme. 

Mimi's Old Memes Meme

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
It's dark in here. Turn on the lights.

2. Name something about humanity you absolutely hate.
 Some humans are still learning how to be human.

3.  What was the first lie your mother ever told you?
 "I saw you do that!"  I finally figured out she usually didn't see anything, but man could that tree switch put the fear of God in my pencil shorts.

4. Name one thing you should never say around a Ouija Board.
 Is there really a devil?

5. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now?
Who wrote these questions? I do not use common soap. I use designer made royal imported crystals from the sea of Japan to bathe my royal skin. 

6. If a doctor told you today that you were pregnant, what would you say?
It's a little early to be drinking today, isn't it Doctor?

7. Are you in a complicated love situation?
Situation...situation...does couch kissing with a  Russian man constitute an international scandal? And if any of you tell him I'm only entertaining his pucker for a peace globe from Russia, I will never tell you another silly story. 

(#1 from The Silly Questions Meme)
(#2 from The Monday Melee Meme)
(#3 from Ten Lies My Mother Told Me meme)
(#4 from The Ten Things You Should Never Say Around a Ouija Board meme - from Frank @ Honk'n'Hollr)
(#5 from the I Think I Caught Something Meme)
(The Honesty Meme)
(#6 from The Don't Call Me, I'll Call You Meme)

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011.


Tink said...

Great answers! :)

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

wuts a meme?

bobbybegood1 said...

Mimi, you missed your true calling. You are very witty and bright. Cheers!!

Michelle said...

Love them.

I think the Silly Questions and Mother's lies are my favourite memes.

Ferd said...

I remember those old "tagging" days. Blogging has indeed evolved a bit. Nice memories, though!

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