Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Blog Chatter: Mimi Goes Weird

Queen Memes has been tagged by The Weird Meme. Gosh, maybe I should be insulted! I started to have one of my servants answer these questions but I'm fresh out of weird housekeepers at the moment. However, tagged by King Silly himself, I am honored to be counted among the weird. In case you haven't read Morgen lately over at It's a Blog Eat Blog World, please don't miss his 7 Silly Questions articles. They are a hoot (just a little Halloween pun there) And speaking of Halloween, Morgen's site is a feast for the spooky-starved. Totally appropriate for the weird meme to pass through on its weird way. .

This is not your typical meme. You are not asked questions. You simply list NINE weird things about yourself and then tag nine others. The problem is choosing which hinges of insanity you want to share with the universe. So here I go.

Mimi: Unhinged.

1. I hate clocks. On weekends or days off I sometimes unplug the alarm clock so that I don't have to look at the time at all or turn the clock to the wall. . It just makes me feel less pressured and more leisurely. Make sense? I didn't think so. That's why it's weird.

2. I have a phobia of rodents. I'm not scared of them. I'm petrified. Screaming, up on furniture, hyperventilating scared. Certifiable.

3. I'm not afraid of snakes and have been known to pick them up.

4. I once bought a gerbil (well, someone else actually went to the store and bought one...I couldn't bear to go in the store) for the sole purpose of conquering my phobia. I thought I'd start with a nice little gerby, learn to look at it, then pet it (maybe) and then graduate to a real live mouse. This "tail" shall be saved for a longer post. Suffice to say.....I still have my phobia and ended up further terrorized.

5. I am a terrible cook. Weird because my grandparents owned two restaurants and were fabulous cooks. My most famous recipe disasters which live on in infamy and indigestion are Peanut Butter Pork chops and my ridiculously awful macaroni salad that no amount of mayonnaise or prayer could fix. I am politely asked NOT to bring food to family functions. My dad calls me Blanche. If you don't know who Blanche is just think felonious-American-woman-executed-on-death-row-for-poisoning-a-string-of-clueless-husbands-with-delicious-banana-pudding.
This explains why the grocers in my neighborhood will only let me buy one banana at a time.

6. After writing #4 I feel the need to go in the kitchen now and put some gin in my coffee. If I do anything weird while I'm gone I'll let you know.

 Ahh....that's better. No gin but French Vanilla works wonders.

7. I seriously can't stand violence on TV or in movies. I will not watch it or listen to it. In fact, I have to frequently leave the room or turn away. This can be a problem when I go on a movie date. Men don't generally like your weirdness to show in public. But it's OK if you're snuggled on the couch watching Rambo reruns (somehow I doubt I would be snuggled up to a Rambo watcher but I digress...) beCAUSE your date can use the "I'll protect you" line to further advance snuggling. Here's my plan (shh...don't tell) If I find a tall, dark handsome fella with a Master's degree in anything other than NASCAR with Hulk Hogan arms who likes to watch Forever Young or Sleepless in Seattle and can put up with my weirdness and my run-on sentences I might let him rescue me from rats and Roots.

8. I once sang for Giorgio Tozzi (famous for his opera role in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro). He had no comment to make which I can only imagine means "No news is good news." Could be, however, he'd heard the rumor that said soprano once got locked in the bathroom during a Mozart performance of Magic Flute and missed her cue. Conductors are so picky about those things!

9. I will turn on the computer and check my blog mail before I make the coffee. Now THAT's just plain weird.

I think I should be concerned that that was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you, Morgen, for the opportunity to PSYCHOanalyze myself to the world.
I can only hope Cowboy is not reading this.

I hereby tag Gale, Bazza, Yaxlich, Lizza, Bee, Moof, Bud, Frank, Rhys and Irene.

Don't forget the BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE.


Anonymous said...

What a blast, Mims!

You did mention before that you're a musician. Care to put up an audio clip to let your readers hear the angelic voice that goes with the half-face?

It was great to learn all these things about you. Morgen and his memes rock! And thanks for the tag. :-)

wolfbaby said...

your funny thanks for the giggles;)

Bazza said...

“ ….days off…”? I can’t believe you have a job and find time to do all this blogging as well. Thanks for the tag (that was ironic by the way). My wife said if I can’t think of any weird stuff about myself she can help. Blimey.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I hope you don't expect me to sneak another photo of Reynaldo in this tag. Your computer cannot afford another meltdown. :p

Anonymous said...

You check your blog mail before you make coffee. I'm bad, but I'm not that bad. Now, I'm sunk, mims! You're too damn interesting. I've spent my whole life trying to conform to societal expectations, so this will be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are weird enough, but keep at it. Try Grand Marnier & Baileys Mint Chocolate in the coffee, not gin. I've done my nine. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I too am guilty of #9!!

Anonymous said...

I am not good with people who talk about themselves in the this person. Let alone a nut who had a nut as a friend. Perhaps the dog ate the wrong nut...

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