Thursday, January 3, 2008

What A Thief Cannot Steal

Since last Thursday over 100 comments have been left here in response to my posts regarding Bloggingham's burglary. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the depths of sweetness, sincerity, love and support from my friends. You have called me on the phone, IM'd, sent private emails, cards and left comments galore.

Do you KNOW how much this means to me?

Do you KNOW? DO you??
There is a lump in my throat.

I can't even begin to express what your kindness means.

Since the robbery, it has been difficult. It makes me angry that I seem to have no control (at the moment) over this visceral emotional reaction that attacks my body. It's like someone smacked me in my central nervous system and left a big ugly bruise. I drop a dishtowel and I want to sob. It's ridiculous!! My concentration is shot, I start stories and I can't finish them. I sleep a long time and then not at all for a day and a night. One minute I'm feeling brave and peaceful, the next, wimpy and scared. It's soooooo dumb.
And I hate it.

I hate it so much I'm going to stop it. NOW.
I know how to find peace. I know how to pray.

I know these things. I do these things. I need to do them NOW.

At times the uncontrollable jumpiness sneaks up on me and wham (!) I'm a dishrag again. It's been a week. Shouldn't I be getting on with the program by now? Travis said, "You still have some frights to work through. You'll remake your sanctuary." He is right. On both counts.

I will.
And I am.
If your passion for the thieves' demise and your concern for me could cure his robbing ways, he'd be gone and never live to rob another person. At the same time you've waged war on my fear and pity on his soul. What character you've shown. To me. And - if he's reading - even to him. At the same time, you've called him every name in the book and some I never heard of. He should be thankful he's "unreachable" through the computer worlds that divide us -or he'd surely be blogmeat by now. Ewww......I truly believe he would also be pinned to the floor in amazement by your honest renditions of self that spill into my comment box and overflow my heart. You've shown me so much compassion and warmth. It is hard for me - or anyone else reading the nonstop hugs - to believe that the sad human being we've been focusing on represents the bulk of humanity.

He does not.

I dare anyone to read the following and ever dismiss the genuine emotions of "blog friends" again. I feel you here with me. It is that simple.

Kathleen, in an effort to do a song and dance for me, threw some damnation on him. It was a sight to see.
Desert Songbird sang him a lying, thieving SOB song. Cindy dubbed him a "shitfaced scum" (I'm taking notes....).

Jeff, trying to get a word in edgewise, offered a shoulder full of prayers time and again, with this honest jewel... "My Christian side will lift you up in prayer that you are safe and comforted. My human side wants to find the dirty dog and beat his little ass senseless!"

Olga and her Traveling Bra offered a cup full of cuss words from her lacy arsenal. Linda said this (cover your children's ears) "#&$)@!! $&*#)@*!! ($&%(_@(@$%!! "....

Frank told me to tape cigarettes to the Dear Thief letter on my door to lure them longer in the camera lens.
It was a great idea!

Gill offered hugs and an empathetic ear. Bee said, "Mimi, honey. Repeat after me, SHOOT FIRE AND HECK A BRICK!"... Lee thinks they're idiots zonked on drugs and most likely won't return (even with my Xanax). Travis sent hugs and explicit instructions "If you think you didn't lock the door, then go check it. If you think you didn't set the alarm, then go check it. If you need to cry, then cry. And if you need to swear, follow the above steps" - which he outlined beautifully.

Sandee reassured me of a few things and suggested that someone stay with me for awhile. That is in the works. She said, "No one can take away your peace if you don't allow them to."

Nick (a minister) said "Cussing can be good for the soul." I like his church.

Matt encouraged my expletives. Jamie very wisely said, "...think of how horrid life must be for the person who did this to you. (so right). Dancing Odat suggested I hit things with pillows. She also wants to see more cussin. And sweet mild-mannered Patti who wouldn't hurt a blogfly wrote "Mimi, It did my heart good to read that cuss sentence you finally managed to eek out yesterday. You go girl! A Southern Belle showing some attitude toward that SOB!"

....Crazy Working Mom mourned the loss of my Xanax. NolaDawn (mild-mannered teacher) wrote "Cuss away babe, we love you more for it! " I like her class.

"Don't let the bastards take your peace," wrote Carol the peace blogger. Katherine breathed soulful prayers. Bundle-o-Contradictions called him a jerk and wished swift judgment. ILoveMyLife understood the feeling of violation. Hammer gave me practical advice and encouragement. What else would you expect from a guy named Hammer?
Barbara Doduk, Canadian love and unity blogger, sent big hugs...... Barbara, my friend from France wisely wrote "You can use this fear "positively" to try and double your security methods also." That has been done.

From Carver " I wish there was some miracle pill to erase the feelings left behind by the thieves." The Hawaiian girl from the UK, Akelamalu gave of her innermost treasures "I'm thinking of you and sending oodles of Reiki to the situation to ease the upset. xx"

A much needed "hang in there" from Julie Pippert who also wrote " Reclaim your space, make it your sanctuary again". Cheysuli and Gemini those darling cats said, "We will purr for you." Did you know that Chey is running for President? And smooches, too, from the dogs "Luv & Wirey Hugs! Butchy & Snickers.

From Asara Dragoness we hear the soothing words "I hope they catch the butthead who did this to you.. if they do, let me know so I can go to the jail and kick him in the jimmies, ok?"

And that Wacky Mom Ev who threatened to levitate and spin her head completely around cracked me up with this "Oh Mimi, you want me to come there? You want me to deal those guys? I could fly down on my broom if you'd like? Will scare the bezeejussoutourske out of those guys!...
Ever see my Einstein hair? I'm praying for you my friend...and seriously my broom is ready to take off."
And the kicker is, I know she means it.

The beauty of Ev's comments are always that they're never-ending. She forgets something and just keeps on sending comments (Patti does that too!) So now I read this, "I could wash your hair, we could play make up..." That is adorable.
(And I really could use a girly pajama party)

Beautiful Deana related a story about her friend's robbery that helped immensely. Akelamalu returned to say, "It's a crying shame that some deadbeat, no-good sonofabitch has invaded your sacred space." Now there's a good old-fashioned cussing for ya and so poetic.... Sometimes Saintly Nick told a moving story on his blog about how he was robbed one Christmas night - while he was preaching! Little Wing offered a Native American remedy. JHS shared a heartbreaking story about a former theft their family experienced. The Teach sent succinct sage advice. Alice gently reminded me to pray for my enemies.
Starrlight encouraged my fightin' side. Joker's avatar alone made me smile.
Ev is back (once again) to tell me to rent Home Alone 1, 2 and 3. It's supposed to cure me. And Sanni sent this lovely German message to the thieves, " "Verpisst Euch, Ihr Dreckschweine - la├čt Eure dreckigen Pfoten von meiner Freundin und ihrem Heim, sonst bekommt Ihr es mit mir zu tun!!!" I don't know what she said but I know it's bad.

Mauigirl reminding me that things can always be replaced. And Carol screams,
"tell the bastards to BRING BACK THE XANAX!"
Sanni and Ralph think I should get a big, nasty old dog that bites thief flesh (I'm working on that one). Margo Moon added "If The Posse can do anything for you, we're ready to ride. Just say the word." They're seriously serious.
Hailing from The Couch, Mr. Bond offered to send Bruno and Guido ASAP.

And then of course, there's sweet Daisy the Curly Cat (seen here in pink curls)
who decided to try and help me curse. So she wrote this and cracked me up - me and everybody in blogworld. "To The Burglars: From Daisy- You bad old stupid-heads! You are very terrible meanies! Do not ever do that again you doo-doos! Your mother must be ashamed of you. You deserve a big BITEY."

Oh Lord. That cracked me up.

But it was Julie from Julie's Jules and Junque who said it best when she explained her reaction to the comments she read above. She wrote," my eyes became misty as Travis in his infinate wisdom attempts to show Mimi how to cuss. A tear dropped as Mimi did it.
I hope my hubby doesn't see me crying. He just doesn't "get" our love for each other."

And so I say..... if blog love could catch a thief, he'd be in jail by now.

If I could wrap my arms around my computer and make you feel my return hug, I would. In fact, I'm doing it now. Do you feel it? Thanks to all the above commenters, the private emailers, the late night IM crowd and those who call to see if I'm OK. I apologize if I inadvertently left anyone out. There are a few who've offered to meet me at an airport in their part of the world and take me in for awhile - you know who you are - others have offered to come here and kick serious ass. Most just want me to know they're there. This is a wonderful feeling of community, my friends.
And that, a thief cannot steal.

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Daisy said...

Well, I was a little harsh on the burglar, but he deserved it. I think we taught him a good lesson.

He got some "stuff", but don't let him steal your happiness. Here is a sandpaper-y kiss for you.

Patti said...

Mimi, I just gave you an award this morning before I came here...I had no idea you had posted about the situation ~ well, now the award is doubly deserved!

You are so right that the feeling of community and friendship is something that cannot ever be taken away.

Sanni said...

Your right, Mimi - a veeery bad message, Evil Blogger Twin like... but I´m sure even my mom wouldn´t want me to wash my mouth with soap after this "lovely" message.

You are in our thoughts and prayers - we love you all ♥

Desert Songbird said...

You got that right - he can't steal what he can't touch. Think about this, Mimi: this asshat steals because he has no self-worth. He has no love in his life, and no support system.

You, on the other hand, have all of that in spades. You are overwhelmed with love, support, kindness, and strength.

Try to steal that, you lying, thieving, no-good, sonofabitch.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hugs, Mimi. I hope you are beginning to feel safe and OK in your home. From my experience, that takes a ehile after being burgled, but it does come.

Blessings, my friend.

Margo Moon said...

Know what I keep thinking? Keep thinking of how many times you've said you are unable to write about this, can't continue, etc. But then you DO write, and eloquently.

Mimi, when this shrinks to a size that'll fit in your rearview mirror, you should compile all these posts, and make them available to others who are working through trauma. Truly.

I'm proud to know you, girl.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Daisy does have quite a way with words doesn't she?

Have you had friends over to your sanctuary. The Woman remembers coming home the night after with another girl friend and the two of them walked through the house! The girl friend even offered her her dog for the night although the Woman (quite rightly) said the cats would have hated that!

Thank heavens no one was hurt!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I feel it Mimi. We love you and we care. You are so far above this piece of useless human garbage. Don't ever forget that. Ever! Big hug honey. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

we all just plain LOVE you honey pie! that's it, plain and simple...

hugs, bee

Jeff B said...

I felt your hug and a squeeze from the Queen is one to be treasured!

I'm so glad you're continuing to write your feelings and emotions.

Hopefully as time passes the unpleasentness of your experience will be replaced with all the love and care being sent to you by so many.

the teach said...

Oh, Mimi, it's wonderful of you to post your comments but people do feel for you and can understand how terrible and scary it was...I'm thinking about you! :)

Lee said...

Congratulations, Mimi, you've won! Stealing a few possessions and invading your personal space may have given the jerk a few chuckles, but he lost. You have full control over your life and Bloggingham is once again becoming the peaceful sanctuary it is meant to be.

katherine. said...

so many people love you Mimi. Maybe that is why in the great scheme of things your laptop was you would be able to keep in touch with everyone?

Maybe we should start a writing campaign to the police? laughing...

Linda said...

Great, I'll be known for a string of expletives but you know something? Because it was in your honor, I don't care - I'm just glad I didn't let loose with the real spellings as your computer screen would still be smoking!

When someone is as loved as you are, it's easy for us to rally around and offer encouragement, support, and cuss words! And I just love what Daisy had to say and I don't think she was too harsh at all! That was the sweetest of all!

Hang in there, your majesty, you're coming out of the dark and into the light whether you know it or not. Every post shows that.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Ohhh myyyy Mimi! I haven't been around a lot in the blogosphere for many weeks. I am so sorry for your loss. The washing and the tidying up are a natural response to violation. It just takes time...
I am so glad you are safe, not hurt!
I realize this is an emotional time that has its physical effects, but I mean I'm glad you weren't injured in an accidental confrontation. It's more than ok to be kind to yourself, to realize there will be "good" days and "bad" days, to know that you don't have to "do" this by yourself and that it doesn't have to get better all at once.
Speaking as a former police officer, a client of our local crime victim center myself, and as a friend, I would gently suggest that you ask to talk to someone at your local crime victim center. It helps and it's there 24/7. The CVC is there when you think no one else is listening and when you think you should be "over this by now". It's there when you least expect that this trauma would ever re-emerge. It's there to help you process the feelings and thoughts and fears as they arise, even from the cold sweat of a nightmare.
There are so many who love you - that is evident! Include me among them. Easy does it...I pray for some sleep for you and yours, and comfort and peace. Peace. If there is anything I can do, I will, just say the word!

Travis said...

I felt a tingle just now and I think that was your hug making it's way westward. Mine's on it's way'll get it in a few minutes.

You're a hell of a Lady.

Akelamalu said...

I felt the hug Mimi - hope you felt mine! xxxx

Julie Pippert said...

So true, so true. I'm so glad you are feeling a reclaiming. YGG!

Carver said...

Hi Mimi,

I am so glad the support from your blog friends helped and I hope in time you will reclaim your sanctuary. As ever, Carver

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Just stopping in again today to check on you...Hugs, Sweetie!

barbara said...

Those were incredible comments and each and every one is a reminder of how much we all love you.
And if you put us all together down in North Carolina, that thief would be scared sriff...
I'am more than sure that this person will never know even the smallest bit of such love; as we feel towards our friend in a hundred liferimes.
You are rich, Mimi, and yes, he can never steal that.

barbara said...

Sorry Mimi,
I my fingers are all in knots !
As I said :
He could live a hundred lifetimes & still not experience love.

Lee said...

Your Highness, at the risk of being consigned to the dungeon of Bloggingham Palace, I must inform you're it. The details are over at Tar Heel Ramblings! :0) Can you feel the hug?

Mimi Lenox said...

Daisy - Smooch back!

Patti - The award is much appreciated. How very sweet and thoughtful. But then, you ARE sweet and thoughtful.

Sanni - Your mom would not wash your mouth out with soap. Would she? The Evil Blog Twin's mouth maybe....but not yours. Nope. Most definitely not yours. It must have been the EBT talking.

Songbird - I like your expletives. And I am overwhelmed.

Nick - I am feeling a little better tonight. Thank you.

Margo - I'm proud of the posse!

Chey - A sanctuary is a sanctuary is a sanctuary. I love mine.

Sandee - Hug received!

Bee - Awwww.....I love you guys too!

Jeff - You have encouragement me to write write write my feelings down about this. It is working. You were right.

Teach - Thank you. My online friends are special.

Lee - I'm still working through it. Writing is helping. Talking is helping. Thank you!

Katherine It would have been truly awful to have lost my computer. No communication from you all? Purgatory!

Linda - You are known and appreciated for much more than a string of expletives, my friend. And you know that! You are a kind and wonderfully warm human being and I so appreciate your friendship.

Robin - Thanks for the advice and encouragement.You sound like you know whereof you speak. I'll keep all that in mind.

Travis - Got it. And it was warm and wonderful.

Akelamalu - Got it clear across the ocean. It was a little soggy but worth the wait. (grin)

Julie- "Reclaiming" is an excellent word for it. I'm getting there.

Carver - I am working on every nook and cranny here. Doesn't "feel" right yet. But it will.

Barbara- I am rich in the things that matter. Yes.

Lee - Very funny! How dare you tag the Queen in her time of distress! Down, down, down to the dungeon with ya!

OK. I'm over it now.

Bond said...

So you know..Bruno and Guido are their will not see them but they are hovering around the Palace...

and in response to your email..they are both confirmed bachelors....sorry...

Mimi Lenox said...

Bond - I'll leave a plate of my famous cuisine on the table (ordered from the finest restaurants of course) for them. Tell them thank you and to please water my pansies if they get bored while on watch.

It's a good thing they're confirmed bachelors. Romance might interfere with their duties.

p.s. I feel so much better knowing they're here.

Julie said...

Huh? Me? Now what am I supposed to do with this lump in my throat?

I'll see if chocolate helps. Ya want some too?

**cuddles in with Mimi and a case of milkduds**

Lifecruiser said...

Seems that I'm here a bit late, so I'm very glad that all the others have lift you up :-)

That was such awful news! *shocked*

You really need a party girl!


Start The Ship Party!


crazy working mom said...

Oh are very well loved and I just know these creeps will be found and justice will be served!

Odat said...

Peace and a hug!

Mauigirl said...

Mimi, glad that you know how much support you have here. And if you need any consultation about getting that dog you mentioned you were thinking of, let me know! Our dog Diva has some ideas for you!

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