Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year Greeting (To The Robbers)

Gosh, I hope he can read.... See....I can cuss too....

I forgot to tell him he really needed a shave.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Bloggingham was robbed during the holidays. I'm going out now but I left them a nice note for a Christmas present. I shall report later.......
To catch up: The Day After Christmas ~ Bloggingham in Shambles
What I Learned In the Last 48 Hours About Thieves
Excuse Me, Do You Mind If I Cuss? (The comments are worth the read, as my friends try to cuss for me and teach me how to do it. Oh my, it was something.)A New Year Greeting (To The Robbers)
OK. This Is Not Funny
What A Thief Cannot Steal


Desert Songbird said...

You go, girl! Take back your life, and to hell with those thieves!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i still love daisy's comment, the doo doo heads, put the big bitey on them! hugs honey, wish i could be there with you...

smiles, bee

FoxxFyrre said...

Mimi, you may be right and they can't read, so maybe you should tape a few cigarettes to the sign and they would spend a little time trying to get at them. No illiterate-bottom-dwelling-carion-eating-dresser-drawer-scavenging-home-invader would pass up a few free smokes.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

And thank GOD no one can steal your sense of humor either! ! :)
Happy Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Good for you Ms. Mimi! Keep working through this.

The hugs haven't even begun to stop have they?

Ev Nucci said...

Ok, the broom is read to go if you need me! Course levitating is a my head spins around and I curse filthy words...

JHS said...

Mimi: I am SO SORRY to read about this happening to you. Truly. Because it happened to us and it is something that you do get past, but not over. You never forget it. And it is such a violation that it is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't experienced it.

In our case, the thieves kicked through the wall and ransacked our house while we were at work. I came home through the front door and noticed that th living room wall unit was askance, but I thought Bob had decided to move the VCR and didn't put it back correctly before going to work. But then I noticed that there was NO VCR . . . and my dresser drawers had been dumped out & all of my jewelry was gone and . . . on and on.

The one thing I was thankful for was the fact that my indoor cats heard them coming and most likely ran & hid in the closet because I had to coax them out. When they were sure it was me and it was safe, they ran to my arms & purred as if their little purr machines would break. I'm so glad that our burglars were not interested in finding and hurting them. They were evidently interested in pawning our stuff and then buying drugs.

I was also thankful that they took the 6 brand new VCR tapes, but left the 7th on the shelf as it was the only copy of our wedding tape.

That was in February 1986 and i remember it like it was yesterday. I have also put alarm systems in my homes since that time and never leave the house without arming the alarm which is LOUD and wired into the police station (just in case anyone reading this gets any ideas), complete with motion detectors, sensors on each and every window. AND I have VERY nosy neighbors for whom I am thankful!

HANG IN THERE. It will get better. You just go ahead and wash, scrub, fumigate . . . it's all good for your soul. We didn't sleep in our own bedroom for weeks because I couldn't stand to go in there even with my husband of only 2 months! We slept on the fold-out couch until I could forget that some stranger had looked at all of my underwear.

I will be thinking about you and sending good vibes your way.

Remember that Bloggingham Palace is still YOURS and nobody can take that from you. They may have smudged it, but they can't destroy it and it will feel like home again in the very near future.

Bless you this New Year's!

the teach said...

I'm really sorry you were robbed, Mimi. Happened to me years and years ago. It stinks!

Jeff B said...

Laughing my @$$ of at Foxxfyrre.

Just wanted to come by and let you know you're still in my thoughts.

Alice said...

Mimi, I am so sad to read that you were robbed. I am off now to a New Years Eve get-together at my Spiritual Centre, but will come read more soon.

Just wanted to drop by and wish you a most wonderful 2008!! May it be filled with PEACE and Love!!

You may find my last few posts on my blog to be very interesting... they are on Peace. They may also help you to deal with the way you are feeling just now about the thieves. What I've written about praying for Osama & George also applies to these thieves.

Bless you. Happy New Year!!!

Starrlight said...

That is pretty much how my family felt when they were robbed 5 years ago. My grandmothers diamonds and my grandfathers too and more jewelry that is more sentimental. I love the signs, Mimi. It shows the world that they may have messed up your house and taken your things, but the fighter in you is still there!

I sure hope it goes better for you soon, Mimi. Try to enjoy the new year festivities.

Patti said...

It's almost a new year. That is a good feeling, isn't it?
A fresh start..
I'm here for you, Mimi, as your many, many blog friends are.

crazy working mom said...

"'re on Mimi's Camera!"


barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
Happy New year to you !!
Here's hoping that your's will be a fulfilling one, with lots of pleasures, and few pains.

Yes, that is our Mimi telling her mind to those low lifes !
That will teach them to pick the lock on Bloggingham palace.
Cheese !

Daisy said...

Don't forget "Get a conscience."

Travis said...

That'll learn 'em!

It's good to see your humor start to take control of this situation.

One Wacky Mom said...

Mimi, are you OK? Seriously...are you OK?

What about renting Home Alone one, two and three?

One Wacky Mom said...

I'm serious about Renting those worked for me once! Don't ask.

Sanni said...

To the thieves who robbed Bloggingham Palace:

"Verpisst Euch, Ihr Dreckschweine - la├čt Eure dreckigen Pfoten von meiner Freundin und ihrem Heim, sonst bekommt Ihr es mit mir zu tun!!!"

Dear Mimi - we feel so sorry for you.
Sending over some good vibes and best wishes for 2008!


Mauigirl said...

Mimi, just catching up after the holiday and am so sorry to hear you were robbed! We were robbed also, about 6 months after we moved into our house (this was 20 years ago). It is a very strange and horrid feeling to know someone has been in your house. But we beefed up the security (got security storm doors, glass block windows for the basement - which is where they got in - changed the locks, etc.). And we have a dog now, which helps too! So we feel pretty safe. You do get over it but it takes some time...

The important thing is you weren't hurt - and things can always be replaced. Best wishes to you in 2008 and I hope you regain your peace of mind soon!

Carol said...

I cut myself off in my last comment (!) I meant to tell the bastards to BRING BACK THE XANAX!
You are well on the road to recovery my friend :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Songbird - I shall do just that. You silly girl.

Bee - Daisy's comment cracked me up. It was hysterical.
That silly cat.

Frank - These thieves were so dumb they would light 'em still taped to the door and burn the house down. Oh! You're right! Provide them with wet matches.....

Olga - I've been 'down for the count' for a few days but anyone would be hardpressed to steal that for very long. I'm finding that angry and silly are an interesting mix.

Julie - No, the hugs have not stopped. And just tonight I got a phone call from a dear friend blogger to lend support.
It does not stop.....amazing.

Ev - I want to see that. Will you record it so that I can tape it to the door as well? That'll scare 'em! (It's scaring me just thinking about it.)

JHS - Your kitties and the wedding tape! Priceless and unscathed. Poor babies. It truly is the sense of violation that is the worse. And getting back to my normal schedule. I still jump at every sound and look at things differently. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sorry this happened to you. And to lose all your jewelry would be awful (I lost all of mine 30 years ago in a robbery so I know how that sorry.)

Teach -Thank you. It does stink. And so does the house from the smoking they did! YUK.

Jeff - Feeling those prayers.....

Alice - Thank you. I will read what you have written.

Starr - Sorry to hear about your grandparents' troubles. The sentimental jewelry....oh no....

Patti - I know you are! And I am grateful.

Crazy - I hope they smile big. I'm ready for 'em.

Joke - Happy New Year to you as well. How do you move around so?

Barbara - I hope they can read it. Sigh. What am I saying? I hope they don't come back to read it!

Daisy - You are so wise.
And witty. Your comments last time cracked up the entire blogosphere.

Travis - It is the way I deal at times. I cry. I write. I laugh. I cry. I write. I laugh.....
And then I curse!

Ev - I love the way you always have second and third thought and come back to say more. That cracks me up. Home Alone might make me scared! You've got to tell me this story sometime. How did it help you? Do you think I should set booby traps for the thieves?

Sanni- Darling girl, I don't all of what you said but I don't think it was nice. LOL
You are so sweet. Hugs from Bloggingham to Germany for you and yours.

Mauigirl - I'm thinking about getting a dog. And I've already done some security upgrades.

Carol - LOL. I have a another prescription in the works. Insurance can be a pain! I don't want them to actually bring back anything. I just want them to go away.

To ALL: Working on a couple of posts. And then I lose my train of thought. Ugh. This too shall pass...

Akelamalu said...

Wahay I finally got on to comment, thought it's a real struggle!

Anyeay just wanted to say I hope whoever did it is cursed with fleas!

Sending oodles of Reiki to you Mimi - don't let it grind you down. xx

Margo Moon said...

If The Posse can do anything for you, we're ready to ride. Just say the word.

Really, truly feeling for you, Mimi.

Odat said...

They probably can't read!!
Do it with cartoons, more at their level....I wanna see more cussing tho!!!! hehhe.


Diesel said...

Sorry for your troubles. I hope the rest of your 2008 is better.

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