Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tooling to Connecticut

Good day. I am your guest host on Mimi Writes today. I’m Boyfriend Prince Extraordinaire. I am here with you today because our Queen (and my girlfriend) is on a quest. She has gathered her most worthy possessions, packed them into the Bloggingham Palace automobile and left the castle. Mimi is on her way to Connecticut. We are really looking forward to our time together.

In other NEWS: Mimi has not yet counted all the Peace Globes that you folks did a HUGE solid with, the June 6th Blogblast for Peace was the biggest yet. However I know I speak for Mimi and most of you, that there is a time for everything. There is a time for peace. That time is now.

It has come out from L.A. that Paris Hilton requested a computer in prison so she could keep up with Mimi Writes and Dating Profile of the Day. She also wants every tidbit about us. Give it a rest. Oh here's Paris in our Shakespeare bit. I'm playing "Guard One".

Paris: I could break a nail in here.
Guard One: This is my first mission guarding royalty other than Hamlet. Act 1, Scene 2. You are royalty from where?
Paris: I’m talking about a nail here.
Guard One: Surly a woman on your wealth and stature, must be well versed in the classics!
Paris: I have heard a Classic Rock Radio Station once. No, twice. But I was drunk.
Guard One: Sounds like you’ve learned your lesson here.
Paris: Yes. When you inevitably get pulled over after a night of drinking, recreational drugs and a hot adult event that I will talk about on your blog, Boyfriend Dear.
Guard One: I’m Guard One
Paris: Yea, Babe. You couldn’t dress the part?
Prince: Paris no one can see us doing this lame bit. And I have more important worries. About the Queen.
Paris: Yes, Wise one. And what became of her?
Prince: Paris, stay with me here. Mimi is driving from Banister to Downtown, Connecticut.
Paris: And you are writing in her blog, why?
Prince: To let her family, friends an readers know that she is doing fine. And to give her readers a bit of entertainment until she arrives.  
Paris: You miss her.
Prince: It shows?
Paris: Does the fact that I am a complete idiot show?

Prince: Right, got it. Lots, by the way.

Mimi wanted everyone to know that she will be back and blogging as soon as she gets here. Oops. It might be late. First thing in the morning then. Here on Mimi Writes.

At around this time. At this blog.

Update: Can someone say Over? 


Turnbaby said...

Damn it Bud--you made me read something with that twit in it. Hope you and Mims have a wonderful time!--No blogging tonight only snogging ;-)

Linda said...

Oh she's such an idiot, can't they just throw away the key? Or let her out with the general populace?

Thanks for filling in for our Queen. Hope she has a safe trip North!

krystyna said...

Best wishes to you and Mimi.
I really enjoyed my time being here.Thanks.

Mimi Lenox said...

Turnbaby & Linda - Leave it to Bud everytime to go for funny.
And it was.

Thanks for checking in. Arrived safely and half caught up on sleep.

Mimi Lenox said...

Krystyna - Thanks. Leaving so soon???

Patti said...

glad you had a safe trip Mimi

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Thank you.

Linda said...

Welcome back to Connecticut! And the sun is actually shining for a change!

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - Thank you. I'm writing a post for later this evening about my adventure and the beautiful surroundings here. It IS a lovely state.

krystyna said...

Hi Mimi!
But I'm coming offten here. I love your site. And you of course!
Have a lovely Sunday!

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