Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trees in Connecticut ~ Day One of The Grand Adventure

So I packed up Bloggingham Palace, stuffed fifty pencil skirts in the trunk of my Toyota, crossed the moat one last time and closed the drawbridge.

And didn't look back.
Well, maybe once.
Bloggingham Palace azaleas

I drove all night (and then some) through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Delaware, New Jersey and New York to land in the heart of a brutal, that's not right (that's an excerpt from the Great-American-Novel-I'm-not-writing) land in the parking lot of McDonald's twelve times to buy leaded java.

It was brutal, I tell ya.
If you'll recall, the last time I ventured out like this alone it was a disaster. My royal behind got stuck on the George Washington Bridge and caused a ruckus. New York will never be the same. But my pencil skirt has learned a few social skills since then: how to cut in front of people without honking politely, how to ignore people who flip me off, how to honk and ignore at the same time (I highly suggest Paris Hilton's new book Socialite Manners in the Fast Lane for pointers). My favorite chapter was How To Apply Eyeliner While Driving on the Turnpike but I digress. Back to the journey.

Why am I here?
Why did I leave?
What am I doing?
What am I THINKING??!

Therein lies the point. I wasn't thinking.
I fell in love.

Today is the first full day of what we are calling our "Grand Adventure."
Two people newly in love, taking a risk, breaking tradition and allowing ourselves to simply be happy. All we know is that happy means together.
So here I am.
A long way from home.
And to find a new home with this man in New England and begin our summer adventure....exploring what it means to be in a relationship of many unknowns based on the one thing we do know.
The most important thing.

Today I watched the sunrise
on The Delaware Bridge.
I crossed the George Washington like a pro, lost my sunglasses in Greenwich Village (don't ask)and fell asleep in a traffic jam (that was chapter 12 of Hilton's book: How To Catch a Nap in the Accident Lane)
I saw concrete, grooved rocky pavement, developed lasting relationships with a few toll booth workers (I just wanted an interview for my blog! They were not amused), and learned why it is important not to change lanes in a tunnel while doing the pageant Queen parade wave.
Don't ask.

But I didn't really feel at home until I was driving the last two hours on I-91 and lo and behold, what a sight.

I saw trees.

....and mountains...

Big, beautiful, lush, green trees!
Just like home.

And lots of kudzu.
Everywhere! Who would have thought I'd be excited to see kudzu along the highway. But I was.

The sky was stunning in New England yesterday.

And then there's Boyfriend.  And our grand adventure. Fine-tuning a relationship and taking a leap of faith. Our first grocery shopping trip, our first twenty-four-seven-feeling, our first toothpaste lid conversation, our first summer together.

Our first fight.

After a thirteen-hour drive remembering a tearful goodbye with my son, my parents, my best friend and my colleagues, I was greeted by a man who handed me an envelope with a key and said 
""Welcome home."
"You have trees!" I said.
"And there's something about this sky I really like.
And besides, you have trees ya know. "
He looked at me with that "that's-not-what-I-expected- to-hear -look, understandably confused and a little puzzled. What was HE thinking?!

"And then there's you...... " I said, "there's always you."
Whew! That was a close one.

And if I ever get homesick I have this slide of Bloggingham, my home back in Banister. I'll just go for a walk. Want to join me?

Update: Can someone say over? But I won't remove these posts. They will stand. They are part of my journey here on Mimi Writes. But the insight and joy they once provided to me as I read them, of my own unraveling in and out of love as is chronicled in these pages with him, is long past dead and gone. 


Travis said...

So glad you made it safely with a minimum of unexpected diversion and adventure.

Gotta tell ya - I was a little worried about the bridge and the tunnel, and the changing of lanes.

Have a marvelous summer!

Queenie said...

Good luck, I've a feeling everything is going to be just fine.

RennyBA said...

Would have loved to join you in that walk:-)

What beautiful pics of a lovely nature - thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a nice week ahead:-)

Anonymous said...

I live here in Connecticut - I have for 41 years. I'm glad that you are enjoying it here!


Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks, Travis. I'm a seasoned New York driver now.

Or not.

Mimi Lenox said...

Queenie - Keep those good feelings going. It's going to be a long summer for Bud!

Pauline said...

Good luck with the big adventure and thanks for sharing the walk around Bloggingham's grounds, it's beautiful.

Morgen said...

I love the "first toothpaste cap" conversation!

Now you know you have a RELATIONSHIP!


Bond said...

Dear Ms. Mimi:

I sit here with a slight tear in my eye...a tear of joy that you two special people have met...and that I have been able to watch from afar and friendship blossom into something of beauty (like the trees and the mountains and the kudzu)...

You two have an incredible summer a wonderful thing ....

Mimi Lenox said...

Pauline - Thank you. I do miss my trees.

Mimi Lenox said...

Morgen - There will be many such conversations I think. And many such making-ups. The best part!

Mimi Lenox said...

Bond - Your friendship has been steady and supportive. I sometimes think I wouldn't have had the encouragement I needed to keep writing my blog without your faithful readership and commentary. Thank you, my friend.

captain lifecruiser said...

Oh, me too were lucky when you show the first tree pic :-)

Wonderful photos really and so wonderful news. I love love...

I hope that everything is going just LOVEly for you both!!!


Lara Croft said...

Blessings to you and yours - your slide is beautiful. Enjoy your new found life and thank you for sharing it - LC

Patti said...

sounds like a beautiful summer ahead, except for the inevitable toothpaste cap squabbles of course

Welcome to the Nutmeg State! There are a few of us friendly Nutmeggers here.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Nutmeggers? I didn't know.

Bob - Thank you. It will be memorable for sure.

Captain - I always love it when you stop by.

Lara - Thanks for the blessings. A little prayer wouldn't hurt either!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

they have kudzu in conn.???? my word. that stuff does spread.

have fun honey! hang on tight, for the ride of your life!

smiles, bee

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