Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Cannot Tell a Lie

I was sextuple-tagged by Blog Goddess Sanni, Empress Bee, Jennifer/Big Book of You Blog, Patti The Late Bloomer Boomer, Curryegg and funny guy Anyhow Blogs from Singapore to answer this nostalgic music meme. Anyhow, Anyhow actually tagged me about the same time I stole it from Bud on Sanni's blog who tagged me for the seven things meme followed by Bee who wanted to know my favorite things, along came Miss Patti with five interview questions for Meme Queen, Jennifer tossed a serious meme my way and then I just got dizzy.I'm going to answer Anyhow's first because he tagged me first. I think.
I like this meme for its content but dislike that if you choose to answer truthfully, everyone will know how old you are. I'm in a mid-life crisis here, people! I was also tagged for at least five memes pre-peace-globe era. I haven't forgotten. Some of them are quite lengthy and require more thought than my tired pencil-skirt can muster tonight.I will get back to my regular blog routine in a few days and answer every one of them. Right now, I'm knee deep in preparing for an extended summer trip that begins day after tomorrow. Believe it or not, I'm going to attempt to cross the George Washington Bridge one more time to get to New England; in less than my record time of 17 hours. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted. And to be completely honest - the last two days I've been exhausted from peace globes and needed a mental break from blogging -hence my absence. Anyone else ever feel that way?

So on with my wordiness and back to the serious issues of life... soon. Peace Globes and presidents and pencil skirts, oh my!
Here are the rules to
Sanni's Music Meme. See tagees at the end.
The rules:

1. Go to www.popculturemadness.com
2. Pick the year you turned 18
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the song´s of the year
4. Write something about how the song affected you
5. Pass it on to 5 more friends

The year was 1974. I went to the prom. I got engaged. Not necessarily in that order.

Jim Croce sang "Time in a Bottle" and Streisand purred "The Way We Were" - I danced to this at aforementioned prom with my future ex-husband. Wherever we were we were the way we were that night and then became way where we were about twenty years later. Way later. I wish we could have kept that time in a bottle. Now, where was I?

John Denver sang Sunshine on My Shoulders. Now I know that's lame.
Not exactly heavy-duty rock 'n roll lyrics and social changing-kinda feel. But that song is so vividly etched in my memory while I was dating in those days. Denver's "Annie's Song" was such a romantic tune and since I'm in a truth-telling mood I'll just admit that my long-haired hipness dug Denver's mellow tone. But I always wondered why sunshine on his shoulders made him happy and sunshine on his shoulders made him cry. Anytime I owned an album, I usually bought the songbook to go with it so that I could play the tunes myself. I played this piano book until it fell apart. I still have it.

Then he made a movie about talking to God in an elevator and my mother thought he was a communist and that was the end of that.

Oh God.
But please, don't ask me about Manilow.

Hooked On a Feeling by Swede was a catchy tune. Except nobody said "hooked" in those days without somebody raising an eyebrow or two. I kept trying to figure out which feelings were politically correct and allowed to be hooked on.
Call me naive.
Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. This song just irritated me. Still does.

Ray Stevens ran around naked singing
The Streak. My mother thought he was a communist too.
(You're) Having My Baby - Paul Anka & Odia Coates was a curious song to hear as a teenage dating couple. Thank goodness, not something I ever had to sweet-whisper into his ear.
My Favorite Tune of 1974
Cat's In the Cradle by Harry Chapin (sorry, Bud. I had to pick ONE. Beatles later....)

I don't think this is what he meant.
But then again, he never met the
Cat Blogosphere.
And he never met my pencil skirt- which looked like this
in 1974. Peace power flowers on my jeans. Waist-length hair and bell-bottoms.

A very good year. But please don't ask me about Manilow.

More than five but I hereby officially tag  Karen, Peter , Bob, Jennifer, Patti and Zero Impact.


Queenie said...

How nice to be that popular. I don't enjoy memes for that reason, I HAVE TO THINK!!!!
Good luck with your trip you deserve the rest, if you can call it that!

iamnasra said...

Many thanks for your kind message..Im well and all my family are well. This time Im not able to do join in the globe..as Im out of connection due to the cyclone. Just working on pending our house at the moment...

Patti said...

This was fun to read and reminisce with...I also love "Cats in the Cradle." I met Harry Chapin after a concert in New Haven.

Annelisa said...

Great music meme, Mimi... I enjoyed this one. We had some different hits in the charts I think (though I'm not sure) over here in the UK.

You're crossing the bridge again? Are you sure that's wise? Oh well, you know best....

Have a really lovely break - you deserve it!!

Mimi Lenox said...

Queenie - Everytime you visit me in your royal highness-ness I feel honored.

And underdressed.

Mimi Lenox said...

Nasra! So glad to hear you and your family are OK. Not to worry.
Oman shall have a peace globe, cyclone or no cyclone.

Anybody out there feeling creative this morning?

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - You met Harry Chapin!!?

I'm so jealous.

Peter Haslam said...

I will look at doing this meme sometime this week Mimi thanks for the tag

Anonymous said...

I was almost sure I would escape this tag
But being tagged by the queen of memes, this is an honour
Now I have to dig back to my years and groove to the beat

Linda said...

I remember all of these songs even though I was only a sophomore in high school in 1974 (only???).

Unlike yourself, though, I have always adored Manilow (can't believe I just admitted that in print!).

Oh Mandy ...

By the way, I rather think you'd like "Weekend in New England" these days!

Molly said...

Mimi, you are the queen of Memes. I love these musical memes. I find myself humming these old tunes, and you have mentioned some great songs. Ah, Time in a Bottle, Annie's Song, and Cat's in a Cradle bring back a flood of memories, I remember the days when everyone was a communist. Nowdays, we call people terrorists.

Have a wonderful summer break. Take care.

Unknown said...

Aaaah... I love "Cats In The Cradle" - and your peaceful pencil skirt.

Thanks for playing, Queen Mimi. As usual, you did a great job! =)

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Ah 1974 ..sophomore in college...working in radio...know all those songs..Well never played "Havin' my baby" on the air though!

Have a great extended trip..man you too are so lucky to have that opportunity...

Just breathe deeply as you go through NYC...it is a happy place...

Patti said...

you added my name to this since yesterday ...

I'm too tired to be tagged

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great job! And I love that Chapin song. Also, Mims: The Beatles had already ended by 1974. So it would have been tough to pick one of their songs..but I know you knew that...

Travis Cody said...

Great list. Although I was barely in double digits in 1974, I do know all of these songs.

Look out Ethel! We loved The Streak. Used to sing it all the time on road trips.

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