Friday, November 21, 2008

The Other Half of Mi (Uncensored) Mi

I was such a smart-aleck about it.
Using half my face as an excuse not to finish the last half of the 100 Things About Me meme, I stopped at 50 (actually, 51 but who's counting) You can read Part One here. Then guilt set in. Queen of Memes should not cheat on a meme. It's written down somewhere I'm sure. So I vowed to finish the labor of lunacy today and list the last 49 things about myself that you're all dying to know. Please don't run away from the Baptist jokes. They're always at the expense of moi. Not to fear. Today I'll make fun of something else.
I tag anyone who feels they are up to the 100 Things About Me Meme.
No? I didn't think so.

The 100 Things About Mi(Mi) Meme - Part Two
(part one is here)

52. I love to shop for shoes, purses, jewelry and pencil skirts.
Is anyone surprised by this?
Call me a priss if you dare. Here's the non-Baptist version.
OK! OK! I'll stop.

53. Single life in midlife is the new black. There should be a board game in stores by Christmas.....

54. I'm a procrastinator. There. I've said it. And right off the bat.

55. I miss
my grandfather. He taught me about unconditional love and inspired the peace globe story. What an amazing man. I wish I could share this with him. But somehow I think he knows.

56. The sweetest thing on earth is a gentle kiss on my cheek from one handsome little five-year-old munchkin who calls me "Mimi"- that would make me a grrr....grrr...grr.....I can't say it. I just can't say it.
57. Number 56 has to be a non-truth because I'm only twenty-five years old. I just had my birthday. Again.
Much too young to be a grrr.......

58. I unplug the alarm clock on weekends. I hate being encumbered with deadlines.

59. I love to sleep.
Sleeping-in is the best.

60. I am a musician who doesn't own an IPOD. I have nine blogs. I may need one soon just to download my blogs though.

PSssst!!. It's Saturday night and my feet are cold. DO NOT ask about my date last night......

61. I love trees. I love to sleep under willow trees wrapped up in a blanket with a warm breeze blowing. It's better when there's someone there to gently play with my hair. Oh sorry. Slipped into fantasy land for a sec.

62. I take two-hour baths and forty minute showers. Ahhhh.....I was supposed to call my mom back an hour ago. She probably thinks I drowned. Snooozzzzzzzz......

63. My readers ALWAYS DAILY sometimes think I'm nuts.
I like to keep it that way.

64. I adore wearing hats and boots. This is me in 2005. A cute guy in a baseball cap can seriously ruffle my pencil skirt.

65. I rarely watch television. I don't have cable.

66. My women friends are sources of strength in my life - some I've known and loved for 25 years. Through children and men and troubles and sickness, hurricanes and heartache - they are still here. And I have learned to appreciate the holy and abiding bond of true friendship.

67. ???? Who stole 67??

68. I am a bit vain but I know it. Does that make me less vain?

69. I'm a conductor. And I don't mean trains. (Pssst! Those aren't my hands....) See. I told you I was vain.

70. I am a bit prissy. Here's a shot of my Christmas decorations.
Need I say more?

71. Being twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five is liberating in every sense of the word and I don't give a pencil skirt's pocket what anyone else thinks anymore.That's the best part of maturing.

71. Three sips of wine makes me tipsy.
Four sips.....sleepy. Five sips....seriously silly. Six the morgue.

72. I believe in the law of attraction.

73. I seriously cannot cook.

Psssttt!! It had something to do with a flannel shirt. It was not pretty, people...DON'T ASK.

74. I got my corny joke telling ability from my dad.
The jokes ares just as bad but he tells them better.
We all laugh because he thinks they're funny.

75. The man who makes me laugh.............lights my candle.

76. I can drive a sti
ck shift.

77. I love books.

78. I love the feel and smell of a fresh blank sheet of stationery under my pen.

79. I love beautiful things.

80. I always have too many projects going at once. I only have an insane number of blogs, a full-time job, a house to run, books to write, songs to sing and an interesting single life with its usually insanity. No pressure here......working on the P word. Prioritize.

81. Life is good. Very good.

82. I love to dance but have no partner.
DON'T ASK about my date last night.
It was a first.
And a last.

83. I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin. Badly.
I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the maracas. Better.

84. I have vowed to get a peace globe into the White House.....or a date Saturday night. Whichever comes first.

85. Back to dating. Did we ever leave? I was once romance-scammed by a Nigerian 419 guy - for a few days. Then the sob stories started. It got amusing when I pretended to be smitten and offered to show up on his African doorstep escorted by my brother- the police officer. We somehow lost our overseas connection.
I was heartbroken.

86. For this reason and so many more countless epiphanies, I became allergic to online dating and started a blog about it.

Did I mention how much I hate flannel? Don't ask....just don't ask......,

87. I once fell in love with a blog. He fell back.

88. I wrote a blog post that started a global peace movement. We will soon have enough countries to make our own United Blog Nation!

89. My house was invaded, robbed and ransacked last Christmas. Read about it here (A New Year Greeting To The Robbers) and What I Learned In the Last 48 Hours About Thieves and Bloggingham In Shambles.
That's the day I learned that blog friends are real friends.
They shored me up, they prayed for me, they watched over me....and then they taught me to cuss. *&^&**))((***&^^% see?
90. My dating life is sometimes ridiculously close to the page. Have you ever played Spin The Bottle in the closet with a grown man? What was I thinking??!!

91. Mimi does not remember what happened in the closet.

92. But getting back to the other half of me. I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat......Let's see... Here's my favorite blogging spot complete with cheesecake. Blogging has taken over my life. But I'm on the cutting edge. Don't you know that bloggers are taking over the world? I am living proof.

93. I learned how to "pencil skirt".
Now my readers know when I am. And when I'm not. Hopefully.

94. I am a Queen. (You can stop bowing now). There is only one Queen.
She just doesn't know it yet.

95. I believe that prayer is peaceful and powerful. My grandfather taught me that. I hope I can follow his example of making what I do in this world count much more than what I say.

96. Religion: I've read, explored, experimented with, dissected and deliberated every angle of most established religions only to return to the one universal truth that never fails:
Unconditional love. My religion of choice? "Most-things-Protestant" just for the sake of labeling. Philosophy fascinates me. Psychology intrigues me. Religion bores me. Spirituality defines me - whether I like it or not. In the grand scheme of things all that really matters is whether or not you can find that place I call "the calm in Abraham."
You won't find it in a church.

I hate all religions that have anything to do with flannel......It was an epiphany....

97. Old Politics: Somewhere left. Formerly slightly-tilted right once upon a time and then there was the registered Independent stage I went through. Don't ask. None of those labels are important really and certainly don't dictate my views. I do believe I am open-minded enough to respect and hear opposing sides of any argument. I greatly admire and respect intelligent debate. I sometimes enjoy playing devil's advocate on issues. Old politics? Old.

98. New Politics: The Peace Globe Party (from my heart, not my soapbox).

99.Relationships: Make them true and honest.

99. Family: When push comes to shove my world can be rocked in a split second by one flash of love from

the face of my brown-eyed man-boy - who is now twenty-nine. If I had to choose a favorite time in my life it would be The Little League years. Hands down.

100. I believe in the simple power of love.

And never forget: What happens in the closet, stays in the closet.

Don't ask.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Very entertaining. We don't have cable either. I sure don't miss it either.

So, last nights date was a disaster. We all really want more information. Just saying.

Have a great day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

How does one spell Disaster?
That's how.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Thanks for sharing the real you!


Akelamalu said...

I love this post!

Righty someone just dared me to ask

"What about the date?"

Ferd said...

Whew!!! I read all 100! What do I get?

You know, I really did learn a lot about you with that, even though you tried to throw us off with the "prissy" and the "flannel" and all that. Well, even those things give a clue. For instance, I now know not to wear flannel if we ever meet. Well, I know not to BUY any flannel, as I haven't had any since the 70's.

No cable!?!? A musician without an iPod!?!? I, I, I, I just don't know what to say! You're a mystery!

Mojo said...

Note to self: Do not get the fetching flannel nightgown for Mimi for Christmas. Not even the one with the lambs on it. Nope.

Is it a date if you by yourself? If so, I had a great date saturday. Photography that covered Thursday Challenge, a couple of Monochrome Mondays, a Sepia Scenes or two, and several Sky Watch Fridays... and sushi. In that order. Just try and improve on that. You can't!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lois - Sometimes I forget that I'm real so I have to write all this history down....sigh.
Otherwise, I'd really believe I live in a castle and wear a crown.

But I do you know...

Mimi Lenox said...

Aklemalu - The date was lame. Just lame.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ferd - We will meet! It's just a matter of time. Hope I have a real date by then and can double with you and Princess Gail. That would be totally awesome.
Staying a mystery is first and foremost on my agenda. Glad I didn't ruin the mystique. Whew!

Mimi Lenox said...

Mojo - Oh yes I can.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think I could think of 100 things to blob about. You're such a fascinating lady!! :)

Desert Songbird said...

If my 12yo lived her life like you did as a 12yo, I think I'd be scared. *grin*

Patti said...

Mimi, This is a great post. Just one question:

Do you keep bananas in the living room? Just wondrin'.

And pink glittery ornaments for Christmas are completely Normal, not at all Prissy. ;-)

Julie said...

Ms Mimi! I do believe that you are one of the very few people who can actually make list reading VELY INTELESTING!

I enjoyed this!

ciara said...

cool christmas decor! :) so, how did your date go? lol jk

thx for sharing things about yourself. always fun to read.

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