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Monday, January 15, 2024

Monday Mimisms ~ Touching Memories

Don't you hate it when you're discussing something of importance to you that is causing some angst and the person sitting across from you says, "Oh, let it go. You've got to let that go. Just let it go." REALLY ????
POOF. GONE like Girl Gone??

Walk a mile in my snowshoes, Buster! I don't know what the magic bullet is in these matters, but I DO know (and have recently discovered) that when I'm ready to let something go, I'm ready. REALLY ready. Not one minute sooner. Not at the moment of glibness, right on time! 

As I opined on Facebook's mass platform of memes....

I'm getting better at letting go. I noticed today as I threw out bag after soggy box in the basement (Did you know there was a GREAT FLOOD in Bloggingham yesterday??) that hardly any of it bothered me. Nothing I couldn't part with was damaged and it game me an excuse to deeply purge. That roll top desk I've been staring at for 40 years? I used it in the piano room of my first house. Donated.

My son's infant chest of drawers. Donated.

Twelve notebooks of meticulously created Music Theory and Sight-Reading lessons, complete with originally composed vocalize for my classroom back in the day?

That was a hard took weeks to gather all the resources (stop it, Mimi!) You're not teaching anymore and you're so old those resources are out of print)! GONE

But it was nice to sing them again before I trashed them. 

A few lamps were ruined but I realized they weren't my style anymore. Now I can buy newer ones that suit me better.   Silver lining!
I threw away five Christmas trees. FIVE! Who wants a soggy tree?
Twenty-five bags later and I'm still far from finished.

I'm exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.
Rinse. Repeat. Tomorrow.

I touched a lot of memories today. Stories! Stories I'd forgotten.
You will most undoubtedly hear them.
There are some sad AND marvelous tales in that basement...
most are completely unbloggable.

Homer made me sign a non-disclosure agreement 

Back to the soggy dungeon.  See you on the upside.

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1 comment:

John Bellen said...

Letting go, saying good-bye, getting over grief... These things are highly personal. Everyone has his or her own schedule. Telling someone to 'let it go' is like telling someone to brush her teeth differently. There is no right way or wrong way, unless people are being hurt by it. For the most part, it is the way a person travels. She'll get there in the end - her way.

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