Saturday, October 19, 2019

Put on Your Flower Power Jeans

The world is a hotbed of smoke these days. New skirmishes erupt in the Middle East as unrest rears its ugly head.  To hear most people tell it, everywhere you look seems chaotic and uncertain.

That's why blogging for peace is important. If blogging isn't your thing, take the word 'blogger' out and just say speaking peace is important wherever you are - in your homes, in your churches, in your streets.

Peace bloggers (circa 2006)  speak out against war and for peace.  We are not all baby boomers with loooong hippie psyches -although some are; we are also thoughtful professors (who, by the way, can also possess flower power jeans in our closets) and creative grandmas with laps full of babies we don't want offered on the altars of war.  We are college students and pre-K children, pet lovers and surgeons. All walks of life blog for peace. 

We'd love to have you join us.
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