Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sandals and Shades of Purpose

You see...there was this girl. She was a child of the seventies, born in the late fifties and suited for all things unconventional. The subtle indoctrination of flowers-on-her-jeans and Vietnam war protests on her black and white TV screen began to seep into the psyche of the long-haired hippie girl.

That girl was me
She loved The Carpenters and Dylan, backwoods revival meetings and "Yellow Submarine." Long pastel dresses and politics. Floppy hats and long-piered beaches 

Don't think that just because you grew up one day to a work-a-day world and put on a suit and tie that you're immune to the genes that made you. The sandals in your formative years threw glistening sand and shades of purpose on the person you would walk around as in your old age. I like to say that baby boomers are just now getting their boom on. If you've lived a few decades you've seen massive change in the halls of humanity. We are progressive thinkers but not all the change has been progressive. 
 Same problems. Different locations. 

But there is hope. 
This is my grandfather's hammer adorned with the wild mums of Bloggingham.  This month he would have been 106 years old.  He is the reason there are peace globes flying all over the universe and parts of space (yes, we sent one up in a NASA event once) and people posting peace brings inspiration to the world!   But back to Papa.
He started peacebuilding long before he knew he was peacebuilding. This hammer built cabinets and furniture for people he loved and a mahogany table for me. 
His work was a labor of love. I respect the concept of peace because he showed me what unconditional love looks like. 
And where there is love there is peace.
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