Friday, September 20, 2019

#1 Change Your Climate ~ Kindness

Blog4Peace ~ Changing My Climate #1

If you allow people to continue to mistake your kindness for weakness, 
it just make your weak.

Kindness becomes a vulnerability when your purest intentions no longer serve. 
You feel the shift. At first you don't notice until what you thought was strength begins to make you weak.  I will not lose my strength. I will choose a better way to be kind. And the first recipient will be me.

Your turn!
I'm writing on stress this year, how it affects me, how it changes my environment, my body, my relationships, and what I can do to CHANGE my level of stress in order to have peace. I shall attempt to Change My Climate! I will post one thing each day up until NOV 4. I invite you to do the same. Grab this logo and post along with me.

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