Saturday, September 15, 2018

We Mattered

Somehow the Universe led me to Pat's blog today.
 Here in my jammies sitting out a hurricane and listening to the rain rain rain rain and more rain! 

We lost power early this morning for awhile. I am typing fast before Bloggingham goes dark again.
 Forecasters say the worst of the actual flooding has just begun. The Cape Fear River will crest three stories high, I'm told. When the rain finally stops in a few days, the waters will continue to rise and flood roads and homes even more with uprooted trees. It is hard to imagine. The storm has moved at a snail's pace, giving folks a false sense of security.  Water is standing at the door of my basement garage and seems to be flowing up out of the ground instead of down the mountain as you might expect. Kind of like little waterfalls of saturated moisture springing up from the earth.  We are under a flash flood watch until later this evening. 
If you find me floating somewhere down the river come midnight, please don't forget to blog for peace on November 4th! (Just a little dark humor there....)
Which brings me to Pat...

I found a post on Pat Bertram's blog that expresses how I feel at this moment.
The urgency to Blog4Peace has never left my soul since 2006. Perhaps it has increased. 
We are still at war in many places, still at odds within ourselves, still fighting our brothers and sisters over politics, money, and now....even over words. Especially over WORDS.

This is part of a post she wrote a few days after Blog4Peace ended last year on November 17, 2017.  Read the full post HERE.  Let's listen.

She writes, "If we expand peace to a microscopic or even a cosmic plane, we see a stasis created by opposite but equal forces in conflict. 
And yet...and yet....
On November 4, hundreds, maybe thousands of people were peacefully blogging about peace, creating peaceful images, sharing peaceful words, contemplating peace, visiting each other's peace blogs. A lovely day. A peaceful day.
We may not have stopped wars or violence. We may or may not have attained peace within ourselves, may or may not have been at peace with our world.
But we mattered."

Indeed. We still do.

Bertram's Blog deals with the author's journey through personal grief.  Pat's willingness to unload the burdens she's carried and continues to walk through is commendable, brave, and brilliant. The author of several insightful and reflective books, I highly recommend her writing. 
She is the author of the suspense novels Madame ZeeZee's Nightmare, Unfinished, Light Bringer, Daughter Am I, More Deaths Than One, and A Spark of Heavenly Fire. Bertram is also the author of Grief: The Great Yearning, "an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths."

And she is a stellar peace blogger.
Be like Pat.

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Pat Bertram said...

Thanks for the fantastic endorsement, Mimi. I hope the flood waters have receded and that you didn't get washed downstream. We need you and your message of peace!

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