Monday, September 3, 2018

Blog 4 Peace November 4 ~ Words Are Powerful

The first peace globe in 2006
Welcome to the 13th year of peace blogging! It is time for Blog4Peace aka BlogBlast For Peace! 

November 4, 2018

  As is our annual custom, people from all over the world are invited to write on the subject of peace, create and fly a peace globe (like those found HERE) and post on social media, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you are online.  Click here for a collection of free peace templates to use.

This year's theme? 
The Power of Words

The motto "If we believe that words are powerful...then this matters,"  has been our mantra since 2006 when peace globes began. We started with the response of 51 people in the comment section of this blog who replied to my not-so-crazy idea of posting the same thing on the same day for the cause of peace. Today we are thousands of bloggers and 214 countries/territories strong on every continent across multiple blogs and every type of social media platform. 

 We were bloggers - eager and willing to launch an Internet experiment, eager to do "something" when we were feeling a tad helpless in a post-911 world.  

What has changed? Only the numbers and places. We are still on a mission to be faithful to the idea of a peaceful world and adamantly hopeful that the idea can and will become reality.

Thankfully, nobody stopped to wonder IF we'd make a difference or HOW we'd get this accomplished or WHEN we'd ever do it again. We only knew the WHY.  We wanted to speak up for a cause much bigger than ourselves, one that affected all of us in the most minute ways and all of us in the grandest of ways.  Sixteen years later we are still blogging for peace in November, welcoming bloggers, writers, and artists from all over the world and continuing to create a global community of good and decent intentions, peaceful actions, and powerful traditions.  
We did make a difference. We DO make a difference. 

Words. are. powerful.

Have you noticed how even the smallest of words from the smallest of minds can reverberate loudly across the airwaves and cause us to sit up and pay attention to them?  Have you noticed that the most noble of words from the most admirable minds can do the same?

Which words will get your attention? 

Which words are more powerful?
The small or the noble? 
Which words have the largest influence?
Which words should be responded to and which should be ignored?

 Do all words affect change?  
All words certainly plant seeds of change. They can sprout seeds of disruption or yield a harvest of reconciliation. 

I believe that how we respond to voices of ignorance determines our intelligence.
I believe that how we respond to voices of meanness determines our kindness.
I believe that how we respond to voices of hate will define our character.

Our words are who we are.
Make them count.

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