Thursday, October 4, 2018

30 Days Until BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 4th

Thirty days from today we will blog for peace and post for peace on social media! Since 2006 bloggers and social media gurus have banded together on the same day to proclaim the same thing - PEACE. We are peace bloggers. Now on every continent and 214 countries/territories around the world. We're on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram and every platform in between.

Want to join us? 
Here's how...
1. Make a peace globe! Simply choose a template (FOUND HERE) and design it with a peace message. There are thousands of examples made by peace bloggers at the Official Peace Globe Gallery @   I've even included a few in this post.
2. Title your blog or social media post with these three words, "Dona nobis pacem" which is Latin for Grant us Peace.
3. Publish your peace globe and post on November 4th. 

 Our theme this year is The Power of Words.
Each November our positive peaceful posts and peace globes are peppered around the globe on blogs and websites. You will find peace bloggers from Zimbabwe to Switzerland to Afghanistan to New England. On November 4th, we speak as one.  One subject. One voice. One day.

Our words matter. Make them count.


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