Friday, June 15, 2018


Happy Summer everyone! Even though it's not officially summer yet, I'm starting mine early.  It's been a while since I checked into the blog. How have you all been???
What are your summer plans?

  I am looking forward to roaming about Bloggingham with my grandsons (one is six, one is thirteen!) and hanging out at the river or beach. I am looking forward to writing a lot, staying up late (because that's when I write the most - after midnight) and eating Italian ice desserts (low fat).  I've planted lots of flowers this year and a few berry bushes to tend.  Exciting, no? Baseball games will be my Friday night spot and this is the summer for learning to cook the Paleo way.

I am dating (again!) and meeting new and interesting people. My perspective on what that means for me has changed and I am going more with the flow, keeping my standards but throwing out expectations.  Does that make sense? It does to me. There could be pencil skirt blog posts to follow....Stay tuned.

That child....

My main goal this summer is to take care of myself and take time for myself. I have some physical healing still to do. It serves me well to slow down and smell the roses....or the feet.

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World of Animals said...

Thanks for the share. We just love the summertime. You have a lot of great activities planned out for your summer. We recently just planted some beautiful flowers around our office. Hope you have a fun and great summer. Have a great day.
World of Animals

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