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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ Re-Entry

the retaking of possession under a right reserved in a prior conveyance

in my natural habitat
of trees and skirts and leaves
changes are happening
around curves and winding gravel roads
and I'm stuck in a path
in the middle of necessity
when my feet want to walk
another way

I said in the winter that spring
held a secret

well it came
without knocking

I don't like it much
but my boots are on
and I'm ready to walk
in the direction of my destiny
without knowing
the destination

so I'll stand



Travis Cody said...

Excellent words.

The bootsses are quite nice too, preciouss. Yess indeed, we likess them very much.

Anonymous said...

so I'll stand...

yes you will!

The Gal Herself said...

Waiting to see where both your verse and your boots take you, Your Highness.

Mimi Lenox said...

Travis - You crack me up with those ssssss.....

Dawn - I will.

Gal - I will do my best to get this right.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Enigma: A perplexing text or speech; riddle.

Durward Discussion said...

Reminds me of another favorite sign: Do not take down a wall until you know why it was put up in the first place.

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