Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ More Questions Than Carter Had Liver Pills

Have you ever had these bizarre contemplations? I found myself thinking the oddest things this weekend and noticing things I'd paid no attention to in a while. Perhaps it's the cold meds or the fatigue setting in. Will summer EVER get here? Maybe my randomness is just the fruit of being alone with thoughts not pressured by a blog deadline or duty. 
Or maybe I'm just fruity. You be the judge.

1. Has your car ever been so dirty that you actually hoped it WOULD rain on it?

2. Are we buying Presidents these days? Is it just me or does anyone else feel that it's wrong for one man to be allowed to out-politic the other and win the nomination simply because he has more money?

3. Should I have the lawn mowed or just learn to live in a jungle?

4. I think I should identify all the trees in Bloggingham Forest.

5. There's a woodpecker hole in the side of the house. Hmmm...

6. Are blogs dead or are they merely sleeping?

7. Why are there black crows in my yard? Baby Boy said it is a sign of doom.

8. Why don't we say doughnut rings instead of doughnut holes? Doughnut holes should be called handles, not holes. Are you following me, Bloggy People?

9. Will Baby Boy really one day marry his 2nd grade girlfriend, Tiffany?

10.  Homework time. I asked, "WHYYY are you using a calculator? Why? Why? Why? Think for yourself. Why? Why? Why?"  The answer: My teacher said we could.  
To solve 8 + 6?? Where is the logic, Bloggy People?

11. Why will my camera take a picture of everything under the sun but the moon?

Daddy always said I had more questions than Carter had liver pills. He was so right. That is all my pencil brain has for today. Enjoy your tomorrow. Today was a fine day for sleeping in the rain. I did just that.
It was lovely. See you on the flip side.

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Anonymous said...

You need a Magic 8 Ball to help with these weighty ponders...
#1 - every week
#2 - been that way for decades now
#3 - pratcice Tarzan yell

Unknown said...

OK - the black crows must be lost as there is no order anywhere in the Universe that says doom shall fall upon you. It may also mean if they are lost, doom will befall no one. Thank you. That just made me feel better. Love your blog, as always!

Durward Discussion said...

Let the grass grow. It is good for the environment to keep it at least four inches long. The crows are a good sign. It is said the monarchy will fall if the crows leave the Tower of London. Yours are obviously guarding Bloggingham.

The Gal Herself said...

#2 -- I'm very disillusioned right now. As a good and loyal Democrat, I feel like I neither love Barack Obama as much as I should or hate Mitt Romney as I'm supposed to. I hope that I'll become more passionate as Election Day approaches.

#3 -- Do you have vines you can swing from? That would be so cool!

#8 -- You bring up a very good point! I have always fixated on why, when a plane lands safely after an in-air mishap, we say it had a "near miss." It has a COMPLETE miss. It had a "near hit."

Mark In Mayenne said...

Blogs are not dead, just sleeping. Hence "Sleeping like a blog"

Travis Cody said...

1. That would be yes, although mostly that just makes things muddy.

2. As long as we buy the president that I think is the correct choice, then I'm reasonably OK with the practice. I'd like the reality to be other, but this is what we have.

3. Get it mowed. You never know what creepy critters are hiding in the tall grass.

4. By actual name or by invented name?

5. Is there anything living in the hole?

6. I think that bloggers these days are distracted by too many choices. My blog lives quite nicely.

7. Some cultures think of crows or ravens as good luck signs. I say they are just birds looking for a meal.

8. Now this one is truly a ponderance.

9. You'll likely have a better idea by 6th grade.

10. Did he know the answer without the calculator?

11. Mine won't either. Or rather, it will, but the result is sucky.

Mimi Lenox said...

Coop - I do not wish to practice a Tarzan yell. It is unQueenly.

Fisher - I hope they stay lost! Brilliant!

Jamie - I will tell Baby Boy. Maybe he will go outside now.

Gal - Your answer to #8 is quite correct! Where are all the sane people in the world? Please.

Mark - You just made that up....

Trav - I was snuggled up with a book until you answered the questions. Now I have to get a ladder and look in the woodpecker hole.
I shall report.

Akelamalu said...

Children here are allowed to take calculators into exams! It's just plain wrong in my book.

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