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Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Open Letter To My Grandson ~ When you sail, kiss the waters

Recently published in this Blue Mountain Arts collectionAn edited version of this work was published by Blue Mountain Arts Press, Boulder, Colorado in their spring collection entitled Nothing Fills The Heart With Joy Like a Grandson available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Hallmark and most book stores. More of my poetry and writing can be found within this blog and in an upcoming book. Please contact me if you're interested in my work.

When You Sail, Kiss the Waters ~ 
An Open Letter To My Grandson

October 2011: I have a picture of you that stays with me. It was taken a few  minutes after you were born. You were railing against a newfound world. "Where am I?  Why are these people touching me? What is this new plane of existence?  Why is it so bright in here? Who are YOU? I want to go back to the  safety of my mother's womb. Take me back! I want to go back!" you  squalled and squalled until your father took your hand in his and  shhuuushed your fears
Never forget that place
The squalling or the shushing

When you feel the uncertain rush of a cold stinging world
scream to go back again
 because I don't want you to forget it
It is where all things begin
where all memories start
where all breaths breathe first in the waters of life and dreamers hear music and poems
where love is made strong and unbreakable
and you are made you

You  will find it in the roots of the trees and grass and all things chained to the earth and sea, the  magic of peace in a sunset of blue and oh, please don't stop looking for  it, or missing it, or reaching for that place, my little one. It's never far away.
Behind the love in your mother's eyes there's a large deep pool of it
drink it up
 it's the most powerful thing on earth
this love that carries you far
and is the only way home

If you do great things, do them greatly
and keep them rooted in the ways of greatness
When you walk, walk aright
when you kneel, bow your head
for deep love from afar has carried you here
and it is the only way home

If you love someone, love them all
from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet
and don't worry that none love you back
the giving of love makes the greatness of love
and it is the only way home

If you speak great things, speak them mightily
for once they are spoken they're done

remember that love will carry you far

and is the only way home

when you sing, my boy, sing it slowly
until the words wrap round your soul
until melodies happy sing into the sad
in that place that will never let go
where the waters of dreams began and you railed
to go back
no matter
just sing

Curiosity, carry it
Knowledge, crave it
Imagination, loose it
Seat belts
wear them

and buckle your animals in
Be a gentleman first and a tough guy last
Be a man, be a boy
and a whole human 

do not turn ignorance back on yourself
and before you return hate for hate
bless each word you say with the grace of God
then say it before it's too late

If you must fall
 fall straight to your knees
you will learn how to stand
on your feet
by the fear in your heart
the sweat on your face and the love that beats strong
in your chest
 when you pray, pray it well
pray it loud, pray it long
you will find it's the only way home
and don't ever for once let me hear you disown
the sacred, the power, the price

When you sail, kiss the waters
When you fly, talk to God
When you run
 lay claim to spirits
When you walk, face the wind
When you reach, touch a cloud
or a cobweb
then touch them again

when you watch, take your time
When you turn, trust the way
and listen for angels to speak
you will see the unseen
in the place of unseens
if you listen for words in between

when you dance, spin her round
when you're lost, turn around
and rebel
while the dancing is good
when you sleep, dream for me
and unravel the seen
into spirit
where all things begin
and never forget
oh never forget
that love 
is the only way home
Watch where you step
when you step over fools
and preach on when you're silent
be still
then run round the bases and gather up aces
to slip up your sleeve when you fall
 tumble in dust and kick up a fuss
steal them all
then steal them again

Don't fight for the right if the right makes you wrong
you can always change course in the night
Courage is standing and never demanding
your way
but make sure you stand right

Love freedom, defend it
Hate war
 curse it
and tell them your grandmother said
to unmake war
and remake peace
but make sure what you're making it for

When you're happy, swim in it
when you're troubled, swim through it
when you're fearful, swim over it
when you love, drown in it

Keep your eye on the ball, your foot on the base
and run, oh my boy, just run
and never forget

  oh, never forget
that love

is the only way home
And me, Little One, you and me
I make a pact with you today
When you hurt
hold my hand
And don't ever forget
that love
is the only way home

copyright poem: Mimi Lenox
Photo credit: Mimi Lenox
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Tinggay said...

This is really beautiful. It's a love letter.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Tere.g : I have, over time, rather gotten the impression that Mimi knows how to love.

Michelle said...


No words - you used them all... perfectly!

Travis Cody said...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Absolutely glorious. You have the most beautiful heart which, with this little grandson, is going to fill to bursting with happiness and pride. Congratulations, Grandma. This little boy lucked out - he's got YOU!!!!!

Princess said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful, Mimi!!! need I say more?

Red Shoes said...



Just Wonderful...

This is my most favorite part...

"Be a gentleman first and a tough guy last"

I do think this is how I try to live...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us...


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

So very very beautiful... Thanks for sharing.. Hugs GJ xx

Anonymous said...

Courage is standing and never demanding
your way

Just beautiful... :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks folks. He is something else.
And so is his big brother. I am blessed.

Randy said...

Are these YOUR words Mimi? I'm not sure we all realize whose presence we are in here. This is world class stuff, Mimi. It makes goosebumps.

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Randy,

Thank you very much. If I give goosebumps that is highly complimentary.
I see you are a blogger now. welcome to the world of blogs.

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