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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ The Cabinet

* I hope you are enjoying the peace globes. I'm seeing amazing and inspiring sights all over the globe.**

Something led me to the potting shed this morning. So, I put on some leaf-walking shoes to follow the muse.

It is clear and beautiful in Bloggingham today with a bit of breeze and the sound of falling acorns. Leaves are changing faster than I'd like for it's only a matter of time before they lay bare and naked the strength of my trees, losing their protection and grace.

For weeks now I've thought of spring. Remembering scenes in my life that happened - only - in springtime. I wondered why. The images so strong as if I were reliving them again. I could smell spring. Touch spring. In my chilly foggy forest surroundings, a season I love most of all, I needed, I suppose, to feel spring.
So on my way to the potting shed I stopped at my patch of wild mums and descended upon them with the camera lens. They were waiting like old friends to give me a breath of spring.

But back to the muse. The shed the shed shed. I must get to the shed. 
Just inside the door of the little building in my grove of trees and overgrown this

It belonged to my Papa. It was his tool cabinet. It hung on the wall of the garage where he made things and sawed things and stored things in it; including the secret stash of chewing tobacco in a can in the corner beside nails and rags and oilcans. He made picture frames and tables, stools and odd furniture pieces. I made mud pies and tried to leave him be while he measured and thought hard.  It was a steady stream of stirring inedible cuisine (some things have not changed, my friends), him spitting in the can while I tried not to look, sawdust, the swing of the hammer and the sound of my grandmother's voice trying to shout above the bzzzz bzzzz saw that supper was ready and we'd better wash up.
He'd scoop me up in his grease covered arms and let me do my favorite thing of all: I got to close the wooden latch.

Opening it today without the benefit of hugs and the promise of butter biscuits was bittersweet. But something had led me to the shed today and I aimed to open it.

Hmmmm...not much left in here except spider webs and dirt. A very old can of something to do with grease, some iron rings, a few nails...and a brand new water hose head I bought last spring lying on the bottom shelf.
How did that get in there? I didn't put it there.

At that moment a large gust of wind starting spinning Bloggingham's trees above the A-line roof of the shed, branches swaying heavily above me soaring and tall in the blue sky while the bam bam bam of acorn bullets descended upon the roof at the same time above my head. Yow! It scared me so I ran out the door. Find the wild mum patch, Mimi! Mums aren't scary. Don't you go back in that building. That was a sign I tell ya, a sign!

Go back in, silly, it's just the wind.
OK. But only because you're a droopy mum and need cheering up. I'll go back.
I crushed a few acorns with my leaf-walking shoes and went back inside. Reaching into the deep storage shelf on the bottom, I gingerly removed the out-of-place water spout and laid it elsewhere. But what I saw underneath startled me so that I ran out again. This time stopping in the yard to put my face in hands, tears on my face with memories of dusty nails flying into walnut, pine and oak, now pounding in my mind as I wondered....
How did THAT get in there?
It was Papa's hammer.
All tools near and far were lost in the divorce, gathered from this cabinet and absconded with the swish of a legal pen.  I never saw this before. His hammer. His hammer. How could I have missed it?  His hammer. Why hadn't I seen it before? How long had it been there? No logical answers could I find, even after a phone call to said absconder-of-the-tools. He didn't remember it being there either. "I'm sure I cleaned everything out of that cabinet," he said. No matter. It's peace day ya know.  It doesn't matter how it got there. But I have no doubt I was supposed to find it.

We might need a hammer you know.

To be builders of peace it isn't enough to declare it so, will it so, pray it so or blog it so. In between the words, which indeed are powerful ideas and mantras, we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal just begging to be utilized for good.  Some have been lying around for years but all we want to do is talk about them. We're too busy sometimes to actually pick up a nail and pick a spot - any spot - to inhabit peacefully in our world. To make it better for someone we don't even know. We don't see that the lack of connectedness in one person brings the whole planet into a state of perpetual lack. And how one area of unrest brings the whole planet into jeopardy.  Cause I'm here to tell's easy to cohabitate peacefully with people you love. But it's darn near impossible to build peace with perfect strangers across a ragged world of war.

Yet peace builders we must be with weapons of saws and plowshares.

And let's throw in some beauty, shall we?
It isn't enough to elevate people in dire need with food and clothing and somewhere-out-of-a-cardboard-box. They need - we all need - artists and writers and painters and dancers to lift our spirits to a place far beyond the basic tenets of existence. I never saw my grandfather's day end without a book in his hand, a song playing on the stereo
or a Spring in his smile. 

In the meantime...we need sowers of seeds for crops of food and medicine, laboring hands to shingle roofs, diggers of wells and drillers of land, mattocks and shovelers, sweepers of oceans and singers to soothe those who can't understand this peace you say in front of their hungry children.  We have to pick them up - these building tools -  and make them happen in our homes and communities before we can expect anyone to buy into a word we're saying on the subject of peace. Then and only then can we call ourselves peacemakers. In my own personal space of planet Earth I will hold myself to that standard.   I will try. I will try. But I don't believe it will take the world as long to arrive at the inevitable wisdom of peace as it did to lunge into the abyss of universal war.  It seems to me that the tide of consciousness and awareness is turning.

But it won't last unless we get out of the realm of consciousness-raising and into the physical realm of working the work with more than manifestos. You all know how firmly I believe that words are  powerful - but they are not the only tools we have. I have no trouble nailing my purpose to the plate with words.  It is who I am. It's a bit more daunting to get my skirt dirty with your problems when I have a world of my own.

Have you ever noticed that in the cold dead winter of warring with someone, there comes a time when you just get tired of warring and you wonder, "Isn't there a better way?" Do I think there are people hellbent on destruction for the sake of destruction? Yes. Do I see and understand that not everyone in the world wants to go searching for spring? Yes. But I have to hope that somehow deep down even in the hearts of evil men lies a human seed of desire for survival. And if they can't reach peace for any other reason than that, then so be it.  Because we're on a collision course that peace treaties and scribbled sanctions can't fix. The heart of man has to change...and that is nothing akin to changing our minds. It goes as deep as long-grained wood. That brand of human evolution requires that we sometimes allow the other person to open the door and sometimes we  must allow them to lift us up to reach the door.

When my grandfather began a new project, he first chose the strongest of materials, the most sturdy wood. He knew that to lay a foundation on anything else was a waste of time. He knew that building things without the proper tools was a recipe for destruction.   Then he threw in his ingredients: Solitude. Contemplation. Pride. Patience. Hard work. And a sense of service. He didn't build things to sell. Giving them away gave him great pleasure.

 I was reminded by a friend today that it's good to use the tools of our fathers and grandfathers. There is something organic about it. I hope as the world churns and turns toward a new season, that we don't discard the hard-won sacrifices made before our time nor the wisdom those experiences bring to the table of peace building.
It is not enough that we learn to unmake war. 
We must learn to remake peace.

Wanna borrow my hammer?

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ShannonW said...

I posted both of my active blogs.


Carver said...

Beautiful post Mimi. I can so relate to this. Thanks for all you do to keep this movement going and growing.

Laurie Kolp said...

You are a beautiful writer, Mimi. i really enjoyed this and look forward to tomorrow.

meowmeowmans said...

What a beautiful post, Mimi. We sure are excited to be participating in this year's BlogBlast for Peace!

Billie Greenwood said...

"If I had a hammer..." sang the peace poets of the '60's. And you, dear Mimi, are a peace poet of the next millennium. I am so touched and happy that you now have your beloved papa's hammer. Let us use all our tools for peace. And let us all use our tools for peace!

lime said...

not enough to unmake war but we must rebuild peace. so true. so very true. and in one small exchange i hope my story today was a step in doing so.

Louie said...

I'm early.....Sorry.

Samantha & Mom said...

Tanks Mimi!!
Your TX furends,

Julie said...

Lovely Mimi...just lovely. Year after year the peace train stops...where ever I finds me.

ConnieFoggles said...

I'm ready for the hard work, every day, Mimi. It's in my heart and in my spirit. Together we will remake peace.

catsynth said...

Beautiful post. We like the image of the hammer as a connection over time and a tool for building peace.

j said...

I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Love you, Mimi!

Karen Jo said...

Wonderful post, Mimi. I love the image of a hammer for building a peaceful world.

The Gal Herself said...

A wonderful post. A wonderful cause. My globe is posted. Thank you for including all of us in your vision!

Travis Cody said...

You've done it again. I'm looking forward to spending the day with Peace Globes.

For now, I'm off to bed.

Lui said...

Hi Mimi!
I posted all our peace globes including the dogs ;-)
Sweepy had his globes after his header since October. We helped made globes but I hope they all post soon.

I agree. There are things left to ponder. Words unsaid. And we need to go back not to recreate the pain but to revisit with new eyes.

Have a merry peace blast all day!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

If I had a hammer....I'd hammer in the morning...I'd hammer in the evening, all over this world!!!!!
Oh Mimi thank you for all the feelings that came flooding back to me while I read your post. I too often played while my Opa hammered and threw swadust around his little shed. I remember holding his hammer and now still have some of his tools...his planes that smoothed wood and the curls that flew as he slid over the planks.
Yes even after 17 years of praying for my ex...he finally called with an apology and we can now talk peacefully.
Never give up hope that PEACE can be.
Dona Nobis Karla

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

PS: I would love to have some of the acorns that fall from your trees. We live in the desert and oh how I miss acorns!!! I would pay the postage....

Tink said...

I just posted my globe for 2011!

Kathy said...

I love listening to your stories. You give me hope.

Michelle said...

Perfectly lovely, as always.

You never cease to amaze me, Mimi.

blessings and Peace wishes to you.


Princess said...

Love your article, Mimi....
I can truly relate to it as I remember my father!!!
I am thinking of collecting your articles for my grandkids. Will that be OK with you?
A peaceful blasty day to you!

Susan Demeter said...

Beautiful post and thank you for all you do! Happy Peace Day!

RA said...

Inspiring post put in beautiful words. Thanks for another Blog Blast for Peace, dear Mimi. Dona Nobis Pacem. Peace to all of us :).

Mom Knows Everything said...

I have a couple of my grandfathers old tools, they were passed down to my father and after he passed away I recieved them. They mean the world to me.

Finding Pam said...

Mimi, you have reminded me of my grandfather. I loved spending time with him watching him fix things.

Your words inspire Peace. May you have a Peace filled day.

Anndi said...

I didn't need a hammer, I needed a broom to wipe out my cobwebs, but I have put my post up, my Queen, because words do matter... Time for us all to get to work and change the world :)

Anonymous said...

If I Had A Hammer....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, as always, Mimi. Yes, it is time to DO what we can, not just write about inspire us to do just that! You and your Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

"Then he threw in his ingredients: Solitude. Contemplation. Pride. Patience. Hard work. And a sense of service. He didn't build things to sell. Giving them away gave him great pleasure."

The mark of a truly good and decent human being.
Beautifully written Mimi!

Pam said...

Hi Mimi-

I got my globe up last minute. I have been sick all week, but I couldn't NOT participate this year. Happy Birthday to Papa. I really do consider it an honor to share a birthday with him. This was such a great post. Love and Peace to you. xo

Marilyn said...

Another year, and we're still here. Go Mimi!

Jessica said...

Hi Mimi! Thanks! Peace! :)

Ruisje said...

Beautiful post, Mimi!!
Peace to you and your loved ones for today, tomorrow and every day after then!

Winston said...

I am a new follower! This post, and your blog, is beautiful. I added your peace button to my sidebar, what a wonderful idea and I am so happy I found your blog1
Winston, Chloe and Cecil too!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oops, looks like we are here twice.

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous , linked up and heading to share .Peace

Roger Owen Green said...

Anyone can use some peace buttons - I'd love to give 'em away, preferably in bulk

Ramblin with Roger

Thorne said...

Heya, Mimi!! Thornesworld checking in for peace again this year.

Sarge Charlie said...

I did wanna borrow your hammer.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post again, Mimi. Happy BlogBlast4Peace Day! Come on over to my place for a Piece of Peace Cake!

Lynette Killam said...

A lovely post, Mimi...and your last line says it all. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event...


Unknown said...

As always, I look forward to this day. I love travelling the blogosphere to see words of peace beyond borders.
Thanks for all that you do, and peace be with you and yours.

MADelineWoe said...

I want to be in on the construction crew! Your post is powerful. We have the tools and we need the crew to become a much grander movement. Quit making it a counting coin thing...just a counting on thing. Counting on a better world.

Mama Pajama said...

I hope I did this right...I posted much earlier, but I'm not sure it took! well, I hope my globe is out there with the rest of them - PEACE!

Unknown said...

Glad to meet u, Mimi. You have a lovely blog going. We joined in..though a lil late.
Hope to be right on time next year.

ginger, Buddy n Shadow

okjimm said...

Boy& Howdy... I sure am glad I gotz blogger friends that recmnd good reads!

What a neat place you have!

Thanks. May I come back?

Mimi Lenox said...

Shannon - Hugs back. You have been an inspiration to me with your 100 Reasons to Blog Peace. I hope everyone reads them. You should be proud.

Carver - Thank you for being an integral part of it each year. You always direct our attention to the environment and nature. It's your thing.

Laurie - I just "met" you via a poetry site. I love your writing! Thank you for the kind words and welcome here.

Meowmeowmans - We are excited to have you here!
I shall be by to read.

Billie - I am going to take that beat up tool cabinet and have it restored by a cabinet maker. It needs to come in the house. The was a special moment.

lime - I read your story yesterday. It is a perfect example of being a peacebuilder in the world. Your words meant so much to that man. What a kind and selfless thing to do! GREAT peace post.

Maude Lynn said...


Ferd said...

Wonderful as always!
I love BlogBlast day/week!
Peace out, Mims!

Mimi Lenox said...

Louie - No problem. Thank you for participating.

Samantha et all - Cats always rock the peace. Every year.

Julie - Thanks for the phone call too. It meant a lot.

Connie - You have been with us a long time. I know you are.

catsynth - It is quite the symbol. I'm so glad I have it.

Jennifer - Your post made me cry. In a good way! Wouldn't have been the same without you.

KarenJo - Building building building..sometimes takes a while but finally the bridge is finished.

Gal - Thank you for being a part. You made such a unique peace globe this year.

Travis - How many peace posts did you read this weekend? I'm betting a LOT. I do appreciate it. Some folks got few comments. I'm sure they appreciated it too.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lui - Your globes were amazing! And I noticed that you had the 100 Reasons banner up at the top. Did you post any reasons? If so, I will add them to that page.

Your peace globes were soooo creative.

Mimi Lenox said...

Miss Peace - "and the curls that flew as he slid over the planks."
Yes indeed. Great memories.

Your ex apologized out of the blue? I'm so happy for you. My ex-husband and I get along very well. Grateful for that.

Tink - Thank you for blogging peace all the way from the Netherlands!

Kathy - It is interesting that you said "listen"...that is exactly how I want my readers to feel, as though they're listening to a conversation. Thank you for the affirmation.
Bless you for all you've done in the peace globe sphere these past few months.

Mimi Lenox said...

Miss Peach - Please write me. I have a surprise for you. It might have something to do with acorns...

Mimi Lenox said...

Michelle - You know you rock the peace each and every year. Your writing inspires me. Your Thimble posts are a treasure. xxoo

Mimi Lenox said...

Princess - Of course. Absolutely. I'd be honored.
I'm also putting them into book form soon in a collection. I'll let you know when that is finished.

I appreciate all you've done for peace globes this year.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sue St. Clair - I loved your peace post! Good to see you from Toronto. I went there once. Lovely place.

Rosidah- Happy BlogBlast to you as well!

Tammy and Pam - Our fathers and grandfathers were special guys, weren't they?

Anndi - Your peace post was lovely. And thank you for visiting so many bloggers this weekend. I'm sure they appreciated it.

Coop - I knew you'd say that...

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - As I said on your site, you are such an advocate for peace and an encouragement to me. Thank you.

Dawn - Thank you my friend.

Ciara - Happy birthday to you!! He would be so happy that you blogged peace on your birthday. He did too!

Mimi Lenox said...

Marilyn - We're not going anywhere.

Jessica - Peace to you as well!

Ruis - I so love that peace globe!

Winston - Welcome to my blog and to the peace globe movement. I'm so glad you joined in. Don't be a stranger. We have next year to get read for!

Terica - You and your 100 Ways to Blog For Peace website has inspired me. It has been lovely to watch your Facebook page grow and see the colorful badges you display and all the in-depth posts you wrote. I am so glad we "met" and got to know each other a bit.
Happy BlogBlast For Peace Day.

Roger - Seriously? How nice of you!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thorne - Yippee! Thorne is blogging the peace.

Sarge - At first I thought you were joking with me and I was prepared to say some smart-aleck thing back (lol) but then I realized that you actually DID borrow my hammer. It's on your blog!

Happy Peace Day, Sarge. And thank you for your service to my country.

Mimi Lenox said...

Gram - Now that just took the cake!! Nobody took the cake, did they? I want a piece of Florida please. It looks delicious!
That was truly special. Wonder what you'll do next year....hmmm....

Lynette - Thank you for being a part of it. So glad to see you!

Adelle - "peace beyond borders" the sound of that.
Peace to you.

Mimi Lenox said...

MadelineWoe - We have to count on each other. So true.
Thanks for making those awesome videos for BlogBlast. I have added them to our YouTube page.
Rock on.

Mama- It sure is! Love it!

Mimi Lenox said...

Aksharaa - Nice to meet you and will be by to read your post. Welcome to the movement.

okjimm - Sure!

Mama Zen - Peace to you on this day.

Ferd - Thanks so much, Ferd. I hope you enjoyed the day.

Mimi Lenox said...

Junior and Oreo - That's ok. There's two of you (lol)

fromsophiesview said...

PEACE for all from a doggie's POV...a friend of Tweedles!

Mimi Lenox said...

Welcome Sophie!

Annelisa said...

You hit the nail on the head! :-)

Funny, Mimi, I was hopping round the peaceglobes of the world, and it suddenly occurred to me I hadn't read your post!! I couldn't believe is so central to the whole movement - You are so central to the whole movement - how did I not come here first!
In a way, I'm glad I didn't. I've seen posts all over the world inspired by you. The hammer has been referred to in many posts (and I have to say, that was intriguing!) so now, finally to have the story revealed in the wonderful way you do, has been a joy! And, as always, the things your find in your everyday life have provided substance and thought for not only yourself, but many others...

Once again, thank you for being you, and doing the things you do!!


[Oh yes, and of course, a link to your post will soon be on my blog 'Peace Bloggers Unite' :-)]

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