Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Letter To Peace Bloggers and All Other Listening Ears

**Note: Some of you received this via email today. Forgive the repetition but it bears repeating and reposting. Thank you!**

Dear Peace Bloggers and anyone who wants to be a Peace Blogger,

The 30-day countdown is on for BlogBlast For Peace. I am so excited by the latest developments and progress we've made. We hit 1000 members on the CAUSE FB page which bumped us up to a new level and prompted the powers-that-be on that site to generate a congratulatory automated message to all members. It was awesome!

 I am usually not one to delegate or ask for help.
 I've decided that's the wrong approach.
I need your help.

Most people want to do something to promote (as many of already do!) but they don't know how. Besides displaying the logo on your blogs (go to my site for a page about that)...
Here are 3 very specific things you can do to make a huge difference in getting the word out there before November 4th. Thanking you in advance.
(How am I doing in the delegating department? Check yes or no. Or nod.)

1. Go to the Facebook Fan Page HERE or click the FB icon below
"Like" us and "Suggest to Friends"
Why? My stats tell me that many people are clicking in from Facebook.

2. Go to the Facebook CAUSE HERE (which just hit 1000 members)
Join and Invite Friends

3. Go to your Twitter account and TWEET THIS (I need help on Twitter. It gets the least attention for BlogBlast and should probably get the most. I don't have time to push all the buttons I need to push
Then Join the Peace Twibes and Invite all your followers.

Every time you see a new post about peace globes, tweet it and FB Share it, DIGG it, StumbleUpon it, Google Buzz it.
Share it everywhere!

Thank you for everything you already do. The 30-day push is on. There are so many people who've never heard of this movement whose voices the world needs to hear on November 4th.
I believe they will blog peace.  I believe those posts will be powerful. We have to alert them.
Let's get to peace rockin'.
I'm ready. I sense you are too.
See you soon!

Dona nobis pacem,

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Travis Cody said...

Dancing Bee is on the job! It's 30 Days of Peace Quotes, appended to each of my posts right up until Blog Blast Eve.


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