Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Room in my Heart with Lotsa Lovies

Sandee at Comedy Plus awarded me a lovely Room In My Heart plaque some time ago. I believe it came by way of The Teach at Work Of The Poet. Sandee - who has a big big big big heart - haven't you noticed how she's always handing out lotsa lovies and big big big big hugs to everyone?? I appreciate her faithful comments daily and her friendship. Her site never fails to make me smile if I've had a rough day. Sandee is always there with a crazy joke or story for her readers. She passed her lovies heart on to everyone in her Buddy List (see bottom of this post for some link love from me). All recipients may pass it on as you see fit.

I'd like to give this beautiful award to those who participated in the last BlogBlast For Peace June 2008. You know who you are and I hope I haven't missed anyone. Here's the list.
I do have lots of room in my heart for peace bloggers.

Yes I do.

BlogBlast For Peace #4
A Revolution of Words

June 4, 2008
If you participated in June and don't see your name, please let me know!

Mellow Yellow & Co
Meloncutter Musings
Message In A Bottle
Mickey's Musings
Mike The Mysterious
Mimi Writes
Miss Moneypenny CPU
Missy & KC
MJG's Rambling Thoughts
Mieow MoMo
Mom Knows Everything
Mommy Bytes
Moms...Check Nyo
More Random Than Average
Mother's Home
Nessas Place
Mr. Hendrix The Kitty
Mummy Diaries
My Dogs Keep Me Sane
My Hush Space
My Little Drummer Boys
My Wanderings
Need details #1
New England Lighthouse Treasures
News From France
Nick's Bytes
Odat's Mumblings
Olde Lavender Prims
Olga, The Traveling Bra
On A Limb With Claudia
On The Wall
Our Life By Eric and Flynn
Our Red Thread Journey
Peppylady Almost Perfect World
Perfectly Parker
Picture Clusters
Picturing of Life
Pimp Your Blog
Purrageous Pirates
Pets, Purrs and Purrayers
Purrchance To Dream
Queenie's Place
Ramblings and Whatnot
Random Autumness
Random Wandering Thoughts
Renny BA'S Terella
Rock and Star
Rockin' In Cali!
Rodney Olsen
Royal Kitties
Sacred Ruminations
Sanni-licious Project 365
Sarge Charlie
Wordless Wednesday
Saturday 9
Scrappin...with Life
Second Effort
Secret Agent Mama
See Kori Rant
Seev's Place
Shannon's Moments of Introspection
Shh? No! Speak Up!!
At War With Self
It Is Our Responsibility
Peace Globe ~ It Takes Many
Simone's Butterfly
Simply Cats
Simply Siamese
Skeezix's Scratching Post
Skittles Place
Sleeping Daisies
Small Reflections
Snooker In Berlin
Sojourner's Place
Something To Say About Life In The Netherlands
Sonja's Scraps
Soon To Be Discovered
Speedcat Hollydale Page
Stir The Cauldron
Studio Susie Says
BlogBlast For Peace
Sumac Stories
Summit Manor
Suture For A Living
Sweet Ariel
Sword Mama
Table 4 Five
Tails Of A Mouse Asthmatologist
Tangled Up In Twyla
Tarheel Ramblings
Tea Leaves
Team Tabby
Tennessee Text Wrestling
The Cat Boys Realm
The Ballicus Blog
The Body Boutique
The Big Leather Couch
The Cat Realm
The Cats P
The Cheezits: Colby and Cheddar
The Clock Is Ticking
The CooknTchrMom
The Cream Team
The Cyclone Cats!
The Dragonfly Initiative
The Furry Diva
The Ice Box
Indonesia and Remembrance: One Blogger's Story
Reason #14 To Fly A Peace Globe
The Jannaverse
The Kiaton Empire
The Life Of An Oregano Addict
The Life of Two Rescued Pound Kitties
The Love Blog
The Moving (Middle)Finger Writes
The Nutrition Health Store
The Painted Veil
The Pear Tree Blog
The Puppy's Palace
The Random Forest
The Rising Blogger
The Screaming Pages
The Starr Ann Chronicles
This Eclectic Life
Thoughts From The Heart of Dixie
Trav's Thoughts
Peace In Review
Still Making The Rounds
A Momentous Day
A Peace Day Remembered
Tropical Fruit
Twisted Sister
Tybalt The Prince Of Cats
Unfinished Business Part2
Unlikely Burrito
Unplug Your Kids
Up On Eagle's Wings
Victor Tabbycat and Bonnie Underfoot (In Memoriam)
Views From Raven's Nest
Vixen's Den
Wading Through My Stream of Consciousness
Welcome To The World of Mo Jo
Willow's Cat Blog
Will Think 4 Wine
Windsongs of The Heart
Words That Flow
Work Of The Poet
Obama Obama
World United Bloggers
Writer Cramps
Writing From The Inside Out
Writing In Faith
WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog
Yao-lin's Yawnings
Your Caring Angels

Sandee's Buddy List Recipients
...on the Wall A little piece of me A Nice Place In The Sun A Piece of My Mind A Word In Edgewise A World of Women & One And Miles To Go Before We Sleep Answers to the Questions Are We There Yet? Asara's Mental Meanderings Attitude, The Ultimate Power
BeccA's Buzz Beyond The Blog Blog About Animals BlogBlast For Peace Blog That Mommy! Brain Freeze Broadway Matron Captured By Gravity Celene's Treasure Chest Christine Bean AKA the BeansTalkline Coffee with Mz. Jackson Communiqué by Ivanhoe
Complain Complain Complain CrAzY Working Mom DianeCA's Metamorphoses Dixie's Heart & Soul Down River Drivel Echoes of Grace Fly And Be Free Foster Me Up Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r Get Your Blog On! Gratitude Journal Happy Tiler Ian Thomas Healy Idaho Photo I'm A Drama Mama It's A Blog Eat Blog World It's Sanni-Licious Jim's Little Photo Place Julie's Jewels and Junque Just Another Day In Paradise Just Me... Kids, Cats & Books - What Else Is There? Life Lifecruiser Life's a Dance You Learn as You Go
Little 'bytes' of Ambre Livin' Life SandyStyl Livin' With Me! Lowdown from Lois Mama Pajama Meloncutter Musings Message In A Bottle Mimi Writes Misty's Words MJG's Rambling Thoughts More Random Than Average Mother's Got A Dot Com
Mother's home! Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U muffin 53 muffin 53.com My Dogs Keep Me Sane My Life is Murphy's Law My So-Called Site Necessary Skills NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) Odat's Mumblings OGER The Caveman Olde Lavender Prims Our Happy Happenings Perpetual Writer's Blog Pictures Pretty Amazing Grace Purrchance To Dream Rambling Stuff Ramblings from a Glass Half Full RennyBA's Terella Rhonda's Blog Sarge Charlie Scrappin...with life She Walks In Beauty Speedcat Hollydale SpicyBugz World
The Buzz Queen The Cafe at the End of the Universe The Ice Box The Loft of Love by Lynda The Mo Show The Painted Veil The Peace Globe Gallery The Popcorn Principle The Random Forest The Rants From Sunnybrook Farm Turning The Pages Of Life Twisted Sister Untwisted Vortex Wading Through my Stream of Consciousness... What? Mermaids? WillThink4Wine WITT Tape Radio: The Blog
Wood n' Whimsy Work of the Poet
You Can't Coach That

Other Awards this week: Is Your Friendship Worth A Million Dollars? Me? A Vixen? May The Circle Be Unbroken

Copyright © 2008 Mimi Lenox.


Akelamalu said...

You sooo deserve that award Mimi and I accept it with pleasure, thank you for thinking of me. xx

Barb said...

Congratulations Mimi, Queen of Memes, Gentle Ruler of Blogginham Palace, Pencil Skirt and Peace Globes Diva! Hooray! I'm on both lists. Now that I've figured out that I love Doodling, my next Peace Globe should be a little more better! One can hope! hahaha!

Sandee said...

How sweet of you my queen. You have simply made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bigger hug and even more of those lovies. :)

Cinnamon Girl said...

You are the one who deserves the award for starting Peace Globes. It is such a nice feeling to do those.

Travis Cody said...

I'm already starting to think about November's Blog Blast.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thank you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like lots of linky love goin' on over here. :)

Nice job and congrats.

Mimi Lenox said...

Akelamalu - You are so very welcome.

WillThink - Your peace globe was marvelous. I can't wait to see what you do in November.

Sandee - I knew that would get us all more lovies! Back at you...

Starrlight - Hmmm....I love to hear how peace globes make people feel. Very rewarding. Thank you.

Travis - I appreciate the sincerity and passion you bring to the project.

Olga - You're welcome!

Tish - A whole lotta shakin' going on for sure!

Unknown said...

Woo hoo and rock on! *woot woot*

Linky-linky-lovies-lovies. Just super.


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