Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Mimisms with Mimi Queen of Memes ~ Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

It is a silly Monday evening. Shouldn't I be looking for my crown or something of equal monumental importance? Nope. I just want to be silly. I won't tag anyone because I'm in the process of tagging the universe with the bottle meme. But if you'd like to do this one, feel free. I have no idea where this meme came from. I placed it in a file without the link. If it's yours, I'm obliged. A tweaked meme it is, as I've changed a few things - my apologies for whatever the real name of it is - (if you know, please don't tell me) I'm calling it....

Thirty-Seven Reasons Not To Date A Pencil Skirt

1. Are you in a complicated love situation?Let me think....and make a few right back.

2. Do you hate more than 3 people?
Three is my lucky number. I stop hating at three. See?

3. The last thing you drank? Water laced with water.
.S. I just found out I'm in a complicated love situation. I'll put him on hold...

4. Favorite chocolate bar?
I can go to a bar that serves chocolate? I never knew!

5. Have you ever tripped someone?
Most people say I'm a trip, yes.

6. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Three and I hate them all. Oh I forgot. I stopped hating at three.

7. Have you ever thrown up in public? The phone is ringing. Not now Mr. Too-Clingy-For-Words. I can't discuss our non-existent future. I'm trying to finish a meme about throwing up.

What? You don't know what a meme is? It's complicated....I'll call you back.

I can't believe the Queen of Memes is even answering such a question. How am I supposed to screen my calls this way? Throw up in public? Of course not!
Unless I'm at a chocolate bar.

8. Favorite genre of music
I hate this question so I'm going to change it.

#8. Favorite smell?
The first buttercups in the early spring. These are now showing in the woods at Bloggingham. I took this photo recently and planted them years ago. Take a deep breath in......

Don't they smell wonderful?

9. Do you like beer?
Not unless I want to throw up in public.
The truth is I've had one sip of beer in my entire life and I absolutely hated it.

The last time I went on a date I asked, "Is this a beer bar?" He was not amused.
P.S. Stevie, who informed me that he sees no reason why our relationship should be monogamous, eternal, or even blogworthy is on 3-way call. He thinks a meme is a disease. This looks promising.

10.What are your favorite colour(s)?

I hate this question and I refuse to answer it.What's that, baby? A bad connection? A clicking noise you say? Of course I'm not typing! I love you!!

11. Is anyone in love with you?
I can't tell you. It's apparently complicated. (Maybe I should answer the phone)
Sorry to keep you holding. Multi-tasking? Why no. Of course you have my undivided attention. Can you hold? I need a Pepsi. I love you!

13. Pepsi or Sprite?

14. How many video games do you own?
Caller number 1 just ask me the same question. Is he reading my blog or something?

15. Does look matters?
I did not write this question. I just pilfered this grammatical faux pas so I shall answer it the way it reads, "Does look matters?"

Does look matters what?

No, Steve. There are no inoculations for memes. I get them every Monday.
Do I look sick to you?

16. Are you too forgiving?Apparently so.

17. Do you own something from Hottopic?
Stevie just asked me the same thing. I knew he was just after my lingerie. They ARE reading my blog....

18. Do you own a gun?

YES. Caller #1. Log onto Mimi Writes and look at question #18.
I have a surprise for you.

19.What did you do last night?
Dialing Mr. Clingy....Do you remember what I did last night?He said it's complicated.

20. Nicknames?

Are you still there? I thought I hung up on you. But since you called back I think you should know about Sally. She's the light of my life. And by the way, I love you! Here. Have some candy.

21. If you had a super power, what would it be?    To get out of this meme with at least one sane boyfriend and a chamber full of bullets.

22. Are you thinking about somebody right now?
Reynaldo. I left him on hold. Thanks for reminding me.

23. Ever called somebody Boo?
This meme was planted, wasn't it? Are you trying to tell me something? Oh I get it....You think I should call Mr. Somebody Boo. Looking it up.

Ring! Look Mr.-Meet-Me-At-The-Altar-After-One-Date I'm trying to explain this disease to Stevie. Do you MIND?! (I love you)

24. Are you happy with your life right now?   
Let me look in the mirror.

25. Do you like your hair?   
My happiness depends on it. Don't you know ANYthing about me?

26. Does anyone like you?  Mr. Clingy likes me but I can't marry a man who is meme challenged.
It just wouldn't be me.

27. Last thing you read?  
The phonebook searching in the S's. The Boos are apparently out of town.

28. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not since Long Tall Sally entered my life. Remember her?

29. Have you ever stripped?
Re-dialing Mr. Clingy....Have I ever stripped?

30. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

I have two men on hold - one is looking in the yellow pages for a meme doctor, the other one thinks I'm a lesbian and one wants to jump off a cliff. What do you think?

31. Can you cook?
Does Hillary need a miracle? That's as likely to happen.
Ring! Yes, Pookie-Pie. I understand. I'll call you right back. You say you're going over to Steve's? Got it. Have fun. I love you.

32. Things that annoy you?I don't have time for you insanity. I'm trying to write a meme.

33. Money or Love?
I can't answer that now because they're all three reading my blog. I love you!!

34.What do you want more than anything right now?Call waiting.

35. Do you enjoy scary movies?
Not unless I'm blindfolded.

36. Marriage Or Live In?
Let me get this straight. If marriage requires me to "live in" then I'm in in but what's a live in? Are live in people married or do they live outside of marriage?

37.When was the last time you said “i love you” ?

Why didn't somebody tell me about speaker phone?

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crazy working mom said...

Heh heh're killin' me here, Mimi! :)

*LOL* I ♥ ya.

"Pepsi or Sprite?"
"Tea" too! *LOL*

Julie said...

Your brain is fascinating! But I think those are daffodils. Buttercups are smaller and not "star" shaped with the cup.

Jeff B said...

Chocolate bar? What's the address?

Stacey @RealWorldMom said...

I want to know more about that chocolate bar too! And my birthday is coming up! LOL!

Great post, Mimi! I needed a good laugh! Think I may give this one a shot myself this week!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You are a riot Mimi. I love buttercups a lot and you are right they smell wonderful. I don't like beer either.

I ♥ Mimi too.

Have a great day. :)

Akelamalu said...

Those are definitely daffodils not buttercups.

You're quite mad Mimi but I love the way your mind works! :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Tish- I love sweet tea. It's only good in the south. Northern folks put raspberry and other things in the iced tea (I like the raspberry flavor but not in my iced tea.) You's just a southern thing.

Julie - You're right, I'm sure. I've always used the terms interchangeably but I will defer to your expertise and rightly define them next time. I don't have any of the star-shaped ones. They all smell heavenly. mean my brain is fasincinating in a good way...don't you? Don't you???!

Jeff - I'll send that address right over.

Stacey - I think someone should open one up and see how it goes. It might be mint. Chocolate mint. Bwwwwaahhhaaa.
I crack myself up.

Sandee - Buttercups/daffodils/potatoes/'s the smell that counts. Sigh.
And you know I'm your biggest fan!

Akelemalu - My insanity is apparently showing in this post. You are the second blogger to note my state of mind.
Thank you! I will do my best to preserve my madness.
I'm so much happier being silly.

Bond said...

Hello? Hello? Steve? Reynaldo? Clingy?

Is anyone home?


Dungeons do not exist....

Mimi Lenox said...

Bond - Just try me, Buster!! Ask Clingy. He's now clinging to the dungeon walls singing 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall. And he is sooo giving me a headache.

Patti said...

You have such a creative streak, Mimi. This was fun to read.

I also questioned the buttercup thing. I love buttercups; they remind me of my childhood, but they do not have a scent, as I recall.
When I took a second look at the picture I noticed we were talking daffodils.
I love daffodils too. And tulips and hyacinths and ....

Patti said...

I'm trying to get my message on my bottle but cannot figure it out. And my son is not home now to help me.


Travis said...

You are too twisted for color tv.


Odat said...

Ut oh...Mr. Clingy is hanging in the dungeon! I was just beginning to think that you really didn't do such things.......oh well..... ;-)

Ok, I'll do the bottle meme and only cause you asked!

bundle-o-contradictions said...

You are such a kick in the pants. As ever, thanks for the giggles.

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Glad you enjoyed the post. I think I have your bottle finished now....

Thank you!

Odat - You didn't BELIEVE I had a dungeon? O ye of little faith.

Autumn - I consider that a compliment. Thank you.

Misty Dawn said...

#5 and #31 almost caused me to choke on my beverage! Yes, you definitely are a trip.

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