Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The View From Bloggingham ~ Revisited

Note: I needed a splash of spring today. This post ran several months ago. Don't miss the slideshow at the end of my journey (bottom of this post). Put on your hiking shoes. Let's go exploring near Bloggingham Castle.
This flowering azalea was brought from my mother's yard several years ago and transplanted here. It is approximately forty years old.

A walk in the woods yesterday was just what I needed. So I scaled the walls of the palace, swam the moat and proceeded to climb the small mountain behind Bloggingham's backdoor. I hid my trusty camera in my crown - that thing hurts my head - and put on (gasp!) unQueenly tennis shoes. Not a pencil skirt in sight. Slid my cellphone in the corner of my (gasp!) jogging pants and placed 911 on speed dial. Just in case. Even I know how directionally challenged I am.
Inspired by Linda's beautiful buttercup slideshow on her site
Are We There Yet? - I set out to find the daffodils I planted eons ago under the cresp of a large rock in the woods. I climbed. I climbed. I panted. I climbed. I tripped. I fell.
My crown fell off.

The buttercups were not blooming. Drats! And I risked life and limb to get here. For the real deal of daffodils see
this post by Linda (scroll down past the gummies to the end) But after you read about my royal adventure. Sheeeshh..

So I sat down on this rock

took the camera out of that itchy crown and contemplated. I'm no shutterbug like Annelisa but I did begin to find some delightful treasures on the grounds of Bloggingham Palace.
I'm also seriously smitten with trees. Glorious tall stately wise wonderful trees. And Bloggingham Palace is full of them. A writer's bungalow. I'm so lucky. Up up in the trees I sit on my deck and contemplate the riddles of the universe.
Yeah right.

But yesterday they were talking to each other. See?

Hey Rocky! Who let her out of the castle?
Who does she think she fooling in that get-up?
I'm really sick of these flashes! Somebody call security!

Then I noticed the peonies. Not just any old flowering bush. Transplanted from great-grandmother's palace a million years ago. Actually, the bush is about 75 years old. She had rows and rows of them in reds and pinks and whites.
They only bloom two weeks and smell heavenly; of course, they remind me of the inner beauty and strength that great-grandmother possessed. I put some in a vase last night. The word peony originates from Paion, physician of the gods (or Apollo in this aspect), supposedly so called for the plant's healing qualities. The root, flowers, and seeds formerly were used in medicine.

Come on! Let's see what else we can find....

I'm ready for spring. Are you?

On this blog one year ago today: Triple Tagged and Slapped Silly


Hammer said...

That does help ease the dreary days of winter.

thanks :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

mimi the trees talking is just so romantic honey! lovely. and the photos are so beautiful. i wish for you a fast coming long lasting beautiful spring...

smiles, bee

Akelamalu said...

Lovely pictures Mimi. I adore the azalea and the peonies - I too have both in my garden but we won't be seeing them for a while as it's the dead of winter here.

Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell honey. x

Bond said...

ty for the spring...i can not wait

Little Wing said...

Mimi don't you just HATE it when your crown falls off!!!!
I sure do!
Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

Mauigirl said...

I'm SO ready for spring...I used to like winter, back when I was a kid and had enough energy to go out and play in the snow. Now it's just a dreary long depressing season that I dread from the moment the first chill comes into the air! Thanks for cheering me up!

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I adore trees. Where I'm @, we mostly have a choice between evergreens & aspens. I like 'em, but certainly wouldn't mind some variety. How wonderful your little corner of the world looks! :)

azgoddess said...

i loved it the first time around and today it's even better!!

plant some spring bulbs inside for color at this dreary time of year...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm with you Mimi. I'm so tired of winter. I want some warmth, some color, some sun...boating, shorts, flip-flops, and polo shirts. Something warm.

You have no idea how happy I am to be blogging after a week of no Internet. Have a great day and weekend. :)

Julie said...

Oh yes! Spring, spring God grant me some spring!

I love cutting fresh flowers from my yard an arranging them in vases. I love inhaling peonies...but NOT ants!


JOY said...

this is very cool and lovely. What a unique page you have Mimi.:)

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