Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunday Blog Chatter: What I Found In The Fray

Somewhere in the middle of the Desert Southwest, a Songbird sings.
A simple song, a tired song, a canon of peace.
But it is more than that.

It was a breath of beauty laid brilliantly bare on a blog page - rendered by a woman who gave all she had to give on peace day. The moment I heard her sing every controversy disappeared, every fit of exhaustion, every doubt, every discouraging reminder from the naysayers in my head. If this woman can stand in front of a camera and sing a cappella, "Dona nobis pacem" as simply and purely as you will hear, then there is hope for all of us in this world of impossibles. Do yourself a favor - click the globe above and go listen to the songbird.
She sings from a place of giving.
And it is beautiful.

From Chesapeake, Virginia......Lawyer Mama writes a tale about a postcard she holds in her hand. She sees the future. It is not a pleasant dream.

In her post which came at the request of Julie Pippert's Hump Day Hmmm meme, "Next of Kin" is not your typical accounting of a reserve family's situation. There is a kind of unresolved resolve in the telling that makes me sad.
"I am my brother's next of kin," she writes. We hope and pray those words never mean what she fears they could one day mean to the members of Company G.

Interestingly, Lawyer Mama's post ended up as a featured link on Momocrats (whose headline reads "Vote for John Edwards or you're grounded!" Although I haven't chosen my candidate yet, I have to give them points for cleverness) which led to a featured link on the political progressive site, Blue Bloggin' in a post entitled Blogs For John Edwards. NYTexan, the author of Blue Bloggin' wrote "Since Wednesday was Blog for Peace and Edwards is focused on ending the war, I have added a post on Peace."
Go, Mom, Go

From Seoul, South Korea from "Where The Hell Am I?" and why is this important to me? Because today I received a peace globe from Korea and again I emphasize....why is this important to me? Let me 'splain. In November, 2006 when I first threw this challenge out to the blogworld, part of my inspiration for doing so rose from the very disturbing news that day that North Korea had plans for more nuclear testing. ExPat Jane is an attorney from California living overseas and blogging from her corner of the globe had great signifance for me today. Go, Jane, Go,

Ireland ~ Salix's Art Nook ~ Sheer loveliness....

And I learned that even cats can wear Stetsons.
What else would you expect from Tripper The Psyko Stray Cat?

This is Mimi Pencil Skirt reporting live from the lovely land of The Peace Globes. Tomorrow I will return to my regular scheduled program of silliness and serious thrown in the mix. I have almost made it around to everyone's blog on the Linky list from Wednesday's event. Be patient if you haven't received your T-shirt or seen your globe in the gallery - I will eventually get there! The posts have been inspiring and I will have more to report. Thanks to all who participated and especially those who commented on so many posts throughout the day. I promise never to throw you in the dungeon.
Now.....where did I put my crown??!


Desert Songbird said...


Thank you, Mimi, for your beautiful words.

Little did I know when I offered up my simple gift how powerful it could be.

Deb said...

Very nice post! Not much going on this sunday, except my normal routine of teaching sunday school. Stop by my blog of you can!

Have a great weekend!


Anndi said...

On this Day of Remembrance... may we find Peace.

Lest we forget

Akelamalu said...

On Remembrance Day World Peace is even more important.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
How are you ?
Everyone is bringing out his/her contribution :) I think that I still have some vists before me, and with the greatest pleasure.

Peace to you and see you soon.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
How are you ?
Everyone is bringing out his/her contribution :) I think that I still have some vists before me, and with the greatest pleasure.

Peace to you and see you soon.

Travis said...

More excellent posts and globes to feature. I remember when I saw Tripper's globe. It had been such a long day and I had been to so many blogs.

That cat with the cowboy just made me smile and laugh a little. And I got a burst of energy and went searching for more posts.

Patti said...

Tripper is stealing my heart as I write this...

Looks like I have a lot of new blogs to visit.

crazy working mom said...

Beautiful! I was so touched by her rendition of this beautiful song as well as all of the posts!

ExpatJane said...

Hey thanks for mentioning me and putting up my pic ;)

But I'm not an attorney. I never took and never plan on taking the bar exam. I graduated from law school and knew I had no desire to practice. Running away keeps people off my back about the bar and it's so far gone now that I doubt anyone will pressure me on it ;) Yeah!!! Instead, I'll go back to school for a PhD. I love teaching - hated the whole idea of litigating. I just didn't figure it out until I was almost done.

Lawyer Mama said...

Mimi, thanks for this. Just getting us all to write about peace for one day made me think about it a great deal. That has got to be the first step to making the world more peaceful.

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