Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Blue Tea Meme from a Virgin Memer

It started over at Bluewyvern's place, rambled over to Lee's Tarheel abode and stopped here at Bloggingham Palace. I've been tagged. And who would dare to tag the Queen today of all days when she's feeling kinda fiesty and talking in third person just to tick people off and eating no Thanksgiving leftovers because she didn't cook (DUH!) and feeling all left out because she wants a drumstick and a drummer boy and I know I have to wait 'til Christmas for the drummer boy because it's just not a Thanksgiving song but dadburnnit (is that a word?) I'm supposed to be all cheery with the holidays and I just can't because if I hear Brenda Lee sing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" one more time on the radio before I even get my Christmas tree up I'm going to scream.
So there. I've said it.
OK. I'm over it.
Let's move on, shall we?
Here are the rules according to the Blue Tea person (whose blog I just discovered and love!) And please go over and royally initiate Lee. He's a new blogger -hence his brazen naivete in tagging me - and this is his very first meme. A virgin memer. Wow.

Rules For The Blue Tea Meme: Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It's more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you'd also like to take. Tag five.

It would take more than ten courses to fix my life but I'll give it a go. This is clever.

1. Cooking 101: Enough said. The last meal I cooked looked like this.

2. Foreign Affairs 303: A hot Cuban dancer with flashing dark eyes and a cha-cha-cha in his caio is really what I mean, but I digress. I need to know in one simple three-paragraph summary in complete-cut-the-political-BS-sentences.
WHY are we still fighting?
3. White House Etiquette 101: I've been trying to get a Peace Globe to the White House forever. They will pay me no nevermind.
I planted one on the staircase once. It still hangs there. See? Click here for the caper that almost landed me in jail.

4. How To Drive In Turtle Traffic: Where I live the traffic looks like this .
I did not learn to dodge watermelons and haystraw in Driver's Ed class. It just wasn't in the curriculum.
Once, however, I proved that I could drive like a wiz in super duber traffic. It only took me seventeen hours to cross the George Washington Bridge. For prerequisite reading, click here.

5. How To Stop Sleep Walking Before You Kill Someone (offered at the county detention center for wayward Queens)

The neighbors are really tired of the jazzed up version of Moonlight Sonata in my pink jammies. My largo needs to come in for a landing. But I don't mind. I'm the only one who can hear it anyway. I'm asleep, remember?

6. How To Find Mr. Right 666 (It's a Master's course for me. I already have a Bachelor's degree in How-To-Kill-A-Relationship-In-Sixty-Days-Or-Less) The title of my next book will be Sometimes Hindsight Is Stupid.
Profound, eh? I thought so.

7. Spanish 101: I would like to know if the guy in the supermarket
is flirting with me or asking for directions. It's a problemo. Adios is all I can say. Well....senorita (batting eye) no-senora (batting eye) and tall-dark-and-handsome (batting eye). Lord, I'm in such a mood today.

8. Paint Shop Pro with Lee. The rules of this meme say that you have to take a class with the person who tagged you. His classes were piano (I know how), dogs (I just have Homer and he's virtually non-existent), race car driving (already mentioned) and Debating For Dummies -I can do that with the best of dummy debaters. But I would like to know more about PhotoShop/Paintshop and other such programs. It's a must-have course for bloggers.

9. How To Be A Real Queen

Most people think I'm a real Queen. Even I think I'm a real Queen. Here I am with Queen Elizabeth when she was last in the States. She let me wear her white hat and have my picture taken with her.
She looks pleased to meet me, doesn't she?

Maybe one day I won't have to wear this virtual crown.

Either that or learn to say Queen in Spanish.

I royally tag Ev,Hahn, Jeff, Anndi, Margo and Barbara.And don't even think about dodging this meme. I just heard Brenda Lee on the radio again! Queen is in bad spirits today......Somebody better clue Lee in about the dungeon. Everybody knows you can't rock around a Christmas tree you don't have. And who told America they could put up their trees without my permission anyway???!!


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Lee said...

My, aren't we feisty today? (Notice the use of the royal "we" here!) My cheeks are sore from smiling so much while I read your post for the meme. Nice variety of classes Mimi. I saw a couple that would work for me. Just so you know, I haven't wanted to be Queen since I got my draft notice back in the 70's. :0)

By the way, am I in danger of being tossed in the dungeon?

Mimi Lenox said...

Lee -We go gentle here with first time memers. You are in no danger. Yet.
Just don't ever mention Brenda Lee....Lee?? Oh dear. Your name reminds me of that blasted song.

Off to the dungeon!
It's not so bad. I have cake in the sidebar. See?

Jeff B said...

OK I see that I'm in the fray now. Yes this is the first meme I've been part of as well so there you have it, two vigins in one meme. Even the Almighty Himself only used one virgin so this is truly a momumentous occasion.

I'm just on my way out the door to moms for leftover turkey sandwiches so I'll digest what to do with this task while I'm getting stuffinged.

I do think I'll join Mimi in cooking 101, not as a student, but as support. Your photo about made me cry, I mean I've heard of burt offerings but DAMN!

I'm just sayin'

Mimi Lenox said...

Two virgins in one day? Queen is going to faint.


Margo Moon said...

Dang, Mimi. This sure makes a cowgirl nervous about everything from what to wear (boots are okay, right?) to who's gonna feed the horses while I do all this course work.

Do you like horses? Wait. The Other Queen does! Okay, think I can get the barn chores covered, so count me in. And color me Tea Blue. And never mind about the virgin part. Not a factor. Yay.

Barbara Doduk said...

Whew you didn't mean me... hahaha. Meme's are like the STD of blogworld. HAHAHA Glad I didn't get this one this time... hahaha but it is a cute MeMe.

Mimi Lenox said...

Margo - Other Queen? What other Queen? There is only one Queen......sigh.

Barbara - I'm speechless darlin. Just spray some lysol on your keyboard. You'll be OK.

Linda said...

Forsooth your feisty Majesty, I have gone over and warned that rapscallion Lee about proper meme rules for you. I hope that in the future he shows proper respect for your position!

I humbly take my leave now ...

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Would Her Majesty, Queen Mimi, be so kind as to accept Her award over at this faithful subject's domain?

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Pardon the intrusion again Dear Queen, but make that TWO awards.

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - I hope you warned him sternly about the rats in the dungeon. And please tell him he needs to work on his bow!!!!


Mimi Lenox said...

Robin - Oh lovely one bearing gifts. You, on the other hand, will not have to suffer the dreaded dungeon. As long as there are awards you're safe.

And cake....
You did bring cake, didn't you?
Didn't you??!!!

I'm in such a bad humor today.


Lee said...

I've never been good at tying bows, Your Highness. Can I get a royal pardon?

Anndi said...

I've completed my assignment Oh Queen of memes... you may regret it... hehehe!

Travis said...

I suspect I'm going to be in the dungeon for the holidays.

See, Anndi tagged me for this. But I've checked my backlogs and I find that Sandee from Comedy Plus tagged me for a writing meme some time ago...and it remains undone.

Oh the humanity! So now I must do these two memes and quite probably some dungeon time.

I'll turn myself in for penance after the finale of DWTS.

Jeff B said...

Oh mighty Queen of memes I as well have completed my first meme. My cherry is officially popped!

The only wrinkle is I see Anndi and I both tagged Travis who is apparenty already backlogged. Egads

Looking forward to cooking class.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
My, this is an interesting one... I haven't done a meme in ages.Thanks for getting me started.
Yes, I can understand the need to take classes on being a queen... that visit to the White house must have got you thinking, "I can do better than that Queen !You sure can !

No peace globes anywhere in that place, either.
Very interesting, seeing your other classes also.
So, a Spanish grocer murmuring between the apples & the oranges?
Go learn to speak another language, to be as suave and sexy as that green grocer :) Olé !

See you soon.

One Wacky Mom said...

You must be reading my mind...I swear you must be. I sorely needed to laff. Unfortunately, I had to invite someone to leave my home...they were nasty to me...which I could deal with because I fight back. But then they were nasty to #3.

So I'm thinking through all of this, this am when I get your lovely email and read this hilarious post. It's just what I needed.

You helped erase the week I endured. Hubby's on his way back from returning the guest to Pittsburgh! Probably won't be my fondest Thanksgiving memory.

Matt-Man said...

Wow good luck with all of the coursework. Enjoy your Sunday Mimi. Cheers!!

Akelamalu said...

Lee was either very brave or very foolish tagging the Queen of Memes!

I have a confession to make Mimi - I put a christmas tree up on my blog! No, no, not the dungeons, please!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Very, very nicely done. Thank you.

One Wacky Mom said...

Ok Queen of Bloggingham,
No dungeon for me. My darling we are taking a speshul class...come see what it is! And oh, I thought what Polli did was sooooooo cool, I couldn't help myself!

Margo Moon said...

Yay! I'm not going to no stinking Dungeon!

Too fun, Mimi.

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