Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sanni's On a Mission ~ She Wants to Pimp Your Peace Globe

Note: This is SATURDAY'S post. My dates are still messed up.

Click the globe to be taken to the graphics genius known as Sanni from Germany. She's a Princess (see the crown?) and one-of-a-kind. Sanni serves daily delectables at her wildly popular site known as Coffee2Go. She emailed recently and volunteered to "pimp-your-peace-globe" for FREE. Does she know what she's getting into? Shhhh.....don't tell her.....but I think she's going to be ultra busy for the next few weeks.
I smell peace vibes around the world.
Peace vibes.

And coffee.

Just one example of the beautiful globes Sanni has made.
How To Get Your Peace Globe for more information.


Anonymous said...

I love Sanni! She's blog is a result of her great pimping skills. :)
((((Hugs for Sanni)))

Akelamalu said...

If I hadn't already done mine I'd be over at Sanni's!

Mimi Lenox said...

Guys - She is amazing and so very talented. I agree.

Annelisa said...

Oh, isn't Sanni just fantastic!! She's so talented and so generous... you're right to put that crown on hear very delightful head, Mims!!!

I've got to be away from the blogosphere for a little longer, as I have so much going on I can hardly sit down, but rest assured, I'll be ready and available to assist in the great globe count of November!!! And how I look forward to it ! :-)

Are you ready?

(((hugs for a royal star!)))

Travis Cody said...

You and Sanni are both special! I might have to take advantage of this.

Unknown said...

I´m blushing...
...and well prepared.

My in ternet connection broke down on Friday - so I sadly didn´t have the possibility to visit blog buddies - but to create decorations (peace signs, etc.) for the globes =)

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