Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Mimisims With Mimi Queen of Memes: The Jezebel Meme

It started here with my cockamamy notion to title my post "I Wanna Be a Jezebel" and became, quite accidentally, The Jezebel Meme.

Since then, I've shared a dance with a host of bloggers who graciously recalled their first dance, first love, last dance, good dance and bad dance stories with us. Here are some of the wonderful memes that continue to waltz and weave through the one that began with a bad night at a Singles Dance for me. Thank goodness the winds changed into really memorable dances later on. You have shared some of those kinds through this meme. The tags have been excellent and the sentiments real. My favorite snippets taken from these posts, are the original blogger's words and credited to them. Please click through and read the rest of their stories. If you haven't done this meme but would like to write on the subject, consider yourself invited
So, slip into your dancing shoes and into the arms of someone you love.
It's time to dance.
Redaisy takes you by the hand.....and we're out on the floor.
What? Mermaids? Lala from Georgia tagged by Odat
"Then Matt took my hand and whispered in my ear, "Will you dance with me?"So we danced. Under the clouds, in the dark, in the drizzle. We had no music, we had no hardwood floors. We danced to a chorus of raindrops. It was perfect."

Odat "But I had hope that maybe, I would be lassoed up and taken away from it all... to a nice horse ranch somewhere out west, where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day......uh huh AND what a perfect opportunity to wear my "purple" snakeskin cowboy boots (yes I had purple cowboy boots, but I shunned the cowgirl hat and the fringed shirt btw). I'd be a cowgirl jezebel!!!!"

Maggie Moo Talks To U about "Snow Fall and Slow Dances"

"I will always remember that the moon seemed so large and full, and the air, crisp and clean. I am not sure what made us get out of the car, but we huddled together to stay warm and ended up dancing in the moonlight, watching the snow fall around us, not caring about anything other than that moment.We danced until the new year came, and then went home."

Empress Bee of The High Sea ~ Sarge struts his stuff on the Carnival ship. It's a sight to behold.

"Let's start with just getting ON the ship. He broke out into a dance getting what he calls "felt up." He can't go through the thingy that beeps because of a pacemaker so he gets "felt up." He loves it and he dances. Sometimes it's a girl and he really loves it! But he always makes it fun.....Now I ask you, who in the world would not love to spend their life with this lovely man? hmmm?"

Sarge Charlie (tagged by granddaughter LaLa)

"THE OLD SARGE IS THE JEZEBEL OF THE HIGH SEAS ~MISS BEE IS ALSO" he writes, as they prepare for a new cruise and a new dance together.

On a Limb With Claudia ~ "Dance, Dance."
"I’d tell you about the songs we danced to, the beautiful dresses, the handsome men, and the wonderful night. I could even tell you about the women who approached that other guy, the autographs he signed, or the way he sat drinking martinis and staring at me, but I’m not sure it matters much. ...My heart didn’t stop racing until we were safe at home"

Travis with The Jeze-Boy Meme ~ Let's all heave a collective sigh for this one. I knew Travis would shine through with an awesome post on the subject of dancing. And here it is. You're going to love it. Here's a snippet. Then run right over and find out what happens next.

"Gently take her right hand in your left. Your right arm cradles her waist. Her left hand rests on your shoulder. Hold her close, guide her into the rise and fall. Her eyes lock on yours, her body follows yours, gliding in a pendulum swing around the room. You step lightly forward, in 3/4 time, swaying into the turn, changing directions easily. She is warm in the circle of your arms, and the music tells the story of how much you love her."

"The Ex Boyfriend worked for the department of environment and natural resources. They were having a Christmas themed party. I'm trying to say it with a straight face but there's nothing that annoys me more than the thought of dressing up as a renaissance girl. Knights, Kings, Queens, renaissance is something absolutely unattractive to me.So, we had to lend costumes and wear these stupid things..."

Julia from A Piece of My Mind wrote "A Dance Meme" wrote ".....the adrenaline of the Can-Can filled me with recklessness." And there's more. MUCH more.

Seely DeBorn (Delusions of Eloquence) called hers "Dirty What-ing?"
"I went to one dance in high school and my friends didn't recognize me because I wore a dress and make up and did my hair. Really, the 20 hole Docs should have been a clue, but nope. "

Morgan St. John ~ Romance in Writing (tagged by Seely) posted the hilarious video of Elaine doing the non-dance dance on Seinfeld, preceded by a host of "Happy Dance" examples.

That Greeny Flower who writes The Lyfe So Short, The Craft So Long to Lerne posted a thoughtful post full of not-so-kind memories and truth. Read Tripping The Tag Fantastic about a painful strip-tease.

Joy from Joy Is My Goal wrote a romantic tale called "A Dance Story: Or How I Met My Husband" "Later as we dated we took a dance class together and he cooked dinner for me all the time. We have been dancing through life together ever since."

Life's a Dance You Learn As You Go recounted her first dance with the man in her life. "When he asked me to dance for the first time, I was sooo nervous. I can't dance. I didn't know what to do. But he asked, and I followed him onto the "dance floor..."

Akelamalu from all the way across the pond finished her Dance Meme today and it is wonderful. Take a trip with her as she "taps" her way through childhood memories. Did you know that she was quite a performer back in the day - winning medals at competitions - and still loves to line dance with her hubby? I love the way she tells a story......

Sandee from Comedy Plus tells a fascinating story that will make your dancing feet tingle and your heart m.e.l.t. She's a Jezebel!

Now wasn't that a lovely way to start a Monday morning?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

honey when you get to be my age just waking up on a monday morning is a good thing. ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Akelamalu said...

Oh what a coincidence I did the Dance Meme today!

Matt-Man said...

When I do this meme should I leave out the part about me being the one who wore the skirt?

katherine. said...

oh man...I so need to get to this...I am gonna be in ever so much trouble...

Odat said...'s growing huh??? Who would have thought there were so many jezebels out there? :-)
Great post!

Bond said...

great posts... it has been so long since I have had someone to truly dance with, it does not make sense for me to write of this....the tears would short out the laptop and then I would be in trouble at work...

ya know, I never got my email with my tshirt......

Travis said...

This is one of my all time favorite memes.

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