Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From Snow to Sun ~ The Grand Adventure Takes a Turn

When I first met The New England Man back in October, 2006 and read his infamous blog the first time, I thought to myself, "I'm not sure I like this guy. The title of his blog does not amuse me." But as the story goes, as many of you have witnessed, we eventually ended up together as a romantic couple.

I went to New England for New Year's and magic happened.
We started to fall in love and became good friends.
I found out there is more to the man than a blog title.
He killed lobsters.
I smelled snow.
He came to Bloggingham Palace and met my friends and family.
I dined with his parents in April and his dad sang "What a Wonderful World" on the Connecticut River. I met his lovely family and other bloggers in the northeast. We danced to Lenny Kravitz
in a truckstop, boarded flights up and down the East Coast to see each other and made plans for the summer. It was a wonderful journey.

We developed an American Idol review together.
we won a Blogscar from
Sanni as The Most Romantic Blog story and shared our frequent trips with our readers. .
I came to New England in June for the summer and our "grand adventure" began.

The arduous and sometimes hysterical task of two crazy people trying to live together, blog together, cook together (and I use that term loosely) and dance the dance couples enjoy. What we found, once again, was a lot of laughter and closeness. And friendship.

So this post is in honor of ...
Who they were
How they were
Why they were

And who we

Just friends now

I will never forget my whirlwind romance with The New England Man
- a tangible entangling of two people hurled from a blog page into the arms of new love and possibilities. But I think we are old enough, and hopefully wise enough, to recognize that what it became - took a different path. Perhaps a more mature understanding of who we are and what we needed. But that doesn't diminish the magic. It hangs like a bubble of beauty in my mind and makes me smile.

What would make this meaningless is if we lost our friendship. Neither one of us wants that to happen. So we will blog. And we will cheer each other on. And we will care about what happens to the other. And I will cyber-slap him when he goes on his first date and blogs about it.

(Just a little humor there said non-violent-peace-globes-woman)
Forgive me! I so need a laugh. God, I hope you're laughing.

The sun was shining in New England on this July 4, 2007 when I left to return to Bloggingham Palace. Because we have been so open and public about our relationship, it is fitting to openly declare that we part as friends and wish each other well - with a hug and a kiss and a please-get-out-the-door-before-I-fall-apart feeling. Actually, it is my decision - not his- to write about this today. Whether he chooses to or not is his decision. He does not hold much with closure but I need to do this for myself. I have always been honest with my readers (and with his permission) have written nearly 35 posts while in this little adventure. You have applauded, you have advised, you have laughed and even tried to teach me how to cook.

On that count you failed, my friends. But I digress.

It is my nature to write when I am sorting through, so today Mimi Writes about the really important stuff.......

That I am thankful I spent New Year's smelling snow
That I am thankful I opened myself up to someone again
That I am thankful for midnight conversations and self-realizations

That I am thankful I remembered what vulnerability feels like
That I am thankful I took a risk and believed in the power of love
I am choosing today to extract the bitter and replace it with a blessing.

Do I know where my pencil skirt will take me?

But I still believe in the power of love

...because it is all
We fall in love and we heal
We love deeper and we heal
and sometimes love evolves
into a cavernous understanding of self
and thank God, the love is there
right in front of the space that needs filling
and if we're open
we take
what we need
and we give
what we need

and the river runs
over a smoothly lined rock or two
over twig and memory and revelation
and takes an unexpected turn
spills into a roaring ravine
But it is not lost.

It just finds a new stream
and is carried along
Taking the passions and purpose it found along the way
and gives it again.

I will never regret where the river took me
but it may take some time to spout a new story
So I will write...and write....
and on occasion
you may hear a winding song pour from my pen
or silliness
that safely sounds like sanity
or a new adventure in a new light
in a new skirt
in deeper waters
yes, deeper waters

But I will not regret one moment spent
in a crooked stream
with a man I chose to love
and who loved me

I will not regret
because I choose not to
and honor him as my soul friend
and bless him with all good things
in his life
and in his future

And I will watch the stream move away
on down the river
disappear around the bend....
and I will choose to be peaceful.
Time to return to reflection
And peace globes
And pencil skirts
And prayer

Not necessarily in that order


Patti said...

Close friendship is wonderful and you and Bud surely have that.

This is a beautifully written post, Mimi.

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Thank you for being here for me. I do hope we get to meet even though I left your beautiful state. A bloggers reunion somewhere, someday would be awesome.

Friendship it is.

Bond said...


My friend...a lost love is the most painful feeling we can have as humans. We reach for friendships and hope they can guide us through the darkness...

You have many friends and we are all here to help you both through this time.

Mimi Lenox said...


We live and learn and grow. I am richer for the experience and I hope he can say the same. A bit of age does bring a certain wisdom. You no longer wander emotionally adrift trying to force your life to take paths not meant for you, like you do when you're in your twenties and thirties. It is a liberating time in my life and so sweet - despite the bumps.
Change is good.
Take care, my friend.
We are all here for each other and I have found the blogogsphere to be full of amazingly talented people.
Keep writing, Bond. We miss your usual presence.

Lizza said...

Laughter and tears, they come, and we endure. I'm glad to see you writing again, my friend. Cyber hugs to you, and to Bud as well.

Patti said...

I'm also sorry we didn't get the chance to meet, Mimi.

Odat said...

This post tugged at my heart strings...I'm sitting at my desk with tears coming down my face...glad you wrote it down tho..
Thanks for sharing!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh mimi dear, i smelled this coming honey and i am soooo sorry to hear it. but everything is for a reason, and one day you will know what it is. but it still hurts i know. all the best to you both honey...

hugs, bee

Sanni said...

Oh Mimi - I´ve read your post in my feed reader this morning... came over here, tried to leave a comment. Didn´t find the right words. Now I´m back - trying again.

It´s impossible. Sometimes there are no "right" words.

All I can say is I feel for you both... your post is written so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes - not "just because" it is written so beautiful...
and there´s a smile on my face, too... a little one, I confess. I´m glad about your friendship.
It works - a former special someone became Luis´ godfather in February... I mean, hey.. you both are so much wiser than we are. It will definitely work. And this thought makes me smile...

Little Sanni

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are a beautiful and wonderful person. I will not write a word, for I cannot improve on what you said.

I will always love you...


Linda said...

Mimi, Mimi -

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said so I will just say that I am sorry I haven't had the chance to meet you in person yet (but we definitely will someday) and thank you for being such an open, honest, and caring person that you are able to write so eloquently of your feelings.

Take care - take time.


Travis said...

I offer hugs. That you can be friends is to be cherished.

Take care my dear.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, your post took my breath away. I give you so much credit for such a graceful parting and such a gracious take on your whole romantic adventure. There are people in the blogosphere, which you wisely realized, who care about both of you. Thanks to the mature way in which we parted, we can continue to do so, and not feel like we are betraying one person if we connect with the other. Thank you, Mimi. Bless you and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was supposed to be "the mature way in which you (you and Bud) parted..."

krystyna said...

Hi Mimi!
Your post really touched me. Sorry, but I tell you what I think - it is not true. This Love is forever, for good and bad days.
Happiness and Love be always with you!

Mimi Lenox said...

Then it is said. I think that is the best we can do in this world. To say it. And own it.

I am a lucky woman to have to such friends. Peace and love to all of you.

crazy working mom said...

Hugs to you Mimi...from a long distance blogging buddy in Arkansas.

♥ Tisha

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh Mimi. I knew already, you see, from your blog entry of last week. And it is selfish of me but I avoided visiting your blog this week precisely because I knew. I am sure your decision is the right one but at the same time I am sad because it was all so lovely and it gave us all in the blogosphere who read you a kind of hope. I see that Bud still loves you so much - so it's so tragic some how. Because both you and I know that good love is hard to find.

I wish you both well together as friends and apart as individuals and bloggers. And look forward to what lies ahead.

Much love from Marrakech.

One Wacky Mom said...

Oooh Mimi, no matter how much our head tells us one thing...it still hurts our heart. No matter how much we know it wrong...it doesn't remove the pain of separation. Then remember the good times during the bad times and ask ourselves was it really that bad?

Bang your head against the wall...yes it was!

Bang it again...one more time..yes it was!

God absolutely shows you the way when the time is right.

The person hasn't shown up yet because you aren't ready yet! You were practicing and learning. So get ready. That's all.

One Wacky Mom said...

Are you getting ready? Where's the negligee? He's just around the corner Mimi Pencilskirt.

Mimi Lenox said...

Umm...Ev...it's 2009 now and he hasn't shown up yet. You wrote that in 2007. How long should I wait?

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