Thursday, October 19, 2006

Karaoke Blog ~ The Loony and Lovable Irene Tuazon

Before I even finished the intro to her blog - Pregnant Pauses- I knew Irene Tuazon possessed the "it" factor. Her writing is eloquent. Real. Warm. Intelligent. Happy.
Now, isn't that reason enough to visit a blog? Quite.
Until you meet the inspiration behind Miss Tourism herself.

Enter one world-class beautiful baby - aka The Babe Magnet - and lots of lovey-dovey smoochy-goochy warm fuzzies written about her photographer husband and their life together in the Philippines. The perfect recipe. She shares incredible personal photos with her readers; and I do mean incredible, folks, they're that good.
My favorite - still - involves said toddler child having a conversation with an animated spoon and standing in a large kettle. I was smitten.

Usually blogs have one or maybe two strong points that keep my attention. Everything about Irene's blog is first-rate. And what is the glue that holds all the smashing colors of her blogworld together? Her writing.

Brains do accompany this Filipino beauty.
She recently answered a meme in typical zany fashion using pictures, causing an international hot flash to occur when she posted this pic of Brazilian Reynaldo Gianecchini. Confessing that she is, indeed, shamelessly addicted to this gorgeous man, traffic has increased 500% just from silly girls revisiting to get a second peek. (I personally know this to be true)....
And they said global warming couldn't be regulated.

So I've decided to conduct an experiment myself to see if it works. All in the name of blog research of course. Do you mind? Ah..... That's better. I may need to consult Dr. A. for medication now.
(I'm sorry I stole your traffic, Irene, but you really do need to learn to share. BwaHaHaHaHaHa! It was for your own good. See how I saved you from a wayward life of torment?)
That's OK. You can thank me later.

I digress.

We're here to talk to about Irene and Pregnant Pauses, not Mimi's sudden urge to do extra leg lifts and fly to Brazil.

There is a spirit about Irene that transcends oceans, blogwaves and even typhoons. Recently, she's launched into agape prose. Red-teddy talk. Amore. That's fancy-schmancy for the girl's in love. Not only that, she has the writing chops to bleed it onto paper. Here's an example of more lovely thoughts from Irene.

Now for the loony.
Irene posted an article June 15, 2006 called Pick-Up and Go. It is simply hysterical and definitely worth a rerun. Besides, I'm hoping my mysterious cowboy man will pick up a pointer or two. He really could use some help. And Irene - my beautiful blogger buddy- has agreed to play Filipino Cupid.
Follow this link to her hilarious post and be prepared to laugh until you cry.

Makes me long for Reynaldo.

(Sorry, Cowboy)

P.S. I've found some CRAZY bachelors lately. Check them out on!

Click here for information on how to recommend someone for Mimi's Karaoke Blog.
Please don't forget BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE.


Dr. A said...

Ladies, there's no need to fight. There's certainly enough of me to go around. Oh, you were talking about Reynaldo? Sorry.

Don't worry Mimi, I'll be working on your meme soon....

Anonymous said...

Mimi dearest,

I for once am rendered totally speechless.

What you wrote by far is the BEST blog rave I have ever received! Apart from the fact that it is superbly well-written, what makes it all the more meaningful is the fact that is was written by YOU - the Queen of Queens and one of my dearest bloggerfriends on cyber earth!

Thank you from the bottomest recesses of my heart!

If only I could, I would send King of Hotness Reynaldo to you as a token of my extreme gratitude!


Love and MwaaaaaHs,

lonesome cowboy advertizer said...

Hey Miss Mimi Im athinkin' you may jest be insultin me but well I'm not too sure. Thet ireen sure has a mighty fine blog, yes indeed. I athinkin 'bout puttin up some pitchers of myself. Ma says i'm reet pretty an all. She sez all the gals will wet thar nickers when they see my pics. But I dont think she means it the way I wish it to be. Well I gotta go now cos its time to bath the horse and he's always kinda hard to get up them stares. Bye now XXX.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, mims, you have some gifted commenters. I think lonesome cowboy advertizer should start his own blog. He's a riot--getting his horse up them stairs for a bubble bath.

Mimi Lenox said...

Good one, Dr. A. Click over to Irene's site. Reynaldo left a ntoe for me. I'm so shaken up I need a prescription. Do you know a doctor?

Mimi Lenox said...

Irene....You are most welcome. I should be thanking you for gracing my blog with your happy self. I so enjoyed writing this review (and meeting you-know-who). It has indeed made cowboy jealous. he he

Mimi Lenox said...

Dear Cowboy man,

I anxiously await your pitchers .

Yours (at least until Reynaldo shows up),

Mimi Lenox said...

Gale.....You are right. My commenters are as funny as any blog I've ever seen. But don't give Lonesome any ideas about starting a cowboy blog. He's such a catch and Elastigirl (?) would have to fight off cyber-chicks left and right!

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