Sunday, March 27, 2022

Phoenix Rising and A Connecticut Artist of Peace

Colors of blue and light gold are particularly beautiful when placed in close proximity to each other. Wherever you go on the web today, you will find glorious support for the people of Ukraine. 
Different artists. Different countries. Different beliefs. 
Same voice for peace. 

Here are just a few samples of the peace globes I've found in the Blogosphere and on social media this weekend during our Blog4Peace/Post4Peace Ukraine Event.  Follow the trail at this link  where you can find a Mr. Linky list of peace posts with more beautiful articles and art to find on the web. If you haven't already, continue to post4peace and blog4peace throughout the weekend and visit each other. I'm going to keep peace flying here on Mimi Writes and at the Official Site of Blog4Peace and in the Official Gallery for some time to come. Our Facebook page has MUCH information and many many posts and peace bloggers communicating with each other, posting inspiring links and news from Ukraine. Peace Bloggers GROUP and Blog4Peace Facebook Page  Now, back on the trail for peace. 
I found this work in my Facebook stream over the weekend. It's by a Connecticut artist and teacher (see below) Something about the way the colors move into cohesiveness brings me joy and peace. Thank you, Marianne Zikaras Wainwright.

"Peace Please, Peace Shine"
Artist Marianne Zikaras Wainwright
Rocky Hill, Connecticut
(detail from a 17 x 2 foot painting)

 Brian's Home Blog ~ United States
He writes, "The images from Ukraine are horrific, but peace will prevail and Ukraine will rise again, as does the Phoenix."

One Gal's Musings 
She tells us why we should look for the helpers.

Alasandra the Cats & Dogs in Mississippi

This one stopped me in my tracks. The child...

Just Ducky with Janet Dake in Wisconsin

Bing Yap ~ Of Living and Loving and Coping 
Philippines ~ and a quote from Pope Francis

Ann Adamus @ Zoolatry


 ...and so many more. I hope you find these inspiring. Click the name under the image to read the posts. I'll be back soon. See you here and on social media.

Thank you for giving so much of yourselves this weekend for the people of Ukraine and in support of peace. There is no better time to use our voices. We've "practiced" since 2006, haven't we? I hope we never have to make an emergency peace launch again. Unfortunately, the circumstances call for action. Nonetheless, we'll keep blogging and posting for peace - in wartime and peacetime.  I couldn't have done it without you. You know who you are...

By Ann Adamus at Zoolatry.  Free to use without credit.
We thank her.



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such wonderful messages and images, Mimi. Thank you for hosting this this weekend, we all needed the sharing and mutual support and to voice our longing for the bombing to stop.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - It's so difficult to watch and absorb all that is happening. We did need this unity as a community. I hope it helped and we were able to uplift one another. I know I feel better. I just want to turn on the news and see the words "Peace agreement reached!"

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for hosting Mimi! I heard about what you're doing from Ann at Zoolatry and wanted to participate but this is the first chance I've had. I can't watch the news (too demoralizing) but I've been following the stories of people who are stepping up to make a difference in the world and I wrote about one of them this week at Inspire Me Monday. I hope you enjoy the music I shared and I hope you continue to make a difference doing what you are doing! xoxo

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