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Friday, March 25, 2022

Blog4Peace Ukraine ~ Dona nobis pacem

Standing in the Gap

On the cusp of the first day of Spring in 2011, there was a supermoon, March 19th to be exact. 
 I went out with my camera to photograph the event. It was a deep dark chill of a night....thick shadowy clouds and ambient energy.  I had no business being out so late alone in the middle of the middle of nowhere, parked in a country church parking lot with a spooky graveyard howling ghosts just over my shoulder, holding a Nikon camera in a semi-flared pencil skirt and tall boots, trying not to trip on cracks and crevices in the dark hilly moonlight. It was cold and windy. Not a night for picture-taking. And those clouds just wouldn't let me see the moon I'd come to visit.  Frustrated, I swished my skirt back into the driver's seat and went home. Moon shots without a moon were no good at all.  Until I opened the camera and downloaded the pictures....

You do see it....don't you?

 The same moon over Ukraine is over your house tonight.

The space between anything is everything.
It's where the power, the energy, the healing, the life...IS. It's the intention. The pause. The time out.  We hold space. We stand in the gap. We fill in the space.  We send Reiki. We light candles. We send good thoughts. We pray for peace. 
We. Stand. 

That is our space between.
When my dad died and I let go his hand, I could feel and sense the space between. Between what? The place and the presence between my world and the one he was leaving for. They were one and the same. He was going and he was staying. There was only separation of flesh. No separation of love or affection.  That place was as real as his skin or his clothing or his bedsheet or the musty smell of death in the room we were in. That Holy space between covered everything as he took the path of least resistance and flew Home. Your prayers and peaceful energy are just as real wherein the space they live.

And because we all live under the same sky, I am inclined to believe that no amount of smoke and menacing mirrors can separate one country from another, one human from another, or mere mortals from God. Whatever you call Him is your business - the energy is the same. 

When I was a young woman, my grandfather took me to prayer meetings. It was my favorite place to be: circles of people in a room, praying for the sick, standing in unison, hands joined, standing in the gap for the needs of people in poverty and lack. Direct, bold, and loud prayers. Soft and silent, too.  Purposeful. Unafraid. The power of oneness. It was war of a different kind. Watching him humbly hold court with his Maker is still an experience I feel to my core.  He humbled himself in front of others in a way that was so vulnerable and strong. He would stand, open his heart and speak blessings over you. Before they left his lips I knew it was done. Because I knew his intention was love. 

 It's why I know anything worth having is worth standing for. 
 It is why I know today that the space between anything is everything.

The sky in Ukraine
The sky in Russia
The sky in Kansas
The sky in you and me

If we are to protect the skies over Ukraine, then let us fly on the wings of peace with all our intention and all our might, because what happens in Ukraine happens to all of us. It happens in all of us. We cover the sky and the sky covers us. What we place in the sky is our choice; let it be peace and peace alone.
The energy force that is activated in us for peace in the world
also touches the skies over Ukraine 
and the hearts of the people in Ukraine
and your life and mine -
because blessings are not simple words
they are pure energy 
 not some day, but in an instant

We are not a no-fly zone.

 We are as strongly connected as tidal waves to the sea
 as the rain in the dew on a blade of grass
 as close as breath is to words
as still as peace is to silence
and as bright as a supermoon blessing on a cloudy cold night
the same moon
the same moon
the same moon
covers the soldier in Ukraine and the soldier in Russia
Stand in the gap for them. Be a living breathing conduit of peace.
Bless the people who are living in hell 
with Hope

How powerful you are

Peace bloggers all over the world are blogging and posting for peace today.
All over social media we are speaking with one voice.
Dona nobis pacem
Grant us peace

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Donate to help Ukraine @ United Help Ukraine *Thanks Ann Tracy for the beautiful prints available HERE to support Ukraine

Image credits: peace blogger Shannon Wamsley, Pixabay, Cloud photos:Mimi Lenox

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

That figure in the clouds is amazing. I love your post, Mimi. It is getting harder to hold onto hope - but watching the enormous spirit of Ukraine should spark our own energies to support them. Out-forced, yet they are more than holding their own against a formidable opponent. Because they know the fight is between light and darkness, democracy and autocracy. They cannot lose.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - It IS a battle of light vs. darkness. How can any of us watch what they're going through and not find a reason to "be like Ukraine" when we're faced with adversity. I've never seen anything like it.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

We pray for peace to return to the Ukraine, and may all innocent people regain happiness im their hearts.

CountryDew said...

We are strongly connected - what a great line. May peace come to all of us, somehow.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Thank you for this initiative, Mimi. May a blanket of Love with the capital 'ell' stretch to all places in need of it... YAM xx

Tink said...

Of course I'm joining this. For us in Europe Ukraine is a neighbour. We stand with them and try to help where we can. Thank you for taking this initiative.

Zoolatry said...

It was there that special night, even though at that moment in time your eyes did not see it. It had to be seen and so the camera captured what you could not ... an image for forever, prayers for the world. A simple prayer of the night to a child comes to mind,
"I see the moon, the moon sees me ... the moon looks down on our world of all, may peace be with thee."

Thank you, Mimi.

M Dawson said...

We must all speak out for peace. What we value is what others value too, our animals, our friends and the stability of our countries and community. We hope for freedom and justice for the Ukraine and their wonderful people.

White Dog Blog said...

Together we have the power to breathe hope and peace as a siren's song that reaches every corner of the world. Proud to stand with all of you.

messymimi said...

My heart aches for Ukraine, and i am so thankful for everyone who is working to bring relief to the people.

The J-Cats said...

We are purring and barking as hard as We can for the people and the animals of the Ukraine - and also of Russia. Peace to all.

Mimi Lenox said...

All good points, Friends. I'm thankful that we're all here still free to blog for peace and use our voices.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ann - Your comment really resonated with me. Thank you

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