Monday, December 21, 2020

COVID Christmas? I Don't Think So.

Dear Peace Bloggers,

I am releasing the peace globes this week of Christmas 2020.
Covid Christmas? Crazy Christmas? Unprecedented Christmas? Stressful Christmas?
All. of. the. above. 
I'm struggling to keep my head and heart and body protected as well. 
But we can't let the presence of the virus steal our joy or our hope. 
I can't let the virus take me to a dark Christmas.


It will make you and this community feel better.
Pick your favorite one from past launches or make a new one. Post peace globes and words of comfort all over your blogs and social media during Christmas Peace Week 2020 starting NOW through New Years. If you don't know how and would like to join us for the first time, contact me or visit for templates and instructions.  Here are a few from years past during Christmastime. 
Encouragement. Peace. Love. HOPE.

Let's do this. 
We mourn the passing of so many people around the world. Our friends. Our loved ones. 
They would want us to keep the faith. They would want us to speak love and hope.
Things will change. It WILL get better. 

Miss Bee of The High Seas

Sanni in Germany

Skeezix the Cat ~ RIP ~ He still makes me smile.

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Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Thanks, Mimi. God, if we ever needed lifting up it is now. Stay safe, my friend.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - We need each other and all the comfort we can get. I appreciate you. I hope you have a beautiful start to the new year. May 2021 be your year.

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