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Announcing Blog4Peace ~ November 4

Update NOV 10, 2019: Thank you for participating this year. My peace post is called "Bathing in Persimmon Trees" about a moment spent with my mother that changed my life. If you blogged for peace, please sign the Linky at the bottom of this post and visit others.  There's still time to participate. We are constantly collecting the beautiful peace globes and reading the inspiring posts on climate change and personal growth.  Next Blog4Peace is November 4, 2020. Thank you ~ Mimi

It's time to announce the 2019 launch of Blog4Peace!  
Welcome to the 14th year of peace blogging!  When?
 November 4

This year's theme ~ 
Change your climate 

As if our annual custom, people from all over the world are invited to write on the subject of peace, create and fly a peace globe (like those found HERE) and post on social media, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you are online. Click here for a collection of free peace templates to use.

No time in my historical memory can I relate more to an era of time and space on planet Earth when every word spoken carried more weight than it does now. And they're not all good for the planet. Or for us.
Speaking out is important!

 The forests and rivers are crying. The rocks and seas are coming undone. The hillsides are burning and the glaciers are falling.  The animal kingdom is weeping, after all, it is their kingdom. The air is full of poison and the oceans are full of plastic. Tidal waves are angry and we must listen.  No one is immune to this scourge. Everyone is responsible for the health and well-being of Mother Earth.   We are responsible for the way in which we speak to the universe...because you catches up with us. The planet answers in response to the way she is treated - recoiling and rebelling in the only way She knows.  The violence we are seeing in nature is not an accident. If we don't change the way we sweep the house, the house will turn on itself like an rogue immune system, continuing to ravage and assault until we've not only lost our refuge - but any hope of a peaceful home.   We cannot live in peace if the walls are crumbling around us. 
Sometimes in life we are in battle. Sometimes we enjoy a respite.
 This is a season of war.  

And not just the environment and inevitable climate change. 
Stress, Burnout, Man, Person, Dates

The more our environment changes, the more the atmosphere in our personal lives changes.
Humans react to stress.  Poisonous words alter the collective consciousness of the Universe in the world at large and in our homes.  We are not only struggling to find gigantic real world solutions to enormous problems for our very survival, we're also internalizing all the fear and urgency that comes with that task. Our bodies react to what we see happening around us, what we hear, what we read. If we don't know what to do and we play that mantra over and over in our heads, we become hopeless. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Sick. Depressed. Scared. 

We have to stop saying in angst "we've got to find a solution!!" and actually find a solution!
We are a planet of people floundering in a cesspool at a pivotal point in time.  
And it is literally killing us. Not only is the planet coming unglued, so are we. 
What triggers a lack of peace in your life? What makes you lose your peace?
Uncertainty? Finances? Sickness? Politics? Racism? Unkindness? Family? Relationships? Job? Grief? Depression? 
Use this logo on your blogs and post along with me!

Find that specific trigger point and write about how to 
change your climate. 
 Make a plan for a more peaceful you. One step at a time. Self care is not selfish. 
Since the year 2006 our motto has been, "If words are powerful, then this matters."
Peace globe template
You don't have to worry about finding the words, O Brilliant Peace Bloggers, the intent of your  heart is always the source of your story.  You understand that. I've seen it over and over. 
And only YOU can tell your story. Don't let someone else hijack your truth. Your writing is more powerful each year. Your peace globes more beautiful. Your intent more purposeful!
Our influence greater and the substance deeper - this year more than ever. 
What you write will help others struggling with the same issues. Then our peace blogging world becomes a healing community. Every part of the puzzle, every effort, every word is important. 
So. We will speak for the presence of peace on this planet. 
And in our lives. 
We will rage and we will protest. We will write with a wailing pen and celebrate with a multicolored band of boldness. On the page of diversity and unity will strong words of vulnerability course through and run down the blank lines until they bleed into cracks and cuts of planet earth that need the healing you bring to the page - and to the world.  I need you!
We all need you!

So write. 
And write strong.
And don't be a wimp.
Throw away the rules.
And for Heaven's sake, don't censor.

Forest Fire, Forest, Climate Change

Pick up your pen.
Set your words on fire

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November 4, 2019

Climate Change, Global Warming
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