Tuesday, September 24, 2019

#3 Changing Your Climate ~ Patterns and Purpose

Changing My Climate #3 ~ Blog4Peace

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things helps keep you peaceful. Yesterday I attended a huge yard sale and found these treasures. It was good for my soul to mingle with folks in the early morning talking about dishes and antiquing, drinking leaded coffee and taking my time picking out patterns. I made some new friends! Rode in a golf cart with a cute guy and his flirty ways and ate a hotdog with cheesy fries (yikes!) just this once but it was oh.so.good.

I was exhausted last night but happy. Yesterday was all about affirming who I am by doing the things I love. The colors and patterns and history wrapped up in these pieces remind me of how all of us are capable of bringing unique beauty and purpose to the world. Your pattern might be different but your purpose is a work of art.

Your turn!
I'm writing on stress this year, how it affects me, how it changes my environment, my body, my relationships, and what I can do to CHANGE my level of stress in order to have peace. I shall attempt to Change My Climate! which is this year's Blog4Peace  theme. I am posting one thing each day up until NOV 4. I invite you to do the same. Grab this logo and post along with me.
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