Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Even though it's colder than the North Pole in Bloggingham, I'm not going to let that stop me from spreading a little hot chocolate.  We already have that extra boost of warmth from the Supermoon (you felt it, right?) and warm fuzzies from leftover holiday family gatherings (right?) AND new year promises from Capitol Hill regarding tax breaks for the wealthy to look forward to in February (you're feeling it, RIGHT?) ......so I decided to take my extra 32 cent gain and pass out a few cups of hot coffee to any and all construction workers I see outside tomorrow. Police officers, EMT, sheriffs (I hope I see no sheriffs..that's never a good sign on a Wednesday) and sanitation employees. Light pole climbers! Energy restorers.  Water-main-break-fixers and bus stop ladies. Bus drivers who have to open the frigid door every five minutes (shudder!) and EVEN those brave toll workers on Interstate I-95  who take their lives into their hands each and every day asking people to pay $45.00 to travel three miles. 

Now that's dangerous.

I will be kind to those who dance on steel beams.
I will NOT honk my horn. I will simply throw hot chocolate out the window...or something similarly beneficial. Like hand warmers or diabetic socks.
Pink thermal underwear! Static electricity reducers and an extra bottle of hairspray.

It's going to be a frigid 14 degrees in the morning and wind chills lower than that.
I'm thankful I don't have to work outside tomorrow, but I know plenty of folks who do. 
Mad respect! Thank you for everything you do for the rest of us who complain because our hair is frizzy.

Don't worry, Guys.
I've got this.

Cream and sugar?

Images: Pixabay 
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