Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Can a Solar Eclipse Teach Us To Live In Peace?

My biggest fear in the seventies was whether or not my brothers would be drafted to go to Vietnam. They weren't, but my uncles served stints in southeast Asia. As worrisome and serious as that was, I could never have envisioned the state our world is in now or that we would experience the horrors of terrorism at such a brutal inhumane level. The word suicide-bomber wasn't in my vocabulary in the seventies. 

It's on our collective minds tonight. 
The threats. The bluster. The bullying across the sea. It feels like the world might tilt and fall into an abyss. In a few days, citizens in many parts of the world will share the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. A celebration of the wonders of the universe we share!  We wouldn't exist without our solar system holding us in space. For just one day planet Earth will feel connected as her humans stare at a power that is magnificently aligned and bigger than themselves. We are at its mercy, this power.  When the moon, the sun, and earth peacefully intersect, we will don our funny looking glasses and stand in awe. It somehow doesn't compute that we may be on the eve of destruction.

If the will of the moon and sun can coincide peacefully without extinction, while all of humanity looks on, then surely man has an obligation to preserve and honor life on the planet that's bequeathed to him.

 That worrisome 'draft' word has been replaced with 'nuclear' annihilation.  And as dire as that is, we can't stop speaking for, hoping for, praying for peace.

Do it.
Don't ever stop.

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speedyrabbit said...

We can live in hope
We have just nominated you for the Unique Blogger award
xx Rachel and Speedy

Sherry Marr said...

Thank you for continuing to hope and to inspire, Mimi. At 70, I simply cannot believe what is going on right now, and that it is allowed to go on for so long. I have long believed in the transformation of consciousness on the planet, but it begins to feel like it is going in the wrong direction. However, we must hope....and continue to pray for peace. And do what we can actively to promote and foster peace.

Mimi Lenox said...

Speedy - Hope is a precious thing these days. Amen.
Thanks for the awesome nomination. I shall be over to visit you.
Have a great day.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - I can't believe it either. People are justifiably upset and worried. That is reality. While hoping and praying for change will add positive energy to the consciousness (I believe that too!) we also have to do the hard work of negotiation and strategy, diplomacy based on humanitarian needs instead of greed of power and money and self. The hard work.
Where are the people in power who can get this accomplished?

Charles Gramlich said...

Any human world is a frightening and frightened one

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