Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 10-15 ~ 30 Days of Love: Army Tanks and Secrets

#‎30DaysofLove‬ ~ Day 15
Sometimes love feels a bit like climbing very short stairs. It's not far to the top of the summit....unless you tumble down and have to begin again. Even so each climb, each step, gets sweeter until you finally realize that the journey was all that mattered anyway.

 Day 14
Everybody needs a place to BE. Where your space is your own, your surroundings are familiar, and your belongings echo who you really are. I know "things" can't make me happy but wrapping myself up in my favorite white cotton blanket sure can. I don't "love" the blanket....but I sure love the feeling of safety and home.
What makes you feel at home?

Day 13 

Today I am thinking about the exceptionally special people in my life. The ones who are always there when you need them, care beyond caring, love you when you're wrong, support you as you fall flat on your face, and then pick you up, dust you off, and prop you up. Yes, those. My friend, Wanda Dawn Gilbert, has been a constant in my life for many years. Even though we live in separate countries, we stay in touch like soul sisters should. This bracelet was a gift from her and I treasure it. When I wear it I'm reminded of the strength of unconditional friendship.
I am blessed to have many wonderful friends in my life.
Where do you find support and love?

Day 12
Today I expected someone at work to be angry with me. I dropped the ball on a project. "See me in my office," she said. I prepared for the worst and formed an apology. Instead I heard, "Just fix it by the end of the day. I know how busy you are. We're ALL overwhelmed. I'm behind on my work too." Mercy and kindness are quite the motivators. I finished the task in an hour. Not because I was stressed out, but because I wanted to please someone who was kind to me. I liked being at peace with her. Just imagine what LOVE can do.

Day 11
This old blue and yellow fruit-laced tablecloth was used on my grandmother's dinner table. She cooked fried chicken, hot gravy and biscuits with cheese for my Papa's lunch most every day. Everything was timed perfectly, hot and ready as he walked through the door. Her food was laden with love and care. I  treasure this heirloom. I can smell her marvelous food and see her hands smooth the tablecloth across the table. Still......

Day 10
"Can I tell you a secret?" he asked.
"Of course," said she, shuffling papers and looking at the clock in a hurry-up-and-tell-me-kind-of- way.
"You're my favorite teacher...." Hurrying away with a bashful look as he dropped a hand drawn army tanks and GI Joe style pencil drawing on my desk.
I missed the-hug-that-should-have-been because I let my busyness ruin his surprise. Tomorrow will be different. I will even love army tanks and gush over GI Joes. His gift was more important you see....

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